Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 14, 2009


Taken from 11 th Feb.  “A few more zaps and she’ll be dead”. 

 Midnight I got hit really bad, nearly ended up on the floor,  so guess they’re working on their few more zaps.  I’m not that much of an idiot to think its not true.  So yeah I still wish every bit of harm possible to the scum involved in this and every member of their families. Someone said to me that not all gangstalkers are involved in the electronic harassment, I couldn’t give a damn, anyone who signs up for gangstalking is a piece of filth. No matter what level they are on, they are still the filth of the earth. As the arsonist was referred as “a mass murderer,” so is this scum. 

The computer interference over the last few days has been totally unbelievable.  EVERY single thing I try and do on it, is interferred with, slowed down, taken off, or just plain denial of service.  Today they have been at my camera software on it all the time. Before I left my unit in East Perth, this is exactly how my telephone services were. Bloody unbelievable.  They said to me  subliminally, V2S, (voice to skull) yes it does exist and has been around for decades, “You could have lived, you could have booked yourself in”.  I have to be delusional and mentally sick to let this shit hide its filth?  Get stuffed.

In 1986 I saw a lawyer in Perth re my trouble with my phones. Telecon sent back a letter, giving    not one reason, but 7 or 8 different reasons as to why my phones weren’t working. Really one would have been sufficient, they didn’t have to cover everything in their books to stay on the safe side. Not only did they bullshit about that, but while I was in the lawyers office they told him  they had checked my phone while I was with him, and I had it off the hook.  I have never left my phone off the hook, and I was actually with someone who had left my unit with me, and could verify it wasn’t off the hook. Another of their lies that fell through the crack. They also sent out a letter stating I would have no more problems, that lasted one day. Why have I put this on again?  Because what is happening with my computer is identical to my phone services, denial of service.  For what reason? Maybe because years ago I complained about the phone service I didn’t have. There sure as hell isn’t any other reason.  So since 1986, when telecom told me about Radical Island, hope you find it on the map, I couldn’t, there has been nothing but harassment. In everything.

I put these photos on again, my eyes burn and hurt like crazy when I watch T.V.   Is this also denial of service with my T.V.  Fuck, is this denial of service with LIFE?  energy


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