Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 22, 2009

We have the technology to put you to sleep so you never wake up-Part 2

Well have added these photos, they are of the constant harassment every day and night on my computer. This goes on ALL the time. I had years and years and years of this with my telephone services, every one of them and this  is a fucking repeat. Who the FUCK do they think they are???  Constant interference on absolutely every single thing I try and do on my computer. If I try and play a game it is frozen up, if I try and do a jigsaw it is taken off once I get to half way through. If I try and watch a vid it is stopped every 3 seconds.  A draft is constantly being fucking saved the whole time I am typing this out. Cyberstalking fucking idiot. Now are we really going to try and say the telephone interference for decades and  this computer interference, a carry on, are NOT connected?  BULLSHIT.  I made a text movie up on windows movie maker, don’t think they liked it, so the file is now missing for that one, when I used to play games they took  java off and I couldn’t get it back on. Now can’t get the file on no matter how many times re upload it. It won’t work.  Going back to the early blogs you will see what they used to do with my telephones.  My phone when I walk past it the face flickers and it clicks, I put the vid on you tube.

The heading of this blog is what these filthy cretin bitches said.  I am totally sure they can, being the bloody filth they are.  That was said after I put the blog on “Is it denial of life also”. This morning when I woke up it felt like they had been  having a bloody good try, my head was buzzing like crazy and I was totally disorientated. I didn’t wake til 11.40am, haven’t done that since I’ve been here.  I woke at 5.20am, with the foulest taste in my mouth I remember that,  and felt like my mouth and inside of my nose was burning, but felt so sleepy just went straight back to sleep.  All my life is at the moment is video-ing every bit of bloody harassment thats going on, which is most of the bloody time, and trying to get my fucking computer to fucking work.  Oh and ducking the fucking lasers etc, past blogs show photos of them, and vids on you tube also show the flying bloody projectiles I have to duck if I think I have the fucking gall to go out into my garden, or if my dogs think they have the fucking gall to want to go out there also. Its their yard and its my garden and I ask no one for the right to a life. Just so they can cover their filth. The two photos of the t.v. is when things are ok in here and when they’re not. There was no movement of the camera and no flash used. There’s a hell of a difference,  just look back a blog or two and see the disgusting amount of energy coming from the t.v. no wonder my eyes were burning like mad. It was coming right out from the t.v. into the bloody room.

Well the third lot of neighbours in as many months moved out from the adjoining half  of house yesterday and today.  3 different lots of neighbours in 3 and half months, wow. Now have just gone out the front with my camera, there’s a lot of noise from an empty house,  which isn’t strange with that place, each time it has been empty on different occasions have heard someone in there, and mice etc don’t wear shoes or boots, one time I heard a table or something being pulled right next to the wall adjoining this room, and I heard someone say “I dropped it” as there was a thump, a female. Have also heard them in the roof on my side of the house, my dog heard them first, when there were people living there, have taped that, but didn’t get all the noise. Strange, so is the amount of tenants moving in and out. Just my view on it anyway.

End of todays blog, if I wake in the morning so be it, if I don’t, come up with a bloody good fucking reason why not. And leave my fucking computer alone.  That’s a photo of my computer, a lot of energy in the room. The instalation wizard for msn shortcut was put on my computer through the night, the date for my albums is changed to sort by name after every time I use it, the file for nero was taken off, when tried to flock an article, came up with, can’t do it operation aborted.  Believe me this is just a very few of the everyday things. It doesn’t



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