Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 11, 2009

A Few More Zaps And She’ll Be Dead.

(I have just taken these photos off the video I just took regarding the DAILY occurrence of disconnections etc, guess must have about 60-70 of these vids. Just a continuation of the telephone harassment I had for decades. For what reason? NONE.)

A  message I got yesterday. How sick they are. I have an appointment today, so naturally the attack all morning has been on.  Especially seeing its at a doctors.  Last night got “Your not going to the doctors” hence the attacks. Going back awhile ago got  “No doctors, no optometrists”.  They are rather scattered as previously they said “Maybe next time you’ll book yourself in, you might have stayed alive”.

Now regarding the medical appointment today, have had it today in here, their attacks, where should I expect it out there today.

Have just been disconnected again from the internet, exactly the same time as subliminal message “I’m getting of your computer”.  Now there is no network.  Kinda funny how exactly the same time they say that, INSTANTLY  it goes off.  Just had a click in the wall maybe should try connecting again. Also have quite a few videos recording their clicks.  The place I lived at before, the T.V. would click and the computer would work, or the computer would click and the T.V. would then work, smart fuckers aren’t they. No, still not connecting. This happens regularly on a daily basis, I have taken SO many videos of it, 48 were taken in a 4- 5 day period just last week.  AN EXACT DUPLICATE OF MY TELEPHONE SERVICES YEARS AGO THAT WENT ON FOR YEARS.  ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE WHAT-SO-EVER.  “You can type it out but your not getting it on”  Love their twisted power games don’t they. Now have just clicked on tags categories, and all my tags have been removed off here so will have to type them in again.  Nothing changes. Well they found there network after an hour.


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