Posted by: whatsyrproblem | August 9, 2008

They don’t like this blog.

No they don’t, harassment seems to escalate every time I post on it. If my internet connection was any slower it would rust.  Took me 3 minutes to open onto new post, which actually is a bit faster than usual. I still can’t get into my hotmail email account, not since the 6th August.  Won’t open on any emails. Really nothing new though.  The idiot who keeps hitting my save and publish button on both my blogs is still at it, only need to type a few words and it gets hit.  Bet if I say it loud enough SHE’LL hear me,  to rephrase what telecom said to me years ago.  I started an Australian blog, and I know they won’t like that one, maybe a bit too close to home for them.  My scans, which I have to do everyday and most times 2 or 3, are showing new bugs every day, the ones of interest today are Keycorder, Spytech, Spyall, Hotlog ru. 4 porn, and something else porno, didn’t catch the beginning of it. They have more or less disabled my security, scanned again later in the day and also got prostit finder?, and hacking tool.  They certainly don’t get bored.



  1. Too bad you don’t have any proof at all!
    Nor will there ever be any proof.
    I wouldn’t do that if I were “YOU.”

  2. Well 23 hours guess you’re NOT me, you seem very confident there is no “proof”. One thing in life I have learnt is to never assume anything. I always go for the full 24 hours. Do you think its only my word against yours? Sorry meant theirs?

  3. By the way 23 hours, how many IP numbers and names do you have. Quite a few by the look of it.

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