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The Rat that Thinks She’s a Cat.

I haven’t blogged  for awhile, I had to walk out of my home and leave nearly everything I had. What I could put in my car was what I took with me.  Which isn’t a lot when compared with what I had got for it in the time I was there.

Being on a pension its heartbreaking to have to do it.  As takes a long time to replace.   Must take pretty BRAVE people to do the shit they do, hey.

I managed to bring some of my art gear with me, but had to leave some also.

I lived in my car the first week, but the harassment didn’t completely stop, although after the first day was better. The last few weeks have been at a van park. About a week ago they said “Its all back on again, you were run out of town”. When the f/wit gives a bloody reason guess we’ll all know. But yes, its all back on again. Really is.  She also said “I’m taking your dog away from you”.  Why, you think you both look that much alike you’d be twins? Sorry he’s too bloody good looking for you. Don’t want him scared like that.

Well I got wireless internet, handy if you have to travel around.  With it comes an email address and a free blog with Telstra, but gee it would be good if either bloody one worked. The email inbox takes well over a minute to open, then at least another if you click on one to open, frustrating. The blog you can set up, but you just can’t bloody blog on it, what else is new, had phones with them for over a decade you couldn’t bloody use either.  Still pay for them though. So for the last 2 days have been trying to have a blog, hahaha, I am actually laughing, as really should have known hey? Sent them an email which took quite a few tries, kept getting internal error, another laugh, finally got one through and they’ll contact me in 2 days.  Got to say its good having a laugh while being tortured etc. Now getting flashes through the van, and the other night she said “I’m playing lasers with you”,  just as a flash of light went right through the van.  Now “the slut” (sorry people) wants to take my dog.  She also said to me  “You can die one of three ways, lasered, chemically, or electronically”  I swear this is true. I call her that because really there is no other description fitting for a lowlife piece of shit like this one. And that to me is one of the lowest names on earth.  I think she thinks she’s a pussycat, more like a rat. Hate rats, they’re repulsive creatures.

Today she said “I’m going for your eyes now”. This is because I’ve started doing my art again. Obviously no talent.

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The Heat is On?

I haven’t posted on here for quite awhile, the harassment has been on fully.  There has been a non stop hissing all the time in here, and they’ve started it in the car, which they said they would.  Chemical taste through here most of the time also.

I am being knocked flying by something, and being told if I go into my home again they will “nuke” me each time.  Which they have been doing.  Now not only in my home but in my car as well. The feedback is unreal, “Your cars mine, your homes mine”,  etc etc.  Being told “I taught you a lesson”,   Oh for what?    The kitchen at times is unbelievable, I walk into it ok, and within seconds I am knocked flying and end up down on the floor, I was told “If you want a coffee, crawl across the floor and get one.”

So I’m being taught a lesson, and also how to crawl across the floor like a what, a dog? and get my coffee.   I am well and truly being forced out of my home, I sleep outside most times.  It is too uncomfortable to be inside, and I’m not claustrophobic in my own home.   I started doing my art again, but that soon came to an end,  with comments from them like “You can’t paint if your blind”,   “You can’t paint if your dead”, and also “Paint and your   Z*****na  and you have a stroke”.  Which was what was nearly happening each time.  Their last lot of filth was “Now your not even looking at any art”.

I just went for a drive in my car,  I am feeling like I have been cooked, really. My head is so hot and uncomfortable.

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Continuing Harassment.

I have put these 3 photos on.  And will explain each one.

The first is of a list of phone numbers that used to get programmed up on my phone,  This happened different days, and the phone harassment that went with it was unbelievable.  Some are different days, but they are all the same phone numbers with just the last two digits changed, running in sequence.  If you rang any of those numbers back you got a recorded mesage saying the number you have rung is not connected. The list shows numbers from different areas of West Australia.  One day in my unit I said softly “You’ve driven me half way round the bend why don’t you finish it” Within half a minute my phone started ringing, and rang non-stop for the next 24 hours, just ring ring stop, over and over. It rang over 200 times, but no number showed up on the caller id.

I used to wonder why a couple of people I knew in W.A. would say to me when leaving I’ll leave you with your telecom man. And someone else “I’m suprised anyone can get through on your phones”.  Quite often they would laugh at the radio.  Funny radio that one, it used to change the stations by itself and then if you said what station do you want it would change back again. 

 Next to it is a couple of parking tickets, this was part of my collection when I moved to South Aust. to try and get away from the harassment.  I was stalked out of my home in W.A.  Thought it may be different in S.A.   I was living in the street then, I had tried getting some where to live but a couple of times when I did, and rang them back to verify it, their whole attitude had changed and the place all of a sudden was not available. Even though being told it was mine. I had heaps of these from every where I parked.  Tow away notices were continually being stuck on my vehicle, where no other vehicle near mine had them.  I was parked legally every time.  One place was free 24 hours parking, once again I got tow away notices from there also.  I ended up with about a dozen of these, it didn’t matter where I went. It didn’t take long. Even when I finally got a home, I had my bus parked out the front of it, in a street that was fully parking for the tennants who lived in it, I got a tow away notice stuck on it.  It was my parking out the front.  Not one council sign was in that street at all about parking.  

The piece of paper with the phone numbers on it, I travelled from W.A. to S.A.  and quite often coming over kept getting “I want that piece of paper, I want that piece of paper”  My phone once again over the last week or so is programmed to only ring 3 times again. Then it cuts out. I put up with years and years of this in W.A. and now we are on this game again.

The third photo is of the power/telecom  poles across the road, for some wierd reason when I walk out the front and look at them when I come back inside I get walloped by something that knocks me flying. Very strange because also when I drive past these I get 2 clicks in my car.  Very quick  click click, there are another 2 just further down the road the opposite direction, that I also get 2 clicks from in my car also.  Why in the bloody hell should I be getting clicks in my bloody car when going past these two separate power poles?  Stinks of stalking to me. Is this where the main harassment is coming from, is this where they are running it from.  It seems something is aimed at my house non stop.  I went out the front a few days ago again and when came in got “Show your face outside again and your dead”.    How bloody dare they.  Another time “Where did she get her energy from” just after walking inside got walloped again.   Their is a constant hissing in my home all the time, she said she is going to turn it on every time I start to do something, she also said she has a remote?   I know for a fact there is something in my ceiling, but each time I have tried to get up there get knocked flying also. I also know that if I turn my computer off and start shifting it to another room, straight away the hissing stops in the room I was in, and starts in the other one a minute or two later.  Hissing non stop, they said to me they will drive me crazy with it, and I will go crazy before I die.

Lately we are also back to the computer interference as well, it keeps getting turned off usually when I am half way through something.

I was trying to work out exactly when my trouble with the phone started, I thought it was 1986, but it could have been 1984, I rang a lawyer one day in an emergency, actually he was a Queens Council.  When the phone got answered the person said they were the cleaner, and could they take a message the person I wanted was out, his name was Bernie.  This was total bullshit, as I know of this Q.C. from a couple of other people and the cleaner definately did not answer the phone, he had secretaries who did that.  So Bernie the CLEANER answers the Q.C.’s phone number hey. Crap.  Wonder what else Bernie thinks he does.

When I came over here I had said to me “He had you for long enough now your mine you Little runt”, this was a female.  I’m no ones, I belong to my bloody self.  I haven’t ever been put up for auction or sold my bloody self  as a slave or anything else. Your delusional.

One time when I rang Telecom in W.A. the woman who answered the phone said you’ve had your phone off the hook, and it interferes with 20 other phones in the area. What a lot of bull, the phone had never been off the hook, and why in the hell should it interfere with 20 other phones.    Another time as I walked past it I sang to it Talk to me you never talk to me, as It hadn’t rung for over a day, which was very unusual. Straight away it rang and a female, probably the same one, said I want t0 talk to “—-”  I said she’s not here, and she answered “Oh I know she’s there.”

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On Harrassment.

I haven’t blogged on here for awhile, I had to call the doctor out, I had “chemical pneumonia” which have been getting over. Now the cretins are trying for a second lot of it.

Rather amazing that chemical pneumonia is caused by insecticides, which was exactly what I had been blogging about tasting in here. I feel fairly certain my dog had it also, as listened to his breathing and his lungs were making a lot of noise also.

They said they now have a new way of getting me out of here. For over a day and half there was a non stop hissing noise going on, you had to keep leaving the room, otherwise it felt like you were going to have a stroke, numbness of the arm and leg and co-ordination problems. I just took the computer out of the other room I had it in, and STRAIGHT away the “hissing” stopped in there,  but didn’t take too long for it to start in the other room.

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On Being Forced Out of My Home.

I am trying to stay in my home tonight it is nearly impossible, I can’t breathe, my hands and feet are swelling, and there is definite chemical taste. I have spent most of the night either out the front or the back.  Its now 3.30am, my throat feels like it constricting. I am not claustrophobic or having a panic attack, this is on lately every night. The attacks are now non-stop.  The taste in my mouth now is unreal, and my tongue and mouth have gone furry.

Going back months ago they said “Ping the Bitch Out of There”. I haven’t gone, it is my home. After that they said “We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that”.  Very hard to…  When you can’t breathe.  

I sat out the back with my dog for awhile, and saw twice a light flash across the tree in the back yard, a very thin laser light.  This is nothing unusual though and I have taken many photos and videos of them.  I remember reading a blog by E-abuse, the last blog she put on was, she couldn’t breathe, I know how she felt, I haven’t seen any more blogs from her since, this is quite a long time ago, I only hope she is ok, but I wonder.  I will have to go out again and sit outside with my dog again, it is unreal in here.  Pretty disgusting for him also.

The other night I looked through some rental properties later that night when nearly asleep I got “You’re not moving,  you’re not staying here, you’re just going to lay down and die”.  Just who the hell do they think they are. There was a clunk in the wall not long ago, and something has been turned off. It is a bit easier to stay inside now.  I have recorded these noises, clicks and clunks they are on video.

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Your Not Moving, Your Not Staying Here, Just lay down and Die.

Their feedback to me. How dare they, disgusting filth of the earth. This came after I was looking at rental accomodations around Australia on my computer.  Its only been a few days since they totally crashed my computer, and stuffed around with my phone also.

Its just after 3am, at about 2.51 am, I heard a noise in the ceiling, about half a minute after that started to have trouble breathing and my hands and feet started to swell, then heard the usual footsteps from no 16, next door,  going down the passage the taste is like insecticides.  Their will be bugs running around soon, there always is not long after this.

Going back a few days ago I was out weeding my lawn, when the neighbour from next door came home with a friend of hers, as they walked from the car to their door the friend says to her as she looks my way “Have you got someone up your bum”.   I feel very sorry for her if thats the case and really feel she should seek some kind of medical treatment, as is a nasty way to spread aids,  but besides that,  I don’t ask anyone if I can sit in my own front yard.  I put that on for a reason, not long after the above was done at 2.50  got “I’m going to come and f**k  you up the b*m.”  and “Got you good that time you slut”.  How totally cheap and vulgar this kind of trash is.  As for being a slut? I don’t  have different men sleeping at my place week on week off.  Take a plane ride somewhere else, preferably somewhere radical.  Yes they will definately know what I mean by that.  While your at it honey give him a hug and put him on a diet, he could really use it.

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Hackers and Gangstalking Trash.

About three weeks ago, they stole one of my email addresses, I was lucky I got it back after 3 days. About a week after that I got an email from paypal that there were a few computers connected to my IP address and trying to log into my paypal account.  A few days after that, they said “Targets can’t make any money”. The next  day my computer was crashed. Nothing on it, they removed  my windows and all. I got the computer back from the technician a few days ago, to use it is bloody unreal, it reminds me of my phone services years ago, non bloody existant. While the computer was away, the phone was also attacked again, there was no dial tone on it.  My ebay account as a seller for my miniatures, art, since being hacked and crashed is also non-existent.  I was building up a following, and coasting along ok, since that day, nothing.

Targets can’t make money?  Who the fuck do these inbred idiots think they are, go eat with your toes.

Since 1986, this pathetic “dirtbag” to send it back to the right place, has been on my phone services and now internet connection.  Must be so good to be able to do this and neither telecom or the police will do anything about you. Wow, what do you do to be able to get away with  this?  Must be cheap,  whatever. So glad the rest of the public doesn’t have to sink to your level also.

Whats the dirty little secret? What do we have to do to be able to get away with it and NO repraisal, besides being a filthy little gangstalker?  No,  even if I can’t get anything done within the law, don’t want your way.

You torture animals, kill people, and bloody get away with it,  What happened to this country.

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Fumigating People?

Not long ago there was the strongest smell through my home, I had to go outside and put my dog there also. There was no way you could stay inside. I couldn’t breathe, my lungs hurt and I started shaking.  Their feedback to go with this was  as below. “You’re not moving, you’re not staying here, you’re just staying here to die”.

“I’ll move out when your dead”.  “I want to watch it go all through your body”.  Disgusting pieces of SCUM.

 “Jude you cant beat us we’re too many, weve got them every where ”  “I said I’d wizz you out of here you fucking slut, I wonder what I gave you.”   ( she says dont take the cops on again they dont like it, are you dead yet you pig.) What is wizz? I mean I know what a SLUT  is, exactly who it came from.  But Wizz?  What’s bloody wizz, the only time I have heard that name before was when someone who used to be on drugs said it. Is it a particular drug?   Just now “THAT’S JUST A WARNING BITCH.”  BITCH?  BITCH, really, of course I’m a bloody bitch, I clean my house, look after my dog, work at my art,  mind my own business,  expose filth, so yeah, I’m a bloody 60 year old bitch. Not interested in your bloody drugs, booze, or filth, keeping you, your pathetic “marry me, marry me” repeated over and over, or anything else to do with you.  Makes me a bitch? Proud to be one. Oh, and apparently they all have “bluetooth”. How modern.

Over the last couple of weeks in particular, there has been a very strong chemical taste in here nearly all the time, every time this happens, bugs come running up from under the floor boards, there is a gap between the floor and skirting boards which leads to ne100_3962xt door.  They even run up the computer, they also bite. Spiders, etc, It tastes like insecticide, makes your heart fibrilate, dizzy, headaches and incredible weakness. My dog has been sick from this also, the other night he was choking again from it. I know over the last few days has been incredibly intense. Yesterday every single time I got up to walk  my heart started to play up from this. I wanted to go to the mail box one time but just looked at it and knew I wouldn’t make it then, so had to leave it til later.  Early this morning I heard from somewhere “finish her off”.  I also have on video tape “Kill her”.   I live by myself so it wasn’t anyone with me saying it, but they couldn’t have been very far away for the camera to pick it up.

According to them “We have the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake again”.  Jeez your threats really do it for you don’t they, – breathing heavy? ?

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“She’s got the remote”.

‘I can get you from anywhere Judy, I’ve got the remote. ‘  This must explain all the clunking from power point to corner to all power points, when I am being burnt in my home. Would also explain how I most times get a message just before certain people ring a few seconds before the phone rings.

“Do you want to breathe you slut, go get an oxygen tank and pay for it”. This from them just now. also just after I get a high pitched tone through both my ears.

Editing, just after publishing this the piece of crap says “I’m just going to have to come back and kill you now”.

“Gangstalking alert, this bitch wants to die, put the cun*s lights out”. Aren’t they sick little nothings.

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“Your Fu**ing Dead Bitch”.

I had this boomed at me last night, I sent a couple of letters away regarding all the harassment etc, last night was absolutely shocking and today when I went out the back got hit so hard by something I couldn’t see for awhile, I went to the shop, but had to just put the money in the mans hand to take the correct amount, as I couldn’t see it.  A short while ago sitting at the computer I felt the top of my head burning, and have been tasting blood again, just after got told “We’ve got the technology to put you in the grave”.  So now they not only have the technology to put us to sleep so we never wake up, but they also have the technology to put us in the grave?

Whats the fucking difference you imbecile? I know with what you’ve been doing you’ve got whatever you bloody want to do anything, but I don’t grovel up your arse. Your a bloody cheap coward.

To do any of my art I have a corner in the room on the floor which I have been pushed into, I was kept off my computer most of  last night.  But she did say “Now I keep you away from your art as well”. Wow it must be so pathetic to have absolutely NO talent or brains whatsoever. One would be bad enough, but both? I truly feel sorry for IT, and its pathetic partner.

Its 4.49pm and what has been allowed to be done today? Wow, got to mow a fraction of the lawn, the washing is in process, bought one lot in, and went to the shop. Are we supposed to bow to them for that?  Hardly.

Because I sent a couple of letters away somewhere, she said “I’ve got 24 hours to work you”.  And boy someone must be bloody desperate.

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This was said to me one night quite some time ago. And believe me since then it has been hard to be in anywhere.  Or be in anything.

Another time after I was forced to live on the streets, after being forced out of my home, they came out with “He’s a multiple offender”. Never been a he, maybe I should shave my head and act butch.  Oh and by the way “What am I a multiple offender of you bloody pig”? Sick degenarate. Stop covering your own bloody filth.

I have been hit so bad by something every thing is going so quite,  every day now is getting harder to fight to stay alive with these gangstalking pieces of trash. It is murder straight forward. NOTHING ELSE.  There has also been a high pitched whine going on here, its just stopped. Quite often get this, and also one that bounces your brain around like anything, this will be the one my poor dog constantly shakes his ears at and vomits all the time also.  CRUELTY TO ANIMALS. Whats wrong with the fucking laws in our country that nothing is done about this?  Oh besides lock the bloody victims away. What a SWEET life for criminals in this country.

The idiot is back at the computer again, a decade of shit with my telephones from bloody telecom and now the computer. And did telecom ever do anything about it?? NO!!!!!!

They said to me over West “You’ll never have a telephone, you’ll never have internet”.  This was said V2K or voice to skull as they call it.  WHY???   Fuck, I’d be better of being a bloody pedophile than someone who trod on someone’s pathetic stupid little toe.  I hope you break your bloody legs.

Every where I have been they have come out with some shit along the lines of “We don’t want your type here”.  MY TYPE?  Sorry, if you don’t want my type here I shudder to think of what type you want any where, I really do.  You want a world full of your fucking type. Stand over fwits and gangstalking idiots?  Sure says a lot about YOUR type doesn’t it? The last one they used was “We don’t want any artists here either”. This after putting some of my work online to sell.

So yeah, I definately can work out exactly what types you want any where. God help Australia.

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Do I have to ask them that?  Please let me mow my lawn, or do some gardening, I apologise that I keep my house clean and try and do my gardening,  I say try because I keep getting hit in the head or neck when ever I want to go outside. I know I am supposed to just lay down and die for this fucking putrid filth, but gee I’m sorry, who in the fuck wants to die for SCUM?   I mean scum to, too bloody lazy to do there own bloody work, just sit on their TWATS   all day or zap people away. PURE TOTAL FILTH. For people who don’t believe people in Australia are just zapped off the planet, please look at the videos on youtube under pardar2x, you WILL see that it does happen.

I have been putting some of my art online to sell, I want to make a life for myself, not stay a bloody lazy piece of shit like them. Because of this I have been copping it in here, my dog copped it earlier.

“Now your going to crawl to me and your going to grovel”. Their feedback just now after being hit again and burnt on the top of the head.


the park or gutter where you belong.

These photos show the burn holes in my curtains I have other photos taken from outside which actually show the lasers on the windows, I will put them on after.

I want to go to the shop, but I know I will get zapped while doing this.laser car This photo I took off the vid I had running while driving, I was getting hit, this shows one of their projectiles, has an effect like electricity when it hits you.

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Bluetooth or greenteeth.

“Now I’m going to keep you away from your painting”.  Whats it like to be so insanely jealous of someone that you have to come out with shit like that and then enforce it?   This came V2K, or voice to skull as its called, you can also do the same thing with a audio spotlight and  so I just found out from another source, through c.b. radios etc. Technology. But as they said to me one time “We all have bluetooth”. I started painting again, and enjoying it and selling a few. For the last few days I haven’t been able to.  Their attacks have been back on again full blast.  1. Painting gives enjoyment and is relaxing.   2.  You can sell them if they’re any good.  3.  With the money you make from selling them, you can buy more supplies to paint more and sell, helps pay the bills also.  Making life a bit easier.   4.  I suppose the main thing they would be worried about is, you might even make enough money to start fighting this bloody scum back.

I got some of their feedback on a video last night, I had the camera on as was getting attacked again (nothing new)   on it it says “do you want to buy a book”.  Maybe the cameras hearing things too, but I don’t think so.  They also said to me “We’ve got the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake up again”. Disgusting little lesbian b’s.

Below is a photo, drawing of an audio spotlight in use, you can actually buy these for a couple of hundred dollars. Nifty way to have someone classified anything you want to.  They said to me awhile ago “If we can’t drive you crazy we’ll just kill you”.


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Whats Mine is Mine.

“You won’t know anything about it, your stupid dog won’t know”

“Your family won’t ever find you”

I’m on the floor at the moment have been for the last hour or so, I got hit so hard by some kind of energy before, infra sound or something.  It boinged right through my head and made my brain shake inside my head. The above is what was said to me by a very sick pathetic individual by V2K. (the room is actually spinning on me at the moment). This is happening every day now.  Tonights attack was very severe though. I gather from what was said by the above. One of these pathetic sluts, am sorry no other possible word for it, Fifi, (whats she think she is a french poode, its actually one breed of dog I never liked very much, always looked a bit on the queer side to me, so guess the name fits her).

Just after I got hit got a message “its all for verity??” then when I opened wordpress to get into my blog the featured blog on opening page wasThe Sable Verity     kind of strange. Never been into that blog. And nothings for Verity, everything of mine is  mine.  (I am tasting blood at the moment, my dog vomitted this morning, there was blood in his vomit. So obviously they got him through the early hours of the morning.


Oh and another one was “I’ve already dug your hole” and “I’ll move out when your dead”. Sick.

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I’m sitting in my home trying to breathe, and this is the feedback just now.  I don’t suffer from asthma, I do have bronchitis, but its not that, as is affecting my dog also, but every time there is a clunk in the walls here which has been recorded before many times on video, or movement from the adjoining place, it gets incredibly hard to breathe in here. Also when I walk past my phone the face of it flickers,  just like if I say something when I am near it it does the same thing,  this has also been recorded and is on youtube. It is winter, and I am not claustrophobic also, and am being forced to sit with the windows open, freezing, while I try and breathe. Going back about 3 months ago they said to me “Do you want to breathe again”.  Since when do I have to ask some arse-wipe or junked up idiot if I want to breathe again?  I paid my taxes all my life, and not for some pathetic strand over SCUM to try their filth on me in later years.

Over the last week or so the fuckwit I put up with in Western Australia, Perth to be precise, has started up with the phone again. Three rings and stopping on my phone, when I rang and put a complaint in to Telstra it is called now, the number that was ringing all the time disappeared after that and is replaced with a private number, in other words the number doesn’t show.  If you tried to ring this number back over a period of 30 hours all you got was an engaged signal, phone off the hook.  I put up with years and years of this day in day out. I DO NOT intend to put up with it again.  I would bet its he same pathetic cyberstallking bloody freak thats getting into my closed blogs etc.

Another one….”Piss off and die some where else you bitch”.  Now why would I piss off and die for any low life piece of shit. 

These two searches showed up under search views on my blog, now I ask wordpress or google or whoever why in the hell should “dog fuc dog” lead anyone to my blog.   Here are the actual searches

Search views dog fuc dog 1

Where can i buy human body paint 1 …    Niether of these two searches should have one damn thing to do with my blog.  So keep your bloody shit of my blog, your filth.

They ask you a question and answer it themselves…”Whats the time Bitch.. Time you left”.   Get stuffed is my answer.  Whats wrong, you might get caught out? All my power points and my light switches have been clicking, one after another. Does he think they’re sending me some more??

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One confused bitch.

Not long ago I came that close to passing out in my room, when the room stopped swimming I got “Oh goody goody we killed a whore”.  Earlier in the evening when I went to my car got “Where’s your red light”,  I don’t have a red light, but going back a couple of months ago I went out the back and took some photos one night and when I put them on my computer there was a red light shining from the tree next door into my place.  The last few days the top of my head has been burning and hurting badly, have also been tasting blood most days.  I got some papers and things out to send away, regarding the harassment etc, and also looked at places for rent over west on the coomputer, around Collie, Margaret River etc, where the rents are cheaper, and since then it has been really on. Any time anything is reported or tried to be reported it escalates unbelievably.  As I’m typing this out get “Sorry darls your a slut”.

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What are manholes for?

I haven’t blogged much lately because of the severity of the attacks. Just a little while ago this was their feedback. “Now stop clinging to life you slut and let go”.   I was laying on a mattress on the floor the other day after what is termed a false heart attack, meaning an induced one, and they said “Get your dog off there and just pass over”.  I managed to get on video some of their threats, which I put on youtube, one saying “kill her”, and the other, “Cheep cheep,manhole cover killed a whore”.  Being neither a whore or a slut, they are just into murder full stop for the thrills of it. And for being exposed.

There has been a bit of noise in my ceiling since I’ve been here, and have heard footsteps up there also, through the night on a few occasions, my dog heard it also. I tried to get up there to look and as you can see there is a bag of blankets, and there is also a box on the top of the man hole cover, not showing in this particular photo. There is only one way they could have been put there, and its not from this side of the house, but would have to be from the adjoining half. Maybe we’ve got huge flies up there that can transport them or aliens? No, just trash.

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 3, 2009

Gangstalking Trash.

chem-burnsThanks to the people who have followed and supported my blog. I feel pretty sick lately, they are at it all the time now. My dog was vomitting all morning again. He got it this morning I got it tonight. How they work it.  They said one time awhile back, “Leave her alone she’ll kill herself”.  Up your royal rectum, or so you think it is. No intentions of doing so. Anyway, you’ve already done that haven’t you? Hey you make pretty good murderers don’t you? Should be so proud of yourselves.  Sorry darls, just deleted a couple of lines, hope it didn’t stuff up one of the hundreds of bloody drafts you save while I’m typing.  You know why don’t you go round killing murderers, rapists, pedophiles or gangstalking trash? Oh sorry you are gangstalking trash aren’t you? Or even sluts like yourself?  No haven’t got the bloody guts, has to be people who just want to live their lives, or children or animals.  Pitiful.  Just goes to show who’s safe in the world and who’s not,  doesn’t it. (Their names – Fag and Hag.)

The photo is of chemical burns on my face. They said awhile back “We can make it all chemical if you like, try fighting that”. Over the last week and half there has been a very strong chemical taste in my home, burns your mouth, nose, eyes and skin. My poor dogs have been drinking more than double the amount of water normally and there noses are very hot and dry.

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 27, 2009

Gangstalking in Australia.

“Yeah your going to die you fucking bitch you took us on, the gangstalking trash.” Their feedback just now. Who in the hell wouldn’t take this kind of putrid bloody filth on?  Trash is right, and its not even garbage day.  How cheap you are. “Now get out”  they say. I say go and get, well I don’t  need to finish that off, it probably gets done at least a dozen times a day.  And don’t forget the bag. Doesn’t faggy waggy look after you properly.

For the last 3-4 days have been tasting blood so many times, have got some more photos of lasers in my home, one right through the loungeroom again, and not even through the window. How hi-tech are they?  The other morning was going to write my last will and testament, but one thing was too sick to after what they had done, and another they have taken everything I worked all my bloody life for. So just left a message on my camera.  They said to get the dog off the bed and just pass over. Earlier today I got told “Now come and grovel to me”. Grovel???  Go stick yourself up a pole. Rear end first please.

So to all Australians who get singled out for gangstalking, please retain the Aussie guts we have, and yes take the filth on as much as you can. They really shouldn’t be on the planet. Disgusting cowardly bastards who hide to do their filth. They also call themselves Neighbourhood Watch some of them, they get  innocent people killed.  Because they believe the filth that has been spread.  I always question gossip hearsay or anything else,  no MATTER WHO spreads it. I wrote away a couple of times to many other Australian victims of this by email, was incredibly suprised both times never got replies, suppose with gangstalking trash on your computer like they were on my phone, its not that suprising

when you think about it. I popped a couple of photos on one shows a laser going right through my loungeroom, the other I felt like I  was being cooked in my computer room. These are totally natural photos.  I  read awhile back that over in America it wasn’t worth targets going to the police and reporting this kind of thing, I really didn’t believe it and thought oh this is Australia, things would be different.  But its no different at all. If your a target of this filth its legal murder, no matter where you live in the world.  You will be treated like an imbecile. So for a bit of perspective, you are not paranoid idiots.

Another thing if you think someone is using chemicals into your home, more than bloody likely they are.  They know ALL the tricks to get someone classified what they bloody want and they get away with it. And they’ll be real close. Number one you’ll sure taste it after a little while, and then feel the bloody effects.

I said the other day “Have you finished”, and got back “No I haven’t dug your grave yet”.  Sick little bitch, you wouldn’t want to wake up next to that in the morning. Some of this stuff I have actually captured on video. And its on you tube. (pardar2x) Am editing this, about 15 mins ago half the power blew in here, since turning it back on the hissing has stopped. This happened once before at 5.50am one morning, it was unreal, it was normal, I could hear myself think for the first time in ages. Over the last few days the hissing and heat and V2K has been unreal, they said to me “You want voicetoskull, you bloody got it”. and it was on 24. 

Normal. Don’t expect it to last though, they’ll think of something else.

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 21, 2009

Interesting site on infrasound and symptoms of.

100 Cycles Per Second

(Hz) – At this level, a person experiences irritation, “mild nausea, giddiness, skin flushing, and body tingling.” Following this, a person undergoes “vertigo, anxiety, extreme fatigue, throat pressure, and respiratory dysfunction.” (source; the Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau, by Gerry Vassilatos)60 – 73 Cycles Per Second

(Hz) – “coughing, severe sternal pressure, choking, excessive salivation, extreme swallowing pains, inability to breathe, headache, and abdominal pain” were present. In the post exposure phase, test subjects continued to cough, exhibit fatigue, and have skin flushing for up to four hours. (Source – THE SONIC WEAPON OF VLADIMIR GAVREAU, by Gerry Vassilatos)

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 21, 2009

Dyslexic Morons.

Today I got an appointment for some tests, I have been tasting blood  nearly all the time for the last few days, rash on my face and my eyes are swollen. Just got told V2K  “Stop putting people in you cun* and we might let you live”. I really think they have gone past that stage.  May they fall over, for good, each and every one.  Earlier today got “You want the pedophile you internet” very dyslexic cow.   Get your foot out of your mouth and use your brain before you speak or think. I said once before I will continue to put their shit on,  go find a fucking pedophile, and get your own bloody computer to stuff with. Oh, and fucking phone also to fuck around with also. Since 1986 you haven’t stopped at all in one way or another. Won’t say sorry for the language, its just how I feel, very bloody sick. And blood tastes foul.

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 20, 2009

Paranoid? No

Today has been interesting day, few people coming up to my car taking note of the number plate and walking away. A couple of them seemed rather heavy types. And also a few cars going past slowly looking at my place then returning and looking again.  When I went to the phone box to use the phone three different times, people came up and fiddled with the receiver and then walked away, so waited for them to leave.  A couple in particular paid far too much notice of the car and number plate, and as walked away as the saying goes  with “Looks could kill”.  They only came across the road to look and then went back around the corner, strange thing to do.   I have a dark colour car, no fucking bandaid on it, and they know what I mean by that.

Last night , or early hours of this morning, got  feedback voicetoskull “I made you into a pedophile, don’t ask me how I did it, I just did”.  Today got  voicetoskull “Laser party time”. The second lot of people at the phone had “party time” written on their tee shirt. So the little bitch, or slut, (as she likes to call me,) has her scum around.

Today I have a rash on my face, my eyes were swollen yesterday from the chemical attack the night before, which in a way I have captured on video, on you tube.

Seems each time I go out the front I get hit with something across my throat, and it really tastes like blood after wards.  I say to you if you have to make me into a pedophile to have me  lasered, etc, you gutless scared of the truth money hungry fuck, what goes around.  My identity has been stolen and my online identity also. And it would be the same person behind it. Being told now “I’m getting you  put away”.  Once more another draft saved at that sentence.  SO they are really having fun lately. 

Party time?  Really?  Another time over West down South, got “I’m going to laser you and feed you to the sharks.”

“So sorry cunt I told you they were my children”.  Yes she also likes to say how my car, home, art and everything else is hers. As for there “Don’t use other people”, I laugh at that one I really do, ” get things straight liar.  I HAVE  some of their vocal crap on tape.

As for not having Gangstalking murderers in Australia, what a crock.

She says “She’s paid to harass me”  And this morning “Your going to lose so much weight”. I have had gastric 3 days now from their chemicals. I put the camera up against the adjoining wall and taped for awhile, you can  see the purple and yellow which symbolises the use of microwaves.

“I’ll get her out for you mate”  and “Burn the bitch out of there”, these were said a couple of weeks ago.

The photos above are taken of my back yard, the one at night there was no other light whatsoever.

The last few days have been tasting blood a lot of the time.

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 12, 2009

How Do You Like Your Meat?

Today I got a video of my walls popping. The harassment has been non-stop over the last few days. By that I mean 24/7.  Tonight, oh and today, the heat in here is unbelievable again. Walls don’t pop for nothing.  That is normally a sure sign of directed energy weapons being used. Most times when walls pop, points towards microwave usage. I personally don’t own one. I will be putting the video on you tube.  So guys if your walls are popping and things are pinging in your room, and you feel like your being cooked, more than likely you bloody are. The hissing to go with it has also been rather unbelievable, good thing we have videos.

Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 11, 2009

The Heat Goes Up For Winter In Many Un-natural Ways..

The last few days have been unbelievably hard to stay inside my home. I don’t sit up at the table at my computer much any more, but put it on the floor.  Even with that, usually have to leave the computer room after awhile, the heat in here has been unbelievable, and we’re heading towards winter not summer, the nights now are quite cold.   So go and sit on the floor in another room and try and do my art in there.  I’ve put this photo on, as I said the heat in here gets unreal, feels like your being cooked in your own home. These cracks in the wall  have only come the last 2 weeks, which is about the time the attacks have intensified to the stage where its  on every day and night. When I moved in here 6 months ago, there were no cracks in the walls, now it seems they are opening up on all adjoining walls.  The same is also happening in the loungeroom, if I want to watch T.V. it is also getting almost impossible to stay in there. Yesterday I had to leave the room and go into the kitchen instead. This is pathetic, that we are living in a so called free society, and we are not allowed the simple privileges of living in our home without fear from these morons. The harassment has definately increased since I put the list of phone numbers on that were used to harass me interstate.  And the ISP numbers that were doing the same on my other blog.  The harassers quite simply believe it is ok to harass, but no exposure please.  Oh, and its ok to murder, but don’t expose that either.

  Last week I got  told  V2K – Synthetic telepathy, “Put her in the ground”.   Twice that week I stumbled and limped out to the front with the phone, I couldn’t even walk properly, and waited to see if I had to ring the ambulance. The first time I really didn’t think I would make it, and I don’t just mean to the front.


Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 7, 2009

“You’ll Do As Your Bloody Told”

How bloody quaint of them.

I haven’t blogged for awhile because the attacks have been so bad, In the last week, I have had to leave my home on numerous occasions. This is a repeat of what they tried before. It is to make it look like you have problems and have to keep going outside all the time, or driving around looking like a nutter, while these half wits are having their bloody entertainment.  Or as the retarded little Bitch said some time back “I’m going to move you on from every place you go”, for what  love,  Oh I remember “I made a mistake, oh well, too bad.” she says.   Wouldn’t want to be caught and exposed would you dear?

I have taken quite a few videos lately of the computer room, and the flashes of red that I get through it. The day before yesterday I limped onto the front verandah, I had to pull my leg behind me, I was hit so hard by some kind of energy, I just kind of half sat half laid with the phone.  I honestly thought I was gone, I really did.  I had just been sitting there peacefully doing some art and enjoying it, when wham.  But as they said “you can’t paint if your blind”  Then again today I had to leave the house once more feeling the same way, numbness spreading through me, my eyes feeling like they had been burnt badly  etc etc. .  I pay the rent here, no one else, and its my bloody home to relax in.  My garden to work in if I choose, but that is nearly obsolete now because of the constant attacks out there also. Just who the fuck do these idiots think they bloody are.  Because I am doing art lately the attacks in the room I use have tripled, to the stage I have to keep leaving it. Yesterday while out the front clearing a few weeds all of a sudden I nearly passed out, once I looked up in a couple of directions it stopped straight away. On two occasions I have also heard movement in the ceiling again through the very late hours.  I know the night before last it felt like the top of my head was burning, then when I woke in the morning I had unbelievable sore spots on the top of my head, I couldn’t even touch it.

So according to these dead beats, you can’t go in the front yard, you can’t have a garden in the back, do art, watch t.v. no thats not allowed either, and go on the computer, well just about say your bloody prayers.  You can look back a few posts and see the kind of energy going right through the room from the t.v., also back a bit further and you will see the same from the computer, besides whats being used into this room. I have uploaded it on to you tube, and have had a couple of comments from people who know about microwave waves, energy and that is what they say it is. It would certainly explain the popping of the walls at times, and the sudden cracks that have appeared right down the side of the walls inside where their were no cracks before. I am not talking of little cracks, but the whole way down the wall.  The unexplained heat when the temperatures have dropped quite considerably. The attacks lately I would say are just about non-stop 24/7.  Their idiotic V2K, “You’ll get married”. Because they know how much it annoys me I suppose, really at my bloody age that is really a bloody decision I will make, and no other pathetic bastard.

I mean the attacks have been bad for awhile, but since putting that piece of paper on back awhile ago with the harassing telephone numbers on it, they have been worse.

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