Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 4, 2009

The laser from no where.

Just sitting out the front last night trying to escape the heat wave and constant attacks over the last couple of days, taking some photos of a satellite above. This one seemed to just come right in front of me.  If you look back a couple of posts back you will also see the photo of the one coming right through my loungeroom window right at my head and face, I was lucky to catch it. I do believe this is the one that burns the top of my head a lot and neck. Its no good saying lasers don’t burn or hurt, that is just a pile of crap. Believe that when your picking the scabs of your head from the burns, after you wake up.

. Plenty of videos on you tube which shows quite clearly the use of them burning through tape, lighting matches and candles, burning meat, used on people, etc ,etc.  I also have photos of a laser on the blind in my back room, shining right at the spot I normally sit at my computer. Not to forget the photos of laser use on my dog.    (homemade microwave gun)

another way to take care of someone (if you are  a sick demented fuck).  This is a nifty little tool, you can just sit in  your home if you like and cook and slowkill your neighbours through the wall.  Or out in your car. Incredibly easy to do, no brains required, you only need a microwave.  Its called the perfect crime, why perfect? So hard to prove, no real tell tale outer evidence,  just kills people from the inside out. Breakdown of body system- organs, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, loss of hair, eyesight, etc etc.  These weapons aren’t available in Australia, thats why the majority of people with one, make their bloody own. So they might not be available, but they are sure as hell used. What happens to the victims of these weapons if you try and report this? You are classified paranoid or schizophrenic. What a perfect crime.  What happens to the criminals using them?  Sweet F.A. Laughing all the way to murder, and then on to, I quote their passage “Lets find some other Cu*t to waste”. Whats being done about this crime?  Sweet Fuck All, unless your a pilot, or soccer player or such, then its a different story, your not a nut case at all, and it makes the headlines and makes money.  You may read about one, two, or such murders a week, someone shot someone, someone knifed someone,  how many don’t we read about? And nor will we ever read about them. Why?  Because it “doesn’t” happen!!! Not to the general Joe Blow public, like hell. 

When we had to rely on guns and knives etc for our crimes, there was a good chance of being caught and prosecuted, keeping the amount of crime down.  This kind of crime is a huge plus for anyone who thought of committing but was scared of being caught. The perfect method of torture and murder, little likelihood of being caught or investigated. The murder rate will sky rocket, the closet murderers are out of the closet, but it won’t be classified as murder, except death from natural causes, such as heart attacks, strokes, cancer (which they cause), etc, etc.

Welcome to the real world people.



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