Posted by: whatsyrproblem | July 16, 2008

Fun and games at the funny farm?

Well early this morning tried to put a post on 3 times, each time wouldn’t post it, so ended up putting one on my other blog before internet connection got turned off.   I’ve just been into the other blog and guess what’s not there? the post I put on early this morning saying I had tried to post on this one 3 times with no success.  Have to laugh at the clowns, this afternoon tried to send a message from my mobile and all I got was message sending stopped, couldn’t make any calls from it or anything, so ended up turning it off,  waiting quite awhile and then it would work again.  Glad they don’t get bored anyway.  Couple of weeks ago every call I made from my mobile or the landline here (not mine) I got cut off  from every single call I made, even trying to put credit into my phone took 3 attempts.  My computer is clicking away as usual, matches the click we get over in the corner. Stalkings not the word.


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