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energy-tv2This information is taken from Peter Moorings site. I think it explains some things very well. This is exactly what happens to people all around the world. Yes, Australia to,  we’re not exempt. The first paragraph, most of them never knowing,  so true, false heart attacks and strokes, cancer, diabetes, breakdown of internal organs,  M.E and C.F.S. the list goes on. The photo is of my T.V.



Using gang stalking techniques and hi-tech electronic weapons (directed energy weapons) every year thousands of people all over the world are tortured and murdered, most of them never knowing what happened.


Some words to the (gang) stalkers and people cookers: you are murderers


What you are doing is trying to cause the (physical or mental) death of a person. This is called premeditated murder meaning that you are a murderer. What would you do if they did this to you? Probably you would commit suicide, this is what most targets do, I know this because I almost was there but managed to recover despite your terror.

Every day in your country people are murdered this way by you and your criminal friends. But your friends are not your friends, they are just psychopaths following orders. Your friends don’t care about people, your friends don’t care about children, your friends don’t care about you, they would murder their own children if necessary. Did you know that 4% of the population is psychopath?



Often targets also suffer from electronic harassment (are being cooked alive)


Many stalkers do not know that targets often also are being cooked and burned by electronic weapons (weapons based on radio waves; Directed Energy Weapons). Even if they know, they do not want to believe electronic torture probably is the most horrible torture method ever existed. In may cases the target is cooked alive 24/7, cooked like a microwave oven cooks meat. Through walls, and by devices illegally mounted in their cars, when walking in the streets, when in the swimming pool, everywhere. High power electronic weapons (HPM = High Power Microwave) can cook a body, a heart, with the results being gall, painful burning sensations on back, chest, stings in the head, in the eyes, attacks on other body parts like heart, kidneys, ankles, beams cooking the inside of a person causing fluids to evaporate resulting in burping and farting within seconds, etc.



Electronic harassment = people cooking, (sub-vocal) mind reading


The people cookers press the buttons of their electronic weapons 24/7 making the US prison at Guantanamo Bay look a holiday resort. The people cookers burn and cook the target to prevent sleeping, react to events caused by the target (like walking into the living room, putting a new website on the computer screen), react to events noticed by the target (like cars passing by, neighbors leaving their homes or arriving), but also they will cook the target at specific moments to make the target look crazy to other people. Most attacks are from neighbor houses. The sick network however follows targets everywhere to make life as horrible as possible everywhere e.g. by blocking traffic at junctions, high power cooking during sports (running, swimming, etc.), during sexual activities, during visits to stores, etc






  1. Please read my blog on this tortur. I agree Peter Mooring’s blog is good

    Do not email me.

  2. Hi Caroline, can’t read your blog as there’s no link for it. Yes Peter Mooring is pretty spot on with a lot of his info.

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