Posted by: whatsyrproblem | March 21, 2009

Gangstalking Australia – Attacked in car.

Thursday I had an appointment at the doctors, as per usual any time I have an appointment anywhere it is made nearly impossible to keep it.  Lord help if I kept them like normal people do, say the first one.  No its usually a couple of appointments made first and cancelled and then say a prayer you can get there. No, no exaggeration. It used to be gastric I was given EVERY single time, now its different methods, because you can buy imodium to take and STOP that. The flash inside the car is what came flying through the car at me, exactly the same as what I get from out the back at home, Oh and my dog gets also. He nearly had a heart attack one day from this. They knock you flying.  Numbness, tingling, eyes burning, mouth and lips numb, headaches, electric shocks,  etc etc. The other photo they seemed to be coming back from the car in front somehow. You can see in the photo where it is on the tyre, or wheel. These are taken from a video I have, which was going to go on you tube, but its too long, My computer has been stuffed with so I can’t cut and make into two parts. My windows movie maker has also been comprimised so can’t use it. Nothing unusual.  Because if I can use it can put more on which exposes them further, and  good heavens you don’t want to expose murder or attempted murder. You just let the fuckers get away with it. That is definately not the only projectile to fly through the car, there were a whole heap of them,  and I had to pull over a couple of times, felt so sick, dizzy and my head was burning. The last appointment to go to the doctors was identical in every way, except they started earlier this time, at home before I left. Last time all I got at home was “C*nts coming out C*nts coming out”.  and then it was on outside. I shall once again have to get a computer technician to come out and fix the computer again, getting to be a regular thing, and its not the only computer I have had, or needed someone to get it going properly again. Absolutely no different from my phone services. How many fucking reasons do they need this time, 7-8.  Oh sorry they don’t, that was telecom that needed that many. No difference now though.


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