Posted by: whatsyrproblem | February 28, 2009

“They’ll Kill My Fuc**ng Dog”?

At 11.45am today there was such a wierd taste in the room, all of a sudden I couldn’t breathe, my tooth stuff started to dissolve in my mouth, mouth started to burn inside, eyes hurting, then my heart started hurting straight away,  then the palpitations started, within an hour I had gastric. NOT a panic attack I add, doesn’t disolve the denture paste. I DO know the difference.  They had said to me going back awhile ago “We can make it all chemical if you like try fighting that”.  Actually just before this happened there was a thud on the wall. Not sure if it was internal or external, I think external. I have also got these on video, the noises of them.

This I got told about an hour before “There’s your medication bitch what’s it taste like.”  “That’s whats killing your dog also.” 

Not long after this I got “Go out and I kill your fucking dog”,  SO BE IT CREEP.  I haven’t been out in over 14 months, but  FULLY intend to.   I am putting this on because my dog has been baited before, and also attacked with lasers, which I have on tape.  The day he nearly died when baited, I was looking for a vet on line and they took the vets page of the computer and programmed up a porn movie.

Last night I saw a laser going right through my loungeroom right to where my dog had been sitting, It could only have come from across the road, the angle it came in, about half an hour before that he had started choking and nearly fitting twice.  I wasn’t in the room at the time when I came in it  really scared me badly, I know what they have done before.  They also said last night “Get the bitch again”.



  1. Get a gun and fight the sonsabitches. Kill anyone who stalks you. If you’re going out, might as well take one of the scumsuckers with you.

  2. Hi triggerman, love ya. Perfect, they’re total filth. And yes you kinda know when you are hey? Murders murder, no matter how its bloody well done.

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