Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 30, 2008

1986 Radical Island.

Have you ever heard of Radical Island?  No?  Well you’ll have to meet a couple of telecom employees, past, (they’d have to be pretty bloody old now)  who can tell you about the island.  We’ll call them John B and Barry R,  probably because that’s there names.  I complained about my telecom service in 1986, (I forgot, my lack of it)  and two nice? telecom technicians called down to my place to check the phones. They told me about a place called Radical Island, a lovely place you can go for a holiday, quite green and they take good care of you. Really, but can you take your car?  Don’t need it really, apparently, but yes you can take it.  So for the people who never heard of it or don’t know where it is on the map, you now know a little about it, complain about your service or lack of it you may get a bit more explained.  Or you may even get to visit it.  By the time I got to, my weight was down to just over 5 stone. More later.


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