Posted by: whatsyrproblem | January 16, 2009

What does a Maxxer look like? Is it a bird,a plane, or energy.

comp-room-from outsideI have noticed over the last few weeks that when I walk past my phone from room to room that the face on it flickers, this besides the click from room to room when I move around, also in my car, and when I go outside, which I have video taped many times. I have just been hit my some kind of massive energy, the red flashes through the room a few times, I have uploaded the video to you tube, under the name, as usual of pardar2x.   Yesterday my dog was attacked, he slept most of the day, had woken me up so he could go out and eat some grass, he didn’t eat anything all day, and most of the rest of the day stayed pretty close to me. I have also uploaded a video showing a projectile being fired  in to the back yard today, over in the direction he was in.

Funny dream I had, when I woke was being told you can put what you like on your blog, no ones going to see it. And also “Put that on and I’ll fucking kill you.”  Such language in a dream. Strange. Suppose dreams are. But then again with an average of two clicks a day doesn’t matter really what you put on a blog, as long as you know its the truth that you are putting on. I know regarding cyberstalking freak on here its the truth. Have proof on that.Subliminal message “Max the bitch again”. So if anyone wants to see what a “maxer” looks like when used, just visit you tube.

Maybe the photo above shows what a maxxer does.



  1. Hey

    I just did a search on wordpress for gangstalking and your site came up. I used to be a victim of intense gangstalking, with planes flying low over my house on a regular basis. Eventually the mind control and sleep deprivation got too intense, and I decided to just take medication. After this the gangstalking and mind control symptoms were reduced, although they did not disapear altogether. My dreams are manipulated from time to time as well.

    I thought I’d drop you a line since you nobody was really giving you any feedback. Hope this helps you.

    – TechNoir

  2. Hi Technoir, thanks for your comment, I am so glad that yours has eased off a lot for you. It always makes them a lot happier once they have labelled you or got you on medication. Helps to hide so much of their crime and shit they get away with. Guess this kind of thing has gone too far for authorities and such to bother much with it. Crime got the stonger hold and won out. I remember when I left hospital one time, I was gangstalked so badly from the time I left the street it was in, the same 3 cars kept going round and round each couple of blocks I travelled. I’d pull over and round they’d go. I didn’t know anything about gangstalking then, that it had a name or anything. I just thought I was freaking out at first, but after the first few times they did it, realised it was more. So it certainly didn’t make them ease off, and they never have. They are murderers, and they get away with it. I have actually managed to get some of their V2S on video. One day the general public might wake up to what is really going on, but I think by then it will be far too widespread. The part I laugh about is that a lot of these gangstalkers don’t know it but they WILL end up victims of the same thing.

  3. I know exactly what you’re talking about. But the biggest problem is that it’s the authorities themselves that are directing these campaigns of harassment. I’ve recieved intense gangstalking from emergency vehicles (fire, ambulance, police), with emergency vehicles driving by my house making the same rythmic noises with their sirens. When I told my doctor about this (don’t worry I don’t actually trust my doctor I just feel it’s important to have someone to talk to) it only intensified, with the gangstalking following me on my way to work and whatnot. One person I was sitting next to on the bus even said to me “What the hell was that?” in reference to rythms made by the siren of an ambulance. I live in a suburban neighborhood so the concentration of perps is extremely high making it easy for the perps to get away with this kind of stuff.

    The biggest barrier to anything being done is the mind control/electronic harassment. No one in authority (a politician for instance) is going to risk having themselves made a target for electronic harassment themselves. I’m pretty sure they could give a local politician constant headaches and intense pain throughout his/her whole body that could stop him/her from doing anything about the problem. That’s why I’m extremely forgiving to the perps, because I know that the same thing is going to happen to them if they try to disobey the people in charge of them.

    If you think about it, what we’re going through is intensely scary, and it would be very easy for someone to be frightened into joining up with the perps. That’s why I try and forgive them, because being subjected to electronic harassment or gangstalking is not something most people would be willing to withstand. I try to be forgiving and understanding even when I know I’m having intense neck pain inflicted on me electronically, because I know that the same thing could happen to the person who is inflicting it. And believe me, they are damn scared of it too.

    If you are forgiving and understanding, then you will feel better and more at peace. It’s a crazy world we live in, full of chaos and pain, and we have to do our best to get along with the other people who share this little blue planet of ours, no matter how nasty they may be to us. It’s really difficult to do I know and I was one of the angriest and most disgruntled people out there for awhile (you should read some of the stuff I wrote to them), but in the end, it’s better for you psychologically.

    – TechNoir

  4. Hi TechNoir, thanks for your reply, I have to say I admire your attitude towards a lot of things. I really do.
    The problem is my outlook on them. I feel that for every gutless wonder on this earth who would rather join up with the scum who carry this out, because they’re scared of being made a target, is a pathetic piece of crap, and one less person coming forward to expose it, and one more torturer made to carry this out on innocent people, man, women, child, and animal. I have absolutely no sympathy for them, and no understanding for them. And totally look forward to the day when they become victims themselves, only hoping what they get subjected to is double or triple of what happens to the targets now. As I have been typing this out the top of my head got burnt. This morning my dog was once again vomitting, with blood in it. I am a firm believer in the hereafter, and also “what goes around, comes aound.” I haven’t been out anywhere in over 14 months, because of their attacks when out, only to the local shops quickly. Picnics, barbecues, bingo, casino, theatre, walking, crafts, friends, – non existent because of this scum, even if I try and paint or use my computer now, its made painful.
    As for anyone in a position to have been able to do something about this? They should have done so before it got out of hand. Really thats why they are in a position they’re in anyway, to be able to do something about it.
    I have total peace with myself. Because I know what kind of person I was before this started.
    So yes, I really do hope the same thing happens to the people inflicting it, and to every member of their family. If you stab or shoot someone you go to Jail, if you kill them this way, you get away with it? There’s no difference. Its still murder. The poor little perps might get into trouble if they disobey orders? Serves their rights for being the lazy gutless wonders they are in the first place, and joining them.
    Anyway, thanks for replying TechNoir, just my views on what I sincerely hope and pray happens to them.

  5. Unfourtunatley, it’s writing stuff like your previous post that gets people into trouble. I definatley empathize with your position because I’ve been there myself. But when you start calling them out and wishing harm to them by saying “I hope this happens to you and your family” you begin to portray yourself as an unstable, cruel individual. To the perps that are involved in the activity to a lesser degree and aren’t aware of electronic harassment, this makes it seem like you are the one who is in fact the dangerous criminal and not them. TThis motivates them to engage in even harsher activities against you because you have been deemed a threat to society, and they see themselves as the protectors of society. Unless you adopt a more conciliatory tone to your words and actions, you are acting only in detriment to yourself.

    It’s very difficult to accept I know, but it’s the only way. To be honest, since I posted on your blog I’ve noticed an uptick in harassment. It’s mainly electronic harassment and I keep telling myself to let it roll of my back, not let it affect me, don’t retaliate and project understanding and forgiveness for the perps.

  6. Hi TechNoir, I’m so sorry there has been increased harassment for you, I really am. I still stand by what I wish for them. The difference is I only wish it, they do it. If that makes me cruel and unstable, by my wishes for them, what does it make them that carry it out in reality. If they can look on me as a dangerous criminal they really do have psychological problems. Any one that takes part in gangstalking, no matter on what level, is mentally sick. I know I can look at myself and know I don’t hurt anyone, I don’t go around acting I’m a normal person, while I carry lasers hidden on me to use on innocent people and animals. I have photos of their laser uses on myself and dog. I have had a heart attack, and partial stroke through this scum. And have also lost a lot of my eyesight. Plus what they have done to my dog. How brave do you have to be to attack animals? I have no understanding or forgiveness whatsoever, and never will. If being a law abiding person is seen by these twisted idiots as a threat to society, what does it make them. I quote from your reply,
    “TThis motivates them to engage in even harsher activities against you”
    That sentence answers it. Thanks for your comments, but I don’t want your harassment to increase in any way. They’re sick enough as it is.

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