Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 23, 2009


Well, last  night went perfect, not a bloody thing went on. Just a NORMAL night of sleep like every person should be entitled to.  Woke feeling like you should feel after a nights sleep.  Refreshed from proper sleep, no sleep deprivation tactics or anything else.  No RADICAL  bullshit. My dog was very restless all night though, do remember that, this morning he has gastric, yesterday I had it. I knew he was due for it, because in the last 10 years this is exactly how it has been, and we don’t eat the same food. First one way and then the other way, with everything, oh I lie, its longer than bloody 10 years. One time in East Perth it was a small cut in the flywire of my loungeroom window, the next night it was a large one. This is just put here to show the pattern thats followed. Religiously.

(Actually that jogs the old memory quite a bit. The letter I got back from Telecom (Australia that is)  stated that there had been both large and small outages, there I still remember the word they used, on my phone services. That one was only one of the 7-8 reasons they gave for phones that didn’t work.  LARGE and SMALL outages. It would be one phone out one day and then the next the next day, and so on the rest of the week, month, year.)

Actually the last time I saw the lawyer? he said to me  “Maybe we should get both Telecom and the police in here. Should have happened, I wonder why it didn’t.  Instead what happened was I was stalked out of my home of 11 years and onto the streets.  Knocked out and burglarised of all my personel papers, money,  to add a bit more to it. Then at a later date my vehicle to go with it. This after being told  the night before it disappeared, “Teach the Cu*t a lesson”. I mean really, how many lessons do they teach cu*t’s,  (oh and what do you have to do to be classified a cu*t, slut, and bitch)  Not a bloody thing.

I’m a bit suprised the hits on here have never been a bit higher than what they are, for months it was about 1 a day two if lucky. I mean who doesn’t like a story of torture and slow kill, especially when it is total reality, my guess is most people  if they knew the truth would be pretty appalled. But as with a lot of stalking victims, the  whole truth of the matter  NEVER really gets out properly.  They most time get classified delusional etc.  Some blogs I’ve come across regarding the same sort of thing going on in their lives, I quite often wondered why some of them came to an abrupt ending, they’ve  never blogged again.  Guess now don’t wonder so much, I’d say one of two reasons. One they’d be locked away in a mental institution, two they’d be dead. Just my thoughts on it.

So as I’ve said before, if you get knocked out while asleep and robbed, your vehicles stolen, not just one I add, other times brake fluid let out, not just once I also add, vehicles vandalised numerous times, your rent money stolen three fortnights in a row, home damage, home invasion, fires lit at your doors, with a thousand other things thrown in also, just remember your a delusional, paranoid idiot and none of it ever really happened, pretty clever hey? Your stalker or stalkers, WILL continue to get away with it.

Why did I have such a good night? Because of what I wrote on the blog last night about what kind of night it would be. This morning? Different story.  They love doing the opposites, just like with the flywire screen and everything else.


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