Posted by: whatsyrproblem | December 4, 2008

Cyberstalking hackers.

Have spent the last 7 hours trying to put a vid on you tube. Its only about 10 minutes long but just not getting there. Quite clearly shows what flies around in my backyard everyday when I go out there. Also just taken some pain killers, the pressure or whatever in here today has been unbelievable. The usual flashes across the wall and with some sparks flying around also. Last night trying to walk was really hard, my feet felt so swollen and sore. Sort of wobbling around trying to look normal but not quite making it.  So to have a break from their crap today? thought would watch a video, no, wasn’t to be, first the sound went and then the picture froze up.  Which was a bit funny as earlier the sound had gone on the video I took out the back, when I played it back on the computer. So seem to be having trouble with all vids today.  Finally decided would try and do some art later, so have been going through some of the art books I have, went through my paints and found some that weren’t dried out from no use. (In the last minute the favorite box has showed up asking to add this page as a favourite, then the whole page I was typing was highlighted, like you do when you want to copy and paste something, then it was taken off with a blank page put up, then back to this. Cyberstalking hackers having some fun. You wouldn’t want to be bored would you. Get a job.) Few more sparks on the wall just then to add to the excitement.  Am so glad I have photos of this kind of thing.  They might say I’m delusional.

Now to decide what to start painting tonight. After looking at some of the art online, its quite a challenge.



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