Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 9, 2009

On Stalking and Harassment.

The phone numbers  on the piece of paper are from 1999, this is what was programmed up on my phone day after day, if you tried to ring anyof these phone numbers back you got the disconnected  signal. This is the kind of harassment that went on day after day.  This or disconnecting the phone every day, day after day. This is what I was labelled with a mental illness over. Delusional and paranoid and imagining all this. BULLSHIT… I have kept this piece of paper for 10 years.

Now it seems to be that I have another  form of harassment on another blog I have. The minute I sign into it someone else visits exactly the same time. EVERY single time. It’s happened too many times for it to be co-incidence.  I have had a cyberstalker which I have written about many times before, and this to me stinks of cyberstalking. I took a photo of the ISP  numbers and where they were from. Its very similar to the list of phone numbers above, all the same except the last one, two or three digits all from the same suburb and all the same Internet Providers. Vodafone, all from Chatswood N.S.W. There can be no visitors to my blog all day, but soon as I sign in presto, immediately. Co-incidence?

You see the harassment from the phone to the internet has never ended, not for decades with the phone, and now for the last couple of years with the internet.

Yesterday I also put on  you tube (pardar2x) a video showing a projectile being projected right at my room, the path it came from was easy to follow, from right behind this room.  All you have to do is go over the vid frame by frame and you can see it. Very clearly. When you get hit by these you know it, and so does my fucking dog.

I have just been hit so badly by something I am limping when I walk, just before I got hit got “Hey bitchy, bitchy, I’m calling you out, come out”.  My eyes are burning and hurting so badly. The other day they said “When they’re nearly at the end is when they go out and start following them”.

Today is a long weekend here its Adelaide Cup day, looking back on past posts here you will see that I spent Melbourne Cup day sitting outside the Vets with my dog, he nearly had a heart attack.



  1. Hi you are one of many targets world wide under attack of some remote intelligent technology …, its human experimentation and is of historical importance, probabely some combination of nanotechnology and artificiel intelligence, often predicted to be comming called “singularity” .
    Sorry for my bad English , i am from Belgium , am a target as well since 2005 and have investigated this problem carefully meanwhile, , its large scaled and visible in statistics, the technology does not only cause the symptoms you name , but also manipulates behaviour , metabolism, en very important too it tampers with memory , and ofcourse , it hackes any kind of electronics ….
    I would say try to stay strong and please keep in touch with the network of victims cooperating to expose this, i am very much working now in Europe with many , and hoping to get the entire investigation on paper , by the way the so called alien abduction phenomenon, is one of many covers of the same experiment …

    Greets Monika

  2. Hi Monika, thank you for your comment, yes it is a worldwide thing, organised stalking, or legal murder. I only hope that one day the true numbers of people killed this way will be totally exposed worldwide and people will be held accountable for covering it up, and not investigating, which is done incredibly well. We are NOT a minority going through this, a lot of people don’t even realise what’s happening to them, and the ones who do are ignored and clasified mentally ill, when they aren’t. Torture and Murder, and that is exactly what it is.

  3. I am a victim. Thank you for drawing attention to this subject.

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