Posted by: whatsyrproblem | November 2, 2008

Bitch’s beasties?

What about these little beauties. My its hot in here, and the hissing has been upgraded.  The one I took in the kitchen I was being burnt on my head as was trying to do some art. The one taken outside I only have a 60 watt globe, but saw the beam all the way down the side.

Nasty little comment the other night I got, “I want this sluts lights put out”. Well dear, one thing I am not, and obviously you are, is a slut.  Oh, and “Pedophile from Hell”? You are a sicko aren’t you. I won’t go into detail as to what went on that night, but when I woke half way through the night, I was numb all over, and not breathing very much.


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