Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 11, 2009

“Ahm Just Doing Ma Job”.

Their attacks over the last few days have been non-stop, both with the computer interference and physical, V2S  and mental attacks. The hissing has been on now non-stop also over the last few days.  Tinnitus, doesn’t ease off just because you change rooms, if it does there’s a new miracle cure for it. Hissing you get from directed energy weapons aimed at you. Or as the evil pathetic bitch said “Ahm just doing ma job”.  (Must be close.) 

I have put 2 videos on youtube, one shows sparks in my car, just after pulling out of my driveway, and the other there is sparks in my room. These photos are of my T.V. and the energy coming off it.  Wouldn’t want to have power surges too would you.  My eyes burn and my hair falls out like anything.  WE HAVE NO ONE WE CAN REPORT THIS TO?  Coupled with the use of directed energy weapons, lasers etc, this is torture and murder.  In a civilised country?


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