Posted by: whatsyrproblem | December 13, 2008

On being human.

Yesterday I cried for a minute or so, when thought about a song that has meaning for someone I miss. Does that make me depressed? No I think it makes me human. Today I was angry when mental health rocks up at my door. Does that make me an angry type person, No, I have clear video footage of lasers, whatever being used against my pet. I think I have a right to feel some anger against that. Are we supposed to be brain dead f**ks, who don’t feel anything. No, we’re not zombies. Unless made that way by psychiatric drugs. If we laugh will it make us hysterical?

People were put on this earth to have emotions, and any logical emotion feeling human would have exactly the same feelings I have had on these two issues. Especially when they are not in the extrem.


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