Posted by: whatsyrproblem | January 8, 2009

My blog must be in the pits, 2 clicks a day.

Have decided I need to look at ways to promote my blog site more, I have worked it out to just over 2 and a half clicks a day over the last I think, 7 months.  And one of those would be my cyberstalker keeping tracks.



  1. Have you tried the WordPress Tag Surfer feature?

    It can help you find posts that interest you, allowing you to comment on them. It’s an easy way to make more people aware of you and your blog, while leaving them with a comment.

    Hope this helps 😀

  2. Dude I’m having this same problem. I started a Blog where people can post their creative stories and random oddities i find around the net but im not drawing much traffic. The most I’ve had in one day was 14 clicks and that was a one time thing. so goodluck and happy blogging 😀

  3. Hi Brad, yes I use the tag surfer heaps, and leave comments, its a really great tool. Was lucky I looked at the site today as your comments weren’t showing when I checked comments box on dashboard. Thank you for both your comment and advice you offered.

  4. Hey Iparadise, sure hope it picks up for you. You’d kinda think a blog would pick up the longer its been on. Especially with like Brad said, using the tag surfer. Happy blogging to you also.

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