Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 24, 2009

LARGE and SMALL? Oh, all the way Bitch.

I was taking videos every day of the continual harassment of my computer, but now will just take photos, as the vids seeing there are so many of them every day take a lot of space. The photos are from yesterday afternoons harassment on the computer.  I have just been disconnected from the internet. 9.54 AM  Tuesday 24th Feb. Will keep typing the blog out though. One photo is what happens a lot when I try and look at different blogs, I get either this page can’t be displayed, or error messages.  When I try for google or msn most times get this page can’t be displayed, the blank page is my camera software which they have been interferring with. I have copies of about 50-60 vids, showing the non-stop tampering with my computer. Now that was only a SMALL disconnection I gather the next will be a LARGE – please see previous post. 

Yesterday I posted how the night was perfectly normal with none of their radical bullshit, today feel like shit. I have just been sitting here for the last hour waiting for my heart to settle down.  Sorry I’m not going to be your mealy mouth little bitch and crawl up your arses, or have any understanding for your total bloody filthy tactics.  Poor little perpetrators of crime and filth, my heart goes out to you, you destroy peoples lives, lets all understand you and feel sorry for you. The ONLY people who could feel anything like that are potential perps. They haven’t got the fucking guts to speak the truth. When I started blogging on this crap a lot of time the harassment went higher, does that mean I’m just supposed  to sit back say or do nothing to expose the bastards, and they’ll stop? Bullshit…. I mean really, BEING TOTALLY HONEST, can you have ANY understanding for murderers, rapists, pedophiles, can you? I CAN’T. And thats the type of filth they use to carry their gangstalking tactics out to go with other forms of harassment.

They might ease off for awhile,  but THEY DON’T STOP. They can’t. They have too bloody much too hide, to bloody much to lose. And not only that, if we all just sit back and not say anything about them, then its on to the next innocent victims for this SCUM. 

I’m adding this sentence the second time, I just got disconnected again and had typed, <I will continue to blog til I can reconnect again.> The sentence has disappeared, and thats the truth.

These vids are worth checking out just for the quality showing, all of a sudden you can hardly see the bloody things, they were as clear as clear when uploaded, and are very clear on my computer, one was even uploaded again.  check out the t.v.  this one I was asked if I wanted to see sparks, you can see them on this one, comes from the back,  I get hit every day when I go into my backyard, I used to love sitting  out there with a cup of tea with my dog just enjoying it. We don’t get to do that anymore. She said one day   “I just keep firing til I hit you, its an electric gun”.  Just read the side bit as to what they had said. When you get hit by this your lips and mouth goes numb, your head starts to humm, and it affects your heart.

Have a couple, one I’ll put on of someone bashing on the back fence which makes my dog go running up and down and barking.  A message I got the other day was “I’m going to tell everyone my kids are scared of your dog”.  WHAT, now my dogs ferocious, but of course, he’s a good watchdog and lets me know when anyone is hanging around.  But I know one thing when some little mongrels (yes children) sat throwing sand in his eyes for 5 minutes, he sat there and just took it. I cried when I got to him, and tried to get the sand out of his eyes. They were red for a few days. Now bitch start telling the truth, spread it around how people should be scared of your mongrels instead, and to keep animals away from them, for the safety of the animals,  and a couple of your bloody kids are teens.


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