Posted by: whatsyrproblem | August 1, 2008

You won’t catch me.

The fight with my computer lately has been unbelievable. Yesterday  tried all morning with different pages, the D.O.S. attacks lately, wow. After printing out so many pages of this page can’t be displayed, and blank pages etc, 11.22am got subliminal message, or V2S as gangstalking victims know it, “Oh let her have it” page opened up straight away. Cyberstalkers pushing my buttons again, what’s new, sad to be so lonely. Going back last year October, tried 3 days to turn my computer on, actually sat at it most of that time, after 3 days message from same BITCH “Oh let her have it”, computer turned on straight away. Going back years ago maybe ’96 or thereabouts, haven’t got my notes in front of me, the phone had been silent all day, which it shouldn’t have been, I started to sing to it, yes there was lots of fun and games then, “Talk to me, you never talk to me” straight away the phone rang and this bitch, for want of a better word, says straight away she wants to talk to so and so, (me) I said she’s not here at the moment, but she said again “oh I know she is”. You just hang up to something like that.  Yesterday after printing out all the page can’t be displayed pages, my printer disappeared off my computer. I tried to print something, and said no printer available. Finally got it connected again, and hey presto, this morning have two printers connected. My own security is taken off quite often and can’t get it back, after few days or more sometimes, it appears again.

Another time I rang Telecom? re phone problems, (when wasn’t there?) and I’m sure it was the same female, says to me, “Say it loud enough and he’ll hear you.” I think she’s got pretty good hearing also.

Just a short time ago, trying to open page for new post, which took about 10 minutes, got, “You won’t catch me”. Does she think she’s that quick? 

I deliberately changed my password awhile ago, gave a name which I think is quite suitable for her, My, my, did she get upset, not too much longer into the night got yelled “Oh, well done bitch”.  As I said before I don’t miss having the land line, as this is identical to what happened with my phone services, day after day, year after year. Radical b’s.


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