Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 9, 2008

30 visitors, thank you.

Well I am up to 30 visitor hits in 10 days now,  thanks to the people who have dropped in, sorry can’t offer you a coffee for taking your time to read, I appreciate it.  I saw a site last night by a man, who is dying, from poisoning of a certain medication. He’s trying to let people know to stay right away from it. Flagyl is one name apparently.  I wanted to leave a message for him, as to what he is experiencing doesn’t sound like the whole lot is from that. I would bet my balls (if I had any, being female I can’t) he is being atacked by DEW’S as well, (directed energy weapons)  a good silent way to get rid of people who talk. And there are no tell tale signs later. They call it slowkill, or silent kill.  But it says on his site comments closed, he has had by the look of it quite a bit of negative feedback from people, I don’t know if he realises or not, they are the deliberate negative feeders who do this to other people as well to stop you talking about it, its like a bombardment. Every single day I get a flash of light through here, and straight away after I get numbness, and tingling of the mouth, lips, tongue. And not long after my arm and hand don’t do properly what I want them to. The headaches you get from this are extreme. The pain on the top of my head at times is unreal, its like you have grazed the top of it really badly, but you haven’t. It’s like being burnt. I am late 50’s but in reality you could add another 20 years to it. I loved working, loved arts, crafts, going out, and life and people. People used to ask me how come I was always smiling.  Kept myself young and active, and could easily be mistaken as being younger than I looked, which happened most of the time. I haven’t been out for over 8 months, except to the local shops and back. And to Centrelink. I am now on disability pension.  I used to wake up at 4.30am or just after and wait til it got daylight so I could go for my  walk. Now can walk across the road to the park around it a bit and back, can sweep if I’m lucky, 2 or 3 rooms, have to sit down for awhile because of the pain, and continue after.  End result of years of harassment and attacks. I feel so sorry for that man, I know what he is going through, and what he went through. But to die without being believed like that, that is atrocious.


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