Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 12, 2009


Did they say no to?  And others like me?  My type?   What’s your bloody type mate, an overstuffed egotistical maniac.  I actually shudder to think what your bloody type is, because if thats the type that can have people put away, and labelled,  for nothing “Lord”  help the bloody world, and the people in it.  I mean you’ve had 3 members of my family, not quite enough???  Genocide comes in many forms doesn’t it. Get a new punching bag.  Hey, how about a few of your fucking own, actual real bloody candidates. Because if you spawned them they would sure bloody need it.  Too much inbreeding I’d say.

My father died in his 50’s, my brother died in his 50’s, and they say to me “Your supposed to be dead by now”. Yep, I’m in my 50″s, well just for now anyway. I’m going to do my washing and CLEANING.  Already had MY daily shower, had yours, still wouldn’t make you clean would it? I put that because their synthetic telepathy the other day.. “Have a shower and die clean you bitch”. Now the cyberstalking little freak is playing with the mouse, pulling it the other way to what I want. These three photos, one in my room when it was mostly ok, the second one you can see the bloody energy in the same room,  what does this energy do to you? Have a think about it. The third is of what I have to sit with on my head at times, yes some can laugh, til it happens to you. For a long time I didn’t know, and used to have sores and scabs on the top of my head,  burns.  Now I DO know. And believe me, if I have to sit with my “pedophiles” hat on as they say, I will. But next time you  bloody harlot, try it on your own and then things WOULD  be correct hey.  Women are pedophiles? In your bloody dreams schizo. Oh I forgot the Burnies were weren’t they, in England many years ago.  So guess am wrong on that one.  My mistake, but am sure they are few and far between.  Oh, and another thing when it comes to pedophiles Darl, you ought to know about them first hand.

Have you ever seen your dog dance while he’s trying to eat a bone?  Aren’t they fucking funny. I walked out one day after I had given my dog a bone to eat, and he was trying to eat it, at the same time both his back legs alternating shaking them. The poor bloody thing. He was being lasered or fucking tasered, yes you can build your own, and they don’t have to have the projectiles attached to them. And lasers DO burn, its amazing how many things you can cut through with them or set on fire. Just look up on you tube.  I have had my eyes burnt while driving and had to pull over til the smarting and burning stopped.


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