Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 30, 2008

My long term bitch with Telecom.

While I am sitting here trying to have some control and use of my computer, wondering really where do you start with all this?  I say trying, because the mouse will not go anywhere I want it to, besides many other things on here.

Where do you start?  interesting question, with nearly half a life of harassment. I don’t have a phone service anymore,  so now the harassment is on the computer. I have the same idiot on this blog as the other one, this fool hits the button all the time, after every couple of lines typed old hit the publish button gets stuck into it. I forgot, lets not forget the click on the computer to go with all this. I used to get it on the phone, when I had one.  But now we’ve come of age, we have cyberstalking to make things more interesting and uncomfortable.

Now lately I have read a few different blogs on Telecom, or Telstra as they are now known in Australia.  Do they take secret delight in sitting back and allowing some things to be allowed to go on year in year out without doing anything about it, a sevice they are supposed to provide, I mean if you have a company aren’t you supposed to nurture it and care for it, and take pride in your service to the general public?  You would think so, not the case at all. It seems Telecom, as I mainly knew them, are allowed to get away with anything.  But you don’t want to complain about their service, or lack of it as the case may be a lot of times. THEY DON’T LIKE IT. BELIEVE ME.  They will come out with every reason under the sun while your telephone services don’t work,  but they won’t give the real ones.  And a lot of times after your complaint don’t think the service will get better,  it quite possibly will get worse.  Until in some cases, like mine, you just won’t have a service. I have a long, very long story about a large part of my life and telecom.  Yes I did make accusations against Telecom, and as far as I’m concerned those accusations still stand and they always will. Until they can prove to me otherwise, and I don’t see them doing that.

I know some people might be happier if I just let this go and sweep it under the carpet so to say, but since the 80’s I had many years of interference and many of those years non-stop interference with every service, or rather denial of service, I had, to the stage I had 3 phones, and it didn’t make any difference, just more toys to play with, for them.


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