Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 15, 2009

“Oh Jeez I’ll Get You Put Away If You Don’t Shut-up, Feet First”.

I don’t walk around with a gag on my mouth for any ones threats. A little while ago got some more video footage of their bloody laser use,  just after this got  “go and make one bitch, and we’ll have a laser party”. No, would much rather see them in bloody court. And am sure a “tupperware party” would be right up their alley, and they know what I mean by that.

Last night I was watching some art videos on the computer, when I get “I don’t want to watch them anymore,” straight away the video stopped, after that it was back to the usual stopping every 3 seconds, and thats how I had to watch them, til I thought to hell with this and turned it off. I have a list of ISP numbers, that come  on alternately every time I turn my computer on. All from the same suburb, and ISP provider.  Hacking. Same as my phones before.



  1. Hi it’s Rob, tried to write another post and was near end all sudden these low life scum mother Fu… rs had deleted it infront of my eyes. So they are monitoring this as I thought and leads me to next question who’s fucking real and who’s the scum that they are?
    The only way to do this is a day to meet perhaps around public were scum can’t do shit with people we know u trust 100% to keep an eye and do there shit video just in case. Bring atleast 3 ID’s and current address so we all know our names and places of residence also then decide to get human rights group involved as well as lawyers and make enough noise backing each other and when they see how exact our stories are it can’t be a coinsedence and not all
    Mentall as the police said to me even though I had footage them changeing number plates in car park. I know a lot of there private investigators factories they use for building these cars vans etc also many houses they work from especially at nights as large numbers of cars there light is on all night outside and there cars not all but most I too well know dark illegal window tint. So when we get this out to public how what nonsense out neighbors and friends are told to do these low act scum hurt full shit to any person is criminal and people should not participate and turn the heat on them. We need numbers and voices together as a whole for us to have any chance at all. We are much smarter and stronger than any if these scum pices if shit and that is being nice imagine liveing there poor fucked up life they wouldn’t have a life if u notice that’s all they do 24/7 monitor us we must be that important
    I petty there poor miserable life’s they must hate when they see me doing my usual way of life being happy poor lonely scum almost feel sorry for you all but may be I wait when your names faces houses kids etc like us starts to get out in the public eye then maybe I might feel sorry for you because I have a thing you scum will never have a HEART and you mother fuckers might delete this again but atleast you know what you are now by by

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