Posted by: whatsyrproblem | November 2, 2008

Who’s the Bitch?

While I am sitting here, overheating, hissing noises and the rest of the b/s that goes with it, I’m looking around the room I’m in thinking will shift the computer etc to another room, to see if its any more comfortable.  Get subliminal message “I’ll move it you bitch”.  Start to look at what has to be moved and get back “I said I’d just move it you bloody bitch and I will.”  Pray tell me, would “moving it” have anything to do with the photos I have put on here. The ones taken of my computer room there was no light on, I have no flash on my camera, but my, my was I hot. The ones taken at my window with there little disgusting “energy balls” I call them was when I was feeling like microwave burns on my body so decided to take some photos to see what would show up. And my goodness what the fuck do we have.  Would any of this, have anything to do with “Evict the Bitch”, which they said.  At the moment I am getting also like burning pin pricks sensations.  Numbness in left side. Early hours of this morning while trying to sleep with balls of light coming through the front window, even with your bloody eyes shut they are that bright you see them, all to do with “EVICT THE BITCH???”  Every where I go.


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