Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 17, 2008

Workplace Mobbing-Are you being mobbed?

I was looking through a site called “The Hidden Evil,”  by Mark Rich, I have taken some paragraphs from it to put here. Anyone experiencing work place mobbing, would find reading the whole article very enlightening- imformative. As it is a lot more common than people realise. He seems to have done a lot of research into this, his article may be able to help some people experiencing this.

Quote “If you re experiencing Mobbing & are actively seeking employment, you may experience character assassination which

will prevent you from landing another job.(8, 101) If you are also being Gang Stalked, rumors may be spread about

you into the community. These smear tactics work very well if they are being propagated by the military-industrial. Many of these international corporations have ties to the federal government & may be operated by former


FBI/CIA or other intelligence personnel. If you are being Mobbed & think you re having job opportunities trashed,

you re probably correct. It may appear that they are pushing you out the door, but also preventing you from going. It s

not necessary for Mobbing to precede a Gang Stalking campaign, but some targeted people have reported that they

believe their harassment began as MobbingIt seems that Mobbing may be done as a part of a strategy to promote helplessness & set the stage for poverty if you re

also going to be targeted for Gang Stalking. Mobbing is also an unwritten method used to get rid of people that the

organization does not want to terminate & deliver a severance package to.(8) In some cases the only alternative is to

leave with no job lined up. According to the book Mobbing, Mobbing sometimes continues even after a person has left

an organization. If you will also be targeted for Gang Stalking, you will most probably be Blacklisted at that point as

well. Unemployment will bring about your demise much quicker & induce homelessness, which is one objective of

Gang Stalking.(200) The mechanism for Mobbing is already in place in some corporations, as is the Organized

Stalking program on an international level.(200, 101) Just because someone is targeted for Mobbing does not

necessarily mean they will also be Gang Stalked. The Mobbing may just be isolated to their work environmentA private investigator named David Lawson followed these stalking groups for approximately ten years. He concluded

that not only were they cults, but they had connections to government agencies, & were in service to corporations.(7)

He also found out that tactics that demonstrated favorable results were recorded & used at a later date. When

information gained by surveillance is passed on to group members to aid with harassment & the results of the

harassment are recorded to enhance future harassment, then this is mind-control.” End of Quote

It hasn’t copied properly for some reason, but is not hard to read.  Think maybe there is a smiley in it that shouldn’t be there? Not sure.



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