Posted by: whatsyrproblem | April 20, 2009

Paranoid? No

Today has been interesting day, few people coming up to my car taking note of the number plate and walking away. A couple of them seemed rather heavy types. And also a few cars going past slowly looking at my place then returning and looking again.  When I went to the phone box to use the phone three different times, people came up and fiddled with the receiver and then walked away, so waited for them to leave.  A couple in particular paid far too much notice of the car and number plate, and as walked away as the saying goes  with “Looks could kill”.  They only came across the road to look and then went back around the corner, strange thing to do.   I have a dark colour car, no fucking bandaid on it, and they know what I mean by that.

Last night , or early hours of this morning, got  feedback voicetoskull “I made you into a pedophile, don’t ask me how I did it, I just did”.  Today got  voicetoskull “Laser party time”. The second lot of people at the phone had “party time” written on their tee shirt. So the little bitch, or slut, (as she likes to call me,) has her scum around.

Today I have a rash on my face, my eyes were swollen yesterday from the chemical attack the night before, which in a way I have captured on video, on you tube.

Seems each time I go out the front I get hit with something across my throat, and it really tastes like blood after wards.  I say to you if you have to make me into a pedophile to have me  lasered, etc, you gutless scared of the truth money hungry fuck, what goes around.  My identity has been stolen and my online identity also. And it would be the same person behind it. Being told now “I’m getting you  put away”.  Once more another draft saved at that sentence.  SO they are really having fun lately. 

Party time?  Really?  Another time over West down South, got “I’m going to laser you and feed you to the sharks.”

“So sorry cunt I told you they were my children”.  Yes she also likes to say how my car, home, art and everything else is hers. As for there “Don’t use other people”, I laugh at that one I really do, ” get things straight liar.  I HAVE  some of their vocal crap on tape.

As for not having Gangstalking murderers in Australia, what a crock.

She says “She’s paid to harass me”  And this morning “Your going to lose so much weight”. I have had gastric 3 days now from their chemicals. I put the camera up against the adjoining wall and taped for awhile, you can  see the purple and yellow which symbolises the use of microwaves.

“I’ll get her out for you mate”  and “Burn the bitch out of there”, these were said a couple of weeks ago.

The photos above are taken of my back yard, the one at night there was no other light whatsoever.

The last few days have been tasting blood a lot of the time.


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