Posted by: whatsyrproblem | November 8, 2008

Cheaper by the 5 cents.

“Now go book yourself in, there’s no one here but yourself.” Now thats what I call a clever bloody comment. I guess a lot of us have heard of audio spotlights, microwave hearing, and synthetic telepathy.  As I am typing this 3 or 4 words together are getting erased. Bit of deja vu going on, this used to happen to a blog I had on yahoo, the whole page used to get erased.  But about 5 or 10 secs before hand would be told, whatever filthy way they did it, “Your not having a blog”  and poof it would be gone.  One night I wrote the blog out so many times, til the early hours of the morning, and each time when I finished it it would be erased.

A bit like the comment I got the other day was “I’m paid to harass you”.  PAID to harass me? Does that include murdering people and animals and all the rest of it you scum bag?  Go shake your bloody dog blanket out. You know what I mean by that.

I just let my dog out to have a wee a little while ago, and while he was out there, there was a flash of light across the back fence and then on his back. Was that you, you piece of ****?  How much did you get paid for that one?

5 cents? About your price I think, you cheap piece of filth.

I have a retard on my blog continually hitting the save and publish button the whole time I am typing, maybe it thinks it gets 5 cents everytime it does that also. There are surveys, etc where you get 5 cents a click for every email you click on,  you could try that, you would already have made about 40 or 50 cents.  Actually while I have just been sitting here it would definately got up to a dollar.  Somebody give the poor idiot a bottle of plonk please.  (no offense to the genuinely mentally retarded people, you wouldn’t expect it from them anyway)  This is too like the idiot who back in ’99 rang my phone over 200 times in 24 hours.  I said to the walls (when I was talking to myself)  “you’ve driven me half way round the bend why don’t you finish it.” Within 30 seconds my phone started ringing and didn’t stop at all for 24 hours.   You are really stupid.



  1. Disconnect you internet connection while you write your blog then save it both to USB flash drive and to your computer. Disconnect the flash drive and reconnect the internet and post the file stored on the computer. If that gets deleted, then disconnect the internet, reinsert the flash drive and copy the file from flash to the computer. Then disconnect the flash drive, reconnect the internet and retry posting the blog. If it still gets deleted try again when they are not so hostile or use a public computer, but all in all you wont have to keep retyping your blog using this method.

  2. Thank you so much for your comment anonymous. Very much appreciated.

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