Posted by: whatsyrproblem | July 19, 2008

Modern Technology

Guess I’m complaining again, today it has taken 10 hours to get access to my email address.  I’ve downloaded 3 different scans for the computer and none will open or run. The one scan that would work only shows the infections but doesn’t delete them. My own security will not work now, and keeps saying it may have run out, but doesn’t til November,  paid for til then.  Can’t contact the supplier to let them know as being denied  access.  Suppose will have to wait til pension pay and phone them in America, pity there not in Australia also, only local call then.  Oh well these B’s don’t like things to be easy hey?  My little keylogging freak that shows up on the scans is playing with the save and publish button as usual.  Never heard from the High Tech Crime Centre, so will fax it through instead, as scan is showing remote control by keylogger, so guess that explains no reply.  Certainly don’t miss my landline phone, as this is certainly NO DIFFERENT WHATSOEVER. As someone said a long time ago, you would have thought some people would have grown up.



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