Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 11, 2009


These two photos are taken in my computer room tonight. Maybe the rooms having a panic attack. The red colour is not the colour of my room at all, get these flashes through here all the time. The other photo shows the surplus bloody energy in the room, this taken from a vid I took tonight. My head is burning, and my eyes and mouth.  Maybe the whole house is having a fucking anxiety attack. Or a bit of microwave allergy maybe. Or haven’t I ” learned my lesson” as they said before.  Normal photos?  Not on your bloody Nelly, this is whats happening in my house, or any fucking house I live in.  It is meant to drive you out. It is meant to say hey, your crazy and I’m not.  As for watching T.V.  well.  She said “I’m going to keep you away from the T.V.”  Pray tell is this how they do it, looks a pretty good bloody way to me. So now its denial of fucking T.V. also?  My dog loves T.V. but has to walk away from it all the time, no bloody wonder.  Hey do I have to ask to use the fucking toilet also?  Better not ask that they may booby trap it.

Oh whoops, am I getting angry here. Well fuck, wouldn’t you?

I was told “You can’t paint if your blind”. Well, aren’t I blind enough for you yet you harlot. I had the most unbelievable eyesight of anyone I have ever known, and that is not a lie.  Now, I put magnifying glasses on to eat. I’ve been doing a bit of painting the last couple of nights, and wow, has it been on. Another reason for that, I might, just might, make some money from my paintings. And its something I love.  If you want to see some photos of  lasers being used into my home just check back on previous posts.  Just click on  photos to enlarge.excess-power


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