Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 2, 2009

Attempted cruelty to animal or to kill the animal.

tv-1Well looks like the fourth lot of new tennants to move in adjoining me, in as many months. Do these ones want to play in the fucking roof through the night also.  Or stand out the front of my fence at night and say  “Is she in there, is the slut in there?”.  I caught that on video, plus them shining a light or laser at my place, and then their door closed. Was also on tape.  I couldn’t believe it the next time I went to edit the tape and it was gone. GONE.  Am pretty certain made a copy of it, but have to go through a lot of cd roms to check.  What is amazing about that is when I lived in unit 2/2 in Perth, years ago, the ones next door stood out the front of my place in the daytime on two separate occasions, and said “Is HE in there, is he by himself, is so we’ll go for a walk”.  And then at a later date, in another state when I was in my vehicle out the front of a boarding house I lived they would drive past, and yell “Is he in there, is he working.”  and take off. Then return a few more times. They returned til I got my camera out and started taking photos, then came back with vampire masks on. So yes I say its all bloody connected. And I’m not paranoid.  So if these ones want to get in the bloody roof, I tell you I’ll fucking be up there also. If they want to be smart out the bloody front, I’ll fucking be out there also. Or if any others around here want to beep me all the way down the fucking road when I’m driving, I’ll just turn around and beep them right back down the fucking road.

 I went out the back yesterday morning, the puppy was chewing on something, (Just remembered what he said “I’ll kill your dog”)  I’ve popped the photo on what it is. It’s a can been chopped in half, with pentagram on it or something,  its sharp, have put the fence on as well, as you can see they’re tall, so really doubt if it blew over, they have been put there on purpose.  If she had continued to chew on it and swallowed pieces, well doesn’t need saying does it.  The puppy had that one, my dog has been baited before, last year, different bloody address. So don’t tell me I’m fucking paranoid, delusional or any other fucking thing.

The photos of my T.V.?   I couldn’t look at it or stay in the room, my eyes were burning like mad. You can see the energy coming from it.  Just click on the photo to enlarge. I also have photos and vids of laser use on my dog, in his own bloody yard.


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