Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 15, 2009

“Don’t worry she’ll soon be out of our hair”.

That was said quite some time ago.  I was just sitting here and thinking of the different things I have had stolen from me at different times, since this harassment started years ago. These weren’t all taken at the one time, but spread over time. When I look at the list, there’s quite a lot of personal  things taken.

Birth certificate

Telecom papers

Rego papers


Hbf etc

My Certificates and Diplomas

Email addy

Keys car

My readings

Store Credit card

Divorce Papers

My rent book from one place I lived.

The telecom papers and the rego papers were actually taken from inside my unit and returned a few days later, including the muddy footprints they left on the loungeroom  carpet to go with the return of the things. The other things I never got back. When you stop and think about it, its a lot of personal papers etc, that someone had got. 


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