Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 2, 2009

Keyloggers and Hackers.

Today I uploaded a couple more vids to you tube, under pardar2x, the electronic harassment today has well and truly been on.  Doesn’t take much to upset them, especially the truth, seems to do the best job of the lot at doing that.  Guess its always been that way.  Some have too much to hide. 

I also looked at a couple of vids on you tube on how easy it is to keylog into someone elses computer, doesn’t take any real skill, and doesn’t cost anything.  I know for a fact this has been done to my computer before and still is, by the number of passwords I have had changed on me instantly.

Message I got the other day was “You’ve had it easy all week”, meaning a break from the harassment, was it too hot for the lazy bloody sl*t?   I know the harassment on the computer over the last week has been unreal, which I have also put a vid on you tube showing.  Someone left a comment for me saying how they best handled things was to project understanding and forgiveness  towards these people.  I could never do that,  couldn’t and wouldn’t. I made a wish that they get the same back only worse, for them and ALL  theirs. And I mean it.  If that portrays me as cruel and unbalanced and a threat of any sort, I shudder to what it makes them. I only wish mine, they carry it out to the full. Huge difference in wishing something and doing it. THEY are the ones who are dangerous,  and a huge threat to society. They hurt people, children and animals.  I have no understanding towards rapists, murders, or pedophiles, why in the hell would I have any for these, is there a difference.

Their subliminal message the other week was “If we can’t drive you crazy we’ll kill you with stress”.  Have understanding for a piece of shit like this???  I shudder at the thought of that, I really do. I will wish for them, and all of theirs, the same thing every day until they kill me, which they will eventually.  They disgust me. Bit like the night got  “I lasered you and they laughed”  I had been lasered that night.  Yeah, I shudder at that thought.


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