Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 1, 2009

Are your panic attacks really panic attacks or are you being attacked by Directed Energy Weapons.

Here are some photos taken of the use of directed energy weapons being used in my home and outside against myself and my dog. My dog has been attacked visciously on a number of occasions. When you get hit by these you will know it.  I also have quite a few videos of these being used. Last night something turned off  in here and IMMEDIATELY the incredible difference in here was totally amazing. There are some nifty little gadgets sickos can buy also, called sonic nausea, these can be put inside someone’s home anywhere, or an adjoining wall, and believe me they are what they say, very small and the person living there won’t have a clue on whats going on, all they will know is that when they are in  there home, or vehicle, yes they can be installed there also, they feel sick etc.. It will be incredibly hard and very uncomfortable for you to stay inside your home. They run just on batteries and are free for anyone to purchase.  Batteries have quite a long life also. Don’t have any of those, then all you need is a magnetron, and Bob’s your uncle, there’s your microwave weapon, to drive someone crazy and eventually cook the fuckers to death. Few ways to get rid of your enemies hey?  Oh by the way, a lot of the symptoms you will get will mimick schizophrenia and panic attacks, etc.  I will edit the photos and explain them to people who know nothing about DEW’s. As you can see a couple were taken in pitch blackness, quite clearlyshow as lasers.  I knew a long time ago, years, that I was not suffering from panic attacks, loved my social life too much, I was being stopped from going anywhere I might enjoy myself, and have FUN. Also stopped from working, after awhile this type of non-stop attacks can eventually lead to panic attacks when the person gets to the stage that they realise going out anywhere they WILL be PUNISHED for it. Zapped and ending up feeling like a stunned bloody mullett. Please click on the photos to enlarge and for explanations.

I have just now been hit badly, there was a crackle in the air in front of me, and a flash of bloody bright light at same time.  My mouth etc is going numb, eyes burning, soon I will probably have palpitations and go numb else where, I am now having trouble with co-ordination.  We are sitting targets at times aren’t we?



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