Posted by: whatsyrproblem | November 24, 2008

Some have lightning outside some have it inside.

Its 2am, all through the night and early am has been unbelievable in here, they are trying to force me out in the street. Trying to breathe is unreal, and I don’t suffer from asthma, nor do I have anxiety attacks in my own home.  The dog has been very restless and barking on and off all through the night also. I posted a video on you tube showing directed energy weapons attacks, which happens every morning when I go out to my garden, I get hit in the head, shows them VERY clearly, most probably have upset some one by this. Too bad, you shouldn’t be using them. They’re illegal to be used against another person. Even if you want to bump them off. (Something just thumped up against the side of the house.) My eyes are really hurting and burning, my dogs eyes are red also.  I’ll bet his are hurting also.  The following photo was taken in my room. No lights and no flash used, the room is in total darkness and there is absolutely nothing in there that shows even a scrap of light.100_1891


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