Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 6, 2008

Ongoing and ongoing and ongoing harassment.

Well I don’t get lonely from the harassment with the phone over so many years. It is definately all on the computer now.  I have just been trying to watch a movie, I actually stopped watching them quite a few weeks ago now. Gave up in disgust. As is exactly the same kind of harassment. It keeps getting paused all the time. My phones used to get paused all the time, from one to the other. (sorry, by that I mean killed, from one to the other, took it in turns) Can’t say its the site I am watching them from, as I try all the sites. Can’t say it’s the computer either, as its a different computer also. So leaves one thing.  Same idiots from 1986 onwards.  It is DENIAL OF SERVICE  on everything I am attempting to do.  Can’t watch the T.V. as I don’t have one. One night last October, think it was, have all the notes, dates, and times, I had to turn my computer on 119 times. It kept getting turned off. It wasn’t the only night many others, one time it took me three days to get it on. They can’t say I have it off the hook can they.  I have an idiot on my site, also on the other blog I have also, who keeps hitting the publish and save button, sometimes I have to wait for the drip to get off it so I can use the button myself to publish.  Now I have written to the High Tech Crime Centre. But as yet I have had no reply. Like a lot of places I have written to, no reply.  I think in the end it shall have to be a large advert re it all in the bloody paper. Because I can’t play a game, do a jigsaw, watch a movie, or anything. I mean for f*** sake I am late 50’s and I don’t need some pathetic little half wit telling me if I can watch a movie or play a game. Now do I.  Complain?  You bet I’m going to.  I wonder what kind of crap they spread around about you to be able to continue such an extreme and radical harassment campaign.  Over so many years.  Hey?  Whats your bloody problem?

Every single day and night is the same. ABSOLUTELY no difference from the telephone as I said. I still have notes and numbers of years ago harassment. The only thing I got when I reported it was more harassment. Years of it. The problem is when you get rid of some idiots, there are always a couple of extra ones. There is no shortage.

Telecom said Miss Page was complaining about her service and implying Telecom was involved with this lack of service. What would you think? Well don’t need to be terribly clever to know what 90% of people would say.  I mean from 1986, but from 1996 to 1999 was never ending. And when I say never ending I am NOT exaggerating one little bit.  And I was not complaining about my service?  I was complaining about no service.

I read a blog by telecom woes, in it they say, “telstra are killing me, literally,”  unquote,  hey mate I know exactly where you are coming from. Another one “telstra tactics”, the same thing.  They have to be accountable to someone. But there NOT.  I have never in my life been anorexic, or had bulminia? if thats correct way of spelling it.  NEVER been a drinker or into drugs, in any way.


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