Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 15, 2008


In the last week my bulk folder has disappeared from my yahoo email address, Every time I click on a link for the yahoo Q&A it says oops error, from every different link, msn pages, every time I click on the video news for the day you just get a black screen or if I try and email it to myself, once again oops error comes up.  The other day tried to send Yahoo an email from my email addy wouldn’t do it, had to go into the help pages, emails are not coming into my email address.  I really don’t need a phone do I?  They’re having just as much fun with the INTERNET. Pathetic little bastards. 

Over the last few days they have once again started to ring and let it ring 3 times and stop, naturally no number showing.  Once interstate I said rather quietly in the loungeroom, “You’ve driven me half way round the bend why don’t you finish it”, immediately I said this the phone started ringing, non stop, over 200 times in the next day, 3 times and stop.  I really don’t intend to take any notice as that time they did drive me mad,  RADICAL CREEPS.  They can get stuffed, literally, I’d stick them up on the wall, like the animals they are.


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