Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 27, 2009

“Just to show you who’s Boss”

This I got after I was disconnected from the internet again, just to show ME who’s boss, my my, don’t you have a dog you  can push around mate?  60 years old and some pathetic idiot is still trying to show ME who’s boss. That I find comical. I really do. Go work in a nursing home you may be able to throw a few of the oldies there around.  Now that will really prove to the world just how BIG you really are, reckon you’ll get to be a big boss?  I really think you are suffering from delusions, there is a special word for it, grandiose?   Is it?

Have been sitting here tonight trying to watch T.V. the hissing all night has been unreal, but if you go into another room eases off straight away. As I walk out the T.V. room I get “I’m going to keep you away from the T.V.” Now thats a funny kind of tinnitus, isn’t it. Move away from the source and it nearly stops, I’ll bet a lot of people suffering 100_5523from tinnitus would love a cure like that hey?  My walls just gave a poppy click also. I have recorded quite a few of these on video. My gums are burning, and teeth hurting, and my eyes burning as well, its like an internal sunburn.  As these little bitches said one time “We’ll make it very uncomfortable for you”. 

The photo have put on here is taken in my lounge room tonight when this showed up, there are no lights on at all, and no street lights out the front so isn’t that. I have put other photos of lasers  being used inside my home on other posts. Don’t know why the photo has gone where its gone on here, right in the middle, maybe when I submit post may be better. I mean what a joy it is in your own home when you have to play duck for cover etc, and where can I sleep tonight, even though there are 3 bedrooms.  Some nights I have slept in the laundry, (is that being uncomfortable) even then being woken up to light shows  zapping past. Now thats about the tenth or eleventh draft saved, someone writing a book. Yep, thats the twelth one saved.


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