Posted by: whatsyrproblem | August 19, 2008

No Proof ??

Had a comment left a few days ago, stating that  I don’t have proof on any of this nor will I ever have any proof.  That’s debatable. I know one thing for certain, that every word I have written is the truth. No exageration at all whatsoever.  I have always found that people who exagerate what they want to say never remember all of it at a later date. The story tends to change quite a bit when retold. I know mine never will. The truth stays the same.  You can’t change it.

I had so many years of harassment with my phones, now its my computer, so  it is no coincidence.  The last cartrige of ink I bought was nearly all used up on printing out “this page can not be displayed” that was all I was getting every time tried to use the computer.  Day after day. I’m keeping them for a reason.  I’m on a pension, I don’t use my ink up for nothing, I can’t afford to buy more every few weeks. I used to be able to play games and watch videos on my computer, even though it was a struggle to do so, with constantly being disconnected from whichever one, having the computer turned off etc.  Over the last few weeks can’t even do that anymore. Everything, java, flash, etc, has been checked and showing working and enabled etc. But no, not one game, video, youtube or anything.  This is exactly how it was with my telephones, swapped on a daily basis as to which one would work and which wouldn’t. I don’t need 7 or 8 different reasons for the computer interference, as telecom tried to give me regarding the phones back in the 80’s. I find that very radical. (I guess I still believe a company is accountable to its customers.)


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