Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 7, 2009

“You’ll Do As Your Bloody Told”

How bloody quaint of them.

I haven’t blogged for awhile because the attacks have been so bad, In the last week, I have had to leave my home on numerous occasions. This is a repeat of what they tried before. It is to make it look like you have problems and have to keep going outside all the time, or driving around looking like a nutter, while these half wits are having their bloody entertainment.  Or as the retarded little Bitch said some time back “I’m going to move you on from every place you go”, for what  love,  Oh I remember “I made a mistake, oh well, too bad.” she says.   Wouldn’t want to be caught and exposed would you dear?

I have taken quite a few videos lately of the computer room, and the flashes of red that I get through it. The day before yesterday I limped onto the front verandah, I had to pull my leg behind me, I was hit so hard by some kind of energy, I just kind of half sat half laid with the phone.  I honestly thought I was gone, I really did.  I had just been sitting there peacefully doing some art and enjoying it, when wham.  But as they said “you can’t paint if your blind”  Then again today I had to leave the house once more feeling the same way, numbness spreading through me, my eyes feeling like they had been burnt badly  etc etc. .  I pay the rent here, no one else, and its my bloody home to relax in.  My garden to work in if I choose, but that is nearly obsolete now because of the constant attacks out there also. Just who the fuck do these idiots think they bloody are.  Because I am doing art lately the attacks in the room I use have tripled, to the stage I have to keep leaving it. Yesterday while out the front clearing a few weeds all of a sudden I nearly passed out, once I looked up in a couple of directions it stopped straight away. On two occasions I have also heard movement in the ceiling again through the very late hours.  I know the night before last it felt like the top of my head was burning, then when I woke in the morning I had unbelievable sore spots on the top of my head, I couldn’t even touch it.

So according to these dead beats, you can’t go in the front yard, you can’t have a garden in the back, do art, watch t.v. no thats not allowed either, and go on the computer, well just about say your bloody prayers.  You can look back a few posts and see the kind of energy going right through the room from the t.v., also back a bit further and you will see the same from the computer, besides whats being used into this room. I have uploaded it on to you tube, and have had a couple of comments from people who know about microwave waves, energy and that is what they say it is. It would certainly explain the popping of the walls at times, and the sudden cracks that have appeared right down the side of the walls inside where their were no cracks before. I am not talking of little cracks, but the whole way down the wall.  The unexplained heat when the temperatures have dropped quite considerably. The attacks lately I would say are just about non-stop 24/7.  Their idiotic V2K, “You’ll get married”. Because they know how much it annoys me I suppose, really at my bloody age that is really a bloody decision I will make, and no other pathetic bastard.

I mean the attacks have been bad for awhile, but since putting that piece of paper on back awhile ago with the harassing telephone numbers on it, they have been worse.



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