Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 8, 2008


The first time I went to see a solicitor regarding the problem with my telephone service was in 1986. While in the solicitors office, he rang telecom, apparently the woman he spoke to said I had the phone off the hook, as he told me there, I was lucky that day as had left the unit with someone I knew, who straight away let him know to tell her, that he had been with me at my place and the phone was definately not off the hook when we left there.  The solicitor passed that on to her, spoke to her a bit more, and then let me know they would be writing or contacting me, and that I shouldn’t have any further troubles re the phone service.  The no more problems lasted approximately just over a day.  It may have been 2 at the most.  I have never, ever left my phone off the hook, not then and not after.  This was the real beginning of a long long fight to have a telephone service. My bill was always paid on time. The phone was never used for criminal conduct. So what was the huge problem?  Every citizen in this country is entitled to have a telephone service and the use of it, without harassment. There was NO reason for this, none what so ever.  The same as there is NO reason for the same kind of harassment I am getting with my computer. I have another blog on wordpress, and while I type, the save and publish button on both of them, keeps getting hit.  Cyberstalking now. You see they can’t do it by phone now, so its the computer.  I will not drop this. Nothing on earth warrants that many years, nothing. 

The years rolled on, and nothing improved, it just got gradually worse and worse.  It didn’t matter where I moved to, or how many times I changed my number, it just started straight up again.  In 1989 I moved back into the city, as had been out in the suburbs for a few years,  I applied to have the telephone connected for the unit I was moving into, and was told that would be done.  After being there a few days and it was still not connected I went into the head office of telecom in town to let them know it was not on. I was informed that the phone was working.  So thought it must have been done that day while I was out.  No, when I got back home it still wasn’t on. The next day I walked down to the phone box and rang them again to let them know it wasn’t connected. Once again, I was informed it was. After a few more days of ringing them and being told the phone was connected, when it wasn’t, thought maybe time to go out to the Bentley office, and see them there, as I had found the man in the city rather rude.  Got to talk to a young man there who told me the phone would be on that day. For some reason I believed him.  Got home, and yes it was connected.  Was good to have a phone again and not have to run down the phone box all the time if I wanted to call someone.   (oh there goes my cyberstalker again)

For awhile there it wasn’t too bad, just little things really. I started to notice that it didn’t matter who I rang,  their number would always be engaged, every single time, the first time I rang.  It happened too often, well every time, for it to seem genuine, so asked a couple of people if there numbers would have been engaged at that particular time.  The answer was no.  Also someone asked me to ring the department of Agriculture? for them to find out about dust mites, when I rang them they informed me they had never heard of dust mites?  I mean they are quite a common thing. I also had to ring somewhere else and telecom again as was having some trouble with the phone.  The dust mite thing, I said to the person with me jokingly that maybe the phone was bugged.  My call to telecom? out of the blue the guy said to me “your phones not bugged”  I ask you,  I had said nothing to him regarding that. Just a coincidence? I don’t think so.  (actually still not sure why that person wanted me to ring re the dust mite question as they had a phone themselves).

Not long after that, the person who had come to the solicitors with me told me he had been on the phone at his place and heard two men laughing on it when he was using it.  I put this in here because of what happened to me at a later date.



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