Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 14, 2008

Your Thoughts?

This is just an example of a day regarding the harassment of my phone services in West Aust.  I won’t put the whole numbers on as this is going back years ago.  But this kind of thing was allowed to go on for years and years.  You will notice the sequence they follow.  Which is impossible for them to be home numbers or the like.

***1 1757  ***1 1758  ***1 1760  ***1 1761  ***1 1762  ***1 1763  ***1 1779  ***3 4607  ***3 4609  ***3 4610  ***3 4612  ***3 4613   This is only a few.  The rest of the time the numbers were blocked out.  If you tried to ring any of these numbers back, the only thing you got was the number you are dialling is not connected.  Which is clever as they could ring me.  Naturally if you answered, nothing.  And I’m the one with the problem?  I’m the one who is delusional??  Like hell.  I bet Telecom won’t answer this one.

I wonder how my night goes tonight?



  1. I actually had a good night that night. Someone posted on another post here, you don’t have any proof, you’ll never have any proof. Guess it must worry them that I do.

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