Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 25, 2009

More denial of service, my photos remain boring.

These are photos of last nights harassment. They are boring photos, but they go on. Each photo is a different stage of harassment and denial of using my computer, as I said in other posts, exactly the same as my telephone service for years. I mean fuck, what do I do, get on porn sites, kiddy porn etc, would they like that? Not my scene, but am starting to wonder about them. I really am.  How about a few torture vids, now that would really get you bloody high wouldn’t it, you sickos.

With the photos you can read in the bar what I was trying to open up, usually google, ninemsn or wordpress, blogger etc. Vids I don’t watch now, text movies don’t make, they stuffed nero up. Jigsaws hardly ever do now they turn it off half way through. The last photo had just opened wordpress up and a zero was straight away programmed into my password box.  Hadn’t touched a bloody thing. The little cyberstalking fucktard is frantically saving drafts with every new sentence, can easily see why this blog don’t get shown much. Bad English intended.


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