Posted by: whatsyrproblem | November 29, 2008

Stop beaming me up Scotty.

Beaming up

Be ok if thats all you had to say wouldn’t it. Can’t help it, think so many years of crap should be answered. So they just keep beaming me up.  Thats a photo of the window taken from outback one of the nights I was being beamed up, which actually is most nights now.

Had a look at my blog stats and I think it works out to about 2 hits a day over the last 8 months.  Was a bit suprised at the numbers actually. I know the cyberstalker enjoys the blog, as it can’t stay off.  I have just got control of the mouse again. A lot of time its a struggle like anything. Especially if you try and do a jigsaw, or play a game, actually have given up on both those things now.  Which ever way I pull the piece it will be pulled in the opposite direction, or the whole thing will be turned off when you get two thirds of the way through. Every time. Very frustrating.  I was actually sitting here last night and thinking about that, being a cyberstalker, or any kind of stalker if it comes to that.  I can’t, I mean really, to imagine not having anything else to do with yourself. I can’t get my mind around it. I think I will have to look up and read a bit about it to try and understand the sickness behind it.


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