Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 15, 2008

Snakes aren’t the only things that hiss.

Tonight has been a constant hissing in here, for the last couple of hours. So guess am upsetting someone on one of my blogs, as have a couple.  My eyes are also burning and very dry. Went for a short walk couple hours ago, 9pm to get away from it.  I’d make a bet if people suffering from tinnitus could go for a walk and have it stop like that, all the tinnitus sufferers in the world would be doing a lot more walking.  Anyway it was cold out there so didn’t stay long. At least put a stop to it for a little while.  But back on when came inside. Nearly passed out about half hour after that.  Room started swimming around.  My dog must be being affected also, as he was incredibly restless earlier, and couple of times barked, but there was no one there, well no one in sight anyway, its dark now.  A little while ago he started choking a bit, so rubbed his throat for him for awhile, and was ok.


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