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Gangstalking in Australia.

“Yeah your going to die you fucking bitch you took us on, the gangstalking trash.” Their feedback just now. Who in the hell wouldn’t take this kind of putrid bloody filth on?  Trash is right, and its not even garbage day.  How cheap you are. “Now get out”  they say. I say go and get, well I don’t  need to finish that off, it probably gets done at least a dozen times a day.  And don’t forget the bag. Doesn’t faggy waggy look after you properly.

For the last 3-4 days have been tasting blood so many times, have got some more photos of lasers in my home, one right through the loungeroom again, and not even through the window. How hi-tech are they?  The other morning was going to write my last will and testament, but one thing was too sick to after what they had done, and another they have taken everything I worked all my bloody life for. So just left a message on my camera.  They said to get the dog off the bed and just pass over. Earlier today I got told “Now come and grovel to me”. Grovel???  Go stick yourself up a pole. Rear end first please.

So to all Australians who get singled out for gangstalking, please retain the Aussie guts we have, and yes take the filth on as much as you can. They really shouldn’t be on the planet. Disgusting cowardly bastards who hide to do their filth. They also call themselves Neighbourhood Watch some of them, they get  innocent people killed.  Because they believe the filth that has been spread.  I always question gossip hearsay or anything else,  no MATTER WHO spreads it. I wrote away a couple of times to many other Australian victims of this by email, was incredibly suprised both times never got replies, suppose with gangstalking trash on your computer like they were on my phone, its not that suprising

when you think about it. I popped a couple of photos on one shows a laser going right through my loungeroom, the other I felt like I  was being cooked in my computer room. These are totally natural photos.  I  read awhile back that over in America it wasn’t worth targets going to the police and reporting this kind of thing, I really didn’t believe it and thought oh this is Australia, things would be different.  But its no different at all. If your a target of this filth its legal murder, no matter where you live in the world.  You will be treated like an imbecile. So for a bit of perspective, you are not paranoid idiots.

Another thing if you think someone is using chemicals into your home, more than bloody likely they are.  They know ALL the tricks to get someone classified what they bloody want and they get away with it. And they’ll be real close. Number one you’ll sure taste it after a little while, and then feel the bloody effects.

I said the other day “Have you finished”, and got back “No I haven’t dug your grave yet”.  Sick little bitch, you wouldn’t want to wake up next to that in the morning. Some of this stuff I have actually captured on video. And its on you tube. (pardar2x) Am editing this, about 15 mins ago half the power blew in here, since turning it back on the hissing has stopped. This happened once before at 5.50am one morning, it was unreal, it was normal, I could hear myself think for the first time in ages. Over the last few days the hissing and heat and V2K has been unreal, they said to me “You want voicetoskull, you bloody got it”. and it was on 24. 

Normal. Don’t expect it to last though, they’ll think of something else.



  1. There is plenty of gangstalking in the United States and plenty of cops and firemen to be doing the gangstalking, harassing people, lying, and they won’t enforce the laws and they just single out certain people and pick on them. Some free country we have. What a joke. We have never seen any rights or freedoms in all our lives here. There is no freedom or rights except for the chosen few. The rest of us have nothing. It is no picnic living here.

    • nobody likes a cowardly cunt , so give them a taste of their own shit and tell the bikies where they live ,,, im sure they will enjoy that KARMA

    • Hi. I spent n hour or so posting my story here yesterday and it’s not here now and I’m not doin it again. anyway. I’m in Perth and want to speak to other TI’. I also need someone that would be interested in helping someone out on ANZAC day 2018. If you have car and licence and would like to help contact me at

      • hello! im in Perth also, i would like to speak with others as well, this shit has ruined my life!! peace n love to all!! thanks!

  2. I really do not understand why they did that to you. In my case, I am a victim of robbing business by Satellite mind control and satellite microwave weapon. They tried to destroy me in life, community, family, relatives, my girlfriend and friends to certain with other people that they are right and no robbing. As the same you, they trapped me to the hospital for mental illness. So nobody will believe what we said. Do you believe that it exists world organized gang stalking? Read my blog.

  3. I put my front door key into the lock and it melted in the middle. I managed to twist it into shape agan right away so I still got in but I actually saw it warp. It was totally different than when a key breaks naturally. They have been in my flat again so I’m trying to stay calm and not get down at the moment. I put two videos on you tube. More for audio stuff really. They have speakers set up all around where I am living and sometimes play stuff from vehicles at me when I am on the move. It’s not that loud,just intimidation tactics.

  4. i have been gangstalked for the past 5 years has not stopped i have been poisioned by chemical spray cooked by energy weapons i live in tweeheads n.s.w i know the poilice are involved and neihbours as welll and all sorts of low lifes that live around tweed that have been told false bullshit lies about me

    • Hi I am replying to you as you live in NSW Australia there are several of us the same contact … or 0450 199866 as soon as you can….hope you are still on this site…..we need numbers to fight these inhumane evil doers….

      • I would like to know some information too. How many people you have? What can we do?

      • Hi. I have been gang stalked for 5 years and live in Canberra. I hate these sick people so much. I believe they spread lies about a person to justify their sick stalking. They don’t care that I’m a single mum with two kids dealing with this on my own and trying to remain strong for my children. I’m pretty much used to it to the point i don’t give a damn. I just see it as if they want to waste there life being a stupid little puppet then that’s sad for them, life is to short and they want to waste theirs being a loser and following me around very sad. But if you have any suggestions how to fight back or a support group I’m in. Let me know. You just have to be careful as sometimes these losers pose as victims according to the reasearch I’ve done on the net.

      • hi kylie.Im Frederick from Adelaide.I get stalked a lot too and like makes absolutely no sense as to why these people waste their lives harassing others rather than actually living their lives.It surprises me that with the preciousness of finding time to persue quality things in life,these people waste their lives with such life negating pursuits.They are like parasites who are so out of touch with themselves that they try suck the life force out of those who are.Unfortunately Im not in NSW thou we can still keep in touch and poole our resources and support eachother.My mobile.0413400122.Cheers.Frederick.

      • Pls help. My 3 yr old daughter and I are in QLD. They have tried to ram us off the road and we are followed at school, daycare…work…everywhere. My old friends have been told lies and believe them, so I am isolated from everyone. My ex is the perpetrator, as he worked in the government and is evil enough to do this sort of thing and I need to keep my daughter safe. Someone please help before she gets hurt…

      • time to expose the scum ,, this is gillards doings ,, I put adds on gumtree to inform the ppl whats going on ,, fuck off scum , get cancer and have a lingering painful death

      • expose the scum , write to current affair , put it on the notice board at your supermarket , any opportunity to expose these cunts do it , lets gang up on them

    • I hear you. Been gangstalked for past eight years in Victoria.

      • Im frederick from Adelaide.Multi harassed by childish human beings.If you believe your on this planet to learn,you may well come up with the conclusion that your one the few intelligent beings living on the planet.If you like,please contact me on 0413400122 or at Would be nice to have an intelligent conversation with someone.Cheers.Frederick.

      • Hey, are you still around – wanna get in touch?

      • Hi anonymus Victorian.I think there may be enough TIs in vic for you guys to create the first Australian support group.I live around the corner in Adelaide.However if a support group began in melb then I would certainly attend on occasion.Frederick.

      • Hey I’m from Vic too get in touch I can’t believe the lengths they go to hurt people on road etc drive no lights how come no one pulls them over on fwy there are web cams u can easy see what is going on around me for somehone monitorin to notice I don’t care no more I live my life to full and happy the follow and live there lives like scum they are to hurt people for no reason at all and kids on the way
        I suppose one day a person can only take so much b4 they see red and people really get hurt lots people and those in the know will have blood on there hands not any TI getting 24/7 heasfucks by scum fuckheads low life no life fucktards dogs sadist fucks
        Let’s get together let’s get awareness out raise funds get sponsors I’m sure I can get buisnesses to do so pay rewards witnesses I already actuall friends who are or were in on it till seen it’s me so plenty will come forward for little cash then hit courts and fight in court compensation victims of crime etc etc this is so not only illegal but unhuman a decent human wouldn’t treat an animal like so let alone these animals who I wonder if there families too got stalked perhaps they change there minds maybe if we together are loud enough we get attention and get lots of entrees to local electorate they have to act

      • U still in Vic? Wat area if so? Get back lov to catch up with anyone or everyone in Vic …. More the merry r … Sick of m fuking with me and my life my parents it’s affected since my seperstion . Mainly still haven’t seen my boys even court hearing I get letter of date after the court date. Fuck m there a days I petty there life petty fucks what boreing lives u have to follow someone or hang around we’re I want to be u are there as a bad smell u fucks so a bad smell ?? How is It liveing as a smell u fucks make me sick u judge u lie u manipulate u break families u harass u hurt people adults , children anything in ya sight and when a TI stays home for the day of two like vampire thirsty for blood u fucks petty ugly smelly fucks on ya own are the most gutless spineless not one has the courage to stand ground be proud face to face instead u get ya cameras and other smelly ugly lifeless scum to back u up cos ya nothing , Nothing yeah nothing but a stench in the air so fuck all u stalking cunts . Some days I petty some days i see my boys photos vas see red. One day one day like for no reason my boys don’t see there dad same same same yeah but too late . Fuck you all scum . You fuckers would’ve have half the heart a T I has so petty fucks I’m going ride my bike Tomoz and u fucks welcome to b my shadow Thanks scum

    • I am a victim of gangstalking and mind control electronic technologies.It first began 2years ago when i was living on the gold coast. I have no family, friends or support people and would like to start a group to expose this violation of human rights n support each other. If you are interested please dont hesitte to email me

      • Hi My name is Clint. I live in Banora Point just south of the gold coast. i have been a victim of electronic harassment/ torture for the past 14 months. im both sad and glad to see im not alone in this experience. it has destrayed my life and distanced me from my family and loved ones. 0468953380.

      • Hi Im Bere and live in brisbane constantly gang stalked when i leave the house. At home, they abuse me using voice to skull technology 24/7. I manage to listen to binaural beats to help me sleep but the rest of the time its constant voices in my head 24/7. Sometimes, they play skits outside my house like a group of people talking loud. This has been going on for the past few years more severely for the past year. I was admitted to Psych yard diagnosed for delusional and paranoia and was sent home after a week. Not many people believe this is happening to me so I don’t talk about it to family and friends. I think there should be an awareness for all targeted individuals at least because its the worst and most degrading crime a person goes through.

      • Hi Bere.Im Frederick from Adelaide.I don’t experience V2K, thou I do get harassed in other ways.Like you ,Idont discuss it with others.I deal with it in my own way,as best as I can.Please feel free to communicate if you like.Cheers.Frederick.

      • Hi Mandy,

        I’m Maddie from between Gold Coast and Brissy and I’m being police gang stalked big time. My 3 yr old and myself have been almost rammed off roadon several occassions, amongst other insane, psychotic, sinister things. My Mum is only now starting to believe what I say, although she wont admit it yet…but she’s the only one thus far. Someone sends messages and prank calls to friends and their families and messages on facebook, pretending to be me, making me look like a stalker. The sad thing is the sms’s are so believable because they type exactly like me but twist the truth to more sinister meanings. I truly want to expose these assholes and serve hard, cold justice to them. They are ruining innocent peoples lives! Mandy, if you’re still around, pls send me a msg on my mobile below. Let me know if you still use the same email address. And anyone else near or around Brisbane/Gold Coast who wants to talk, hit me up on 0431485695. It’s my old number that I still use from time to time. I’ve had to change phones/numbers several times because of these stalkers but I will get back to you! Thanks heaps. Pls be safe everyone. Stay positive – it drives them nuts. And purchase ear plugs 😉

      • Yes would like that have been stalked as well need advise


  5. i have not been able to get out bed for the last 3 days due to the attacks that have taken out on me vomitting blood ,horrific headaches,are just some of the things and now i have just found out that an anuisym the size of my fist has formed on my aorta all due from these attacts,these fucken low lifes need to be stopped before another life is taken. TWEEDHEADS

    • How are you now? I’m a victim of Gangstalking in Victoria

      • I’m in vic as well, I’m looking to get in touch-:)

      • I’m from Vic

      • It’s strange. My gangstalking also started in VIC but they followed me to QLD in no time, settting up “burglaries” and break ins in the houses surrounding my new one. As soon as I’d start work or studies, the Police would show up the following day and the staff would start acting as if they want me gone, even after hiring me on the first day because they were so amazed by my “work ethics.” I see Police everywhere I go. I have done no wrong by law. I could never hurt a fly. I know my ex is involved because he has family and friends in the Force and other Authoritative fields, plus he works for the government (1 in only 5 that do high profile tactical surevilance measures and “counter” terrorism”). Yep…this is ALL FOR REVENGE.

      • time to expose these scumbags ,, write letters to anyone who may be interested

  6. well what can you do ive been gangstalked for the last 10 years and leanrt to live with it.You get to learn there ticks first don,t eat with your bare hands also don,t eat or drink anything form your house and when you eat out change your eating places all the time, they will also poison any mediacation.once i went to the dentist and they put some poison in the filling i still have the affects of that.I have wonder why any human would do this, I don,t get angry with them i pity them for there lives they live.I have been told that if you don,t do what they say you will get cancer and have a short life this is murder.I believe this is about power and money they seem to target people that are charismatic and they use you for there dity work but you are disposable to them.Maybe if we all go to our member of paliament and let them now whats happen because this is a growing industry and where will it end,who will be next.

    • I can absolutely relate to what your saying. I too don’t eat food in my place because of the chance its been tampered with. I got vary ill three times from taking drink that I’d thought looked moved. I don’t take chances now.
      I also agree with you on medication having something in it. I nolonger take anything.
      I’m in Bendig o

      • Sorry accidently posted before finishing. I’m in Bendigo Victoria
        It’s comforting to know that there are others suffering the same. I too have learnt to live with it. I’ll check in to see if you got to read this. Would appreciate some interaction for support. Laurie

      • Hi Lawrie.Im Frederick from Adelaide.Been aware of being harassed for 2 years yet realize its been ongoing for many years.Anyway,I would suggest always eating fresh food if possible.Im happy to be contacted at if you want to chat at any time.cheers.Frederick.

    • Well, now I understand why my little girl and I have been sick since being here in QLD….and it started around the same time I first noticed signs of gangstalking up here (Gangstalking started in VIC, then they followed us to QLD). How can one be so cruel as to hurt a child? One time, I was having a coffee and lunch with my parents and daughter. We noticed 4 men (looked like Feds and not hard to spot) sitting right near us, staring at us. They had a package and inside was facial moisturiser and other facial things. I took a mental note of their moisturiser package because, well, it was the same as the one I had ordered and was waiting for online and…well… I felt that it was strange that a group of tough looking guys would be having a facial party in a public coffee shop. Needless to say, my package finally came when I arrived home. I chucked it out. At the coffee shop, my ex’s lawyer also called me. The group of men just stared and listen to my conversation the entire time. My Mother even said they may be lawyers aswell. I told her, “No, they’re far more sinister than that.”

  7. our goverment and Asio in Australia have got alot of answering to do over ttis life threating crime I thought if you murdered someone you went to jail this is what they these barstards do kill you slowly with direct energy weapons ,so tell me the law is fucked up .I know all this because i have been gangstalked for the past 7 years. I would like to get my hands on D.E.W and see how they like to be target these low life individals

    • I have been targeted 24/7 in Melbourne since 2009 no doubt these homicidal chosen maniacs thrive on jealousy; pedophillia motivates these scum to hurt a person in order to dabble in their perverse pleasure as a reward for harming an innocent person

    • Hi it’s Rob Victoria posted my situation few times . What is D.E.W and V2K pardon my ignorance I want to get as much info feedback from T’I’s like myself and the more often we share this stuff better for all us . We need to either do this in numbers together I mean fuck I’ve lost a lot because of these scum weak gutless fucks so got all the time to seek if not revenge but can not alone or even if I get numbers off people it’s not the sama as haveing numberes of TIs as we are a lot smarter and stronger to a point these scum coukdnt come close. Yes we get targeted for all sort reasons but more do because of the way we think and our ways of dealing with such torture no other can even comprehend . So together not on forums but together put our minds and info share we I’m sure can make these scum scared so scared before we even start to act on out plans. They would do everything from stopping a meet up of TI,s and do all they can because of what I just said they know already how our minds work and how mentally strong and smart we are in our own ways despite what sometimes one feels after constant fucking with our heads. So it’s pretty clear to me either live like we are till we die or hopefully if nothing’s done done of them scum will die before I do but we can change things nothing to lose only to gain for our selfs first and then for the greater decent human who is next or just like me up till now don’t realise the magnitudes and that it had a forum even then even now I’m not sure if real and second guess myself

    • time to expose these creeps , write letters to anyone who may be interested

  8. I’m a victim too for a few weeks. My understanding is that the victim’s enemy (the person who feels the threaten from the victim) pays the gang stalkers, these people are a large group! What I don’t understand is, how much are they getting paid to do this for years? or even weeks?

  9. I’m an Australian victim for over 5 years. The stalking is unreal and when I . The worst is the noise at home – I have moved, and each time they manage to find a way to intimidate with noise – upstairs, downstairs in the communal toilet (negative high pitched conversations to make a victim think they are hearing voices and the electronic in the ears, i thnk i have tinitis) Would like to sue so have started taking photos and evidence. There is more but …. victims need a support group.

    • I’m not subject yet to electronic devices or probably I don’t know.
      However yes, a support group is needed. If we gather resources we can prove incidents with collective networking and counterintelligence.
      It’s been about 7 years for me until now it was stalking now it’s social sabotage since about 4 now. Have confronted new friends who actually acted as plants…
      There are different methods and level of gang stalk. For some it’s the result of another individual vendetta for others it could be more serious as in intelligence service or could lead to another during sabotage and set up.
      We need to get together in VIC for me.

      • hi HP.Im Frederick from Adelaide.Im seeking to encourage you and Anonymous to initiate a grass roots support group in Vic.I don’t mean internet alone.I believe we need to meet in person and share information in the now moment.It would be very healing for all TIs in aust to be able to discuss info and share our experiences with those who listen and understand.I would certainly attend when possible.Cheers.Frederick.

  10. Contact John Finch in Melbourne…
    There are dozens of us… contact get support thousands of targets everywhere in the world…google the above until you find him….

    • hi just was scrolling though as i have been similar at some stages in life tho intreiged as i know finchy but had no idea he had a problem with it tho it doesnt surprise me he is a sociapath who has done horrible thjings to people the sort of person this shit should be for dont call him its not help

  11. I am an australian who is a TI for approx 2 years now and understand exactly what you are going threw.I think its pathetic the police dont look into this inhumane organised criminal activity which violates human rights in all aspects..its almost like they know but keep it on the hush n make us feel “insane” and “paranoid”! As for the people behind it can rot in hell forever..i rekon if the tables were turned they wouldnt last a week..anyhow I have lost my family and friends and basically contact with society as an outcome and would like to start a group for TI (targeted individuals) so we can stick together support each other and hopefully one day expose the truth.

    • Hi Amanda.Im from Adelaide and am multi gangstalked.These people are highly imbalanced human beings and no doubt brainwashed into believing they are doing the right thing;despite the fact that its illegal,immoral and totally bizzaire behaviour.I believe 2014 will bring some relief for gang stalked

    • Hey mate r u still around?

    • write letters to current affair , put up posts at your local supermarket ,,, time for payback ,, im contacting everyone

  12. Lets start a rebellion email me

  13. stuart Crawford from tweed heads police is a gang stalking freemason he hands out direct energy weapons to neighbours like they are lollies

    • Hi, i live in banora point and i have been electronically harassed/tortured for the past 14 mths. 0468953380

      • Hi clint.My name is Frederick and I live in Adelaide.Like you,I also receive electronic harassment.I also get stalked by a large group of people.I only became aware of it early last year,however I now realise its been going on many years.I like your idea of having a support group here in Australia.Please tell me a little about yourself and your experiences.cheers.Frederick.

    • No doubt got an 70 year old witch that participates jealousy of me I am pretty and young motivates this ugly old bitch to do more hits

      • expose this cancerous old slag ,,, write letters and expose these cunts, time the public knew about them so they can hate them too

  14. My experience started with insults directed at me from what i thought was my neighbour, i approached them and asked what was going on and was told it wasnt them and they ment me no malice.
    Then when in bed at nite i could hear people talking about my actions, i thought i had a peeping tom group. I installed infrared cameras around my house in an attempt to identify the perps. i saw nothing but these voices continued to pervade my entire waking life.
    One night i had death metal music playing at me, i asked if it was annoying my girlfriend and she said she could hear nothing. shortly after this my neighbours father arrived home and i heard his voice say turn that shit off, then an argument and the music turned off. on another nite when i was home alone i had tecno music, when i moved around my property it would come from one direction then another i started to think all my neighbours where doing this now.
    i could hear parts of the conversations about me along with the abusive talk from what seemed a young male. he at times had others with him, one or two females, an older male with a similar tone to his and another male who seemed much calmer.
    when in bed with my eyes closed or in darkness i would have what i describe as dark waves roll in front of my eyes, like the white wash on the sea shore when small waves are coming up the beach. then instead of long rolling ones they would be like ripples in reverse terminating in the center of my vision.
    Then the headaches started. in the beginning it was like a hand was cupping the lower back of my skull, then the pressure would increase untill i found the constant pain unbearable. if i moved my head it would ease but would come back within seconds. I started taking large amounts of pain killers but there affect wouldnt last long.
    i was sure this was being done with some sort of emf so i started searching the net for ways to block them. i made what i called a space helmet made with silverfoil tape and canvas. it had aluminium mesh in it so i could breath it and i earthed it as well. it seemed to reduce the pain a little.
    i heard the voices say im trying to block the microwaves to each other so then i started researching microwaves.
    i found lots of stuff on the net that i thought was farfetched if not just plane crazy.
    i started patroling my yard at night to try catching someone just beyond the fenceline, i never found anything but was becoming increasingly angry.
    i started snapping at my girl untill she decided to leave me, we had been togeather for almost ten years. none of my family beleived me.
    the separation with my lady started with her buying a new house and me helping her renovate it, i would spend some nites sleeping in truckstops in the back of my ute under a tarp to avoid the pain i was experienceing at home. then i started getting the same in the truck. they would try to scare me into reacting in a way which would get me in trouble. they succeded and i spent a month in the mental ward of the local hospital under lock and key, plus a lot of sedatives and anti-phychotic medication.
    i purchased a qwave personal defender of the internet and found if i slept with it against my skull in the right position it would block the pain by about 80%. this device has saved my life and alowed me to regain some of my sanity.
    i started looking on youtube for helpfull ideas and come accross the john hall interviews. i have gotten my family to listen to theis stuff and now they beleive me. my girlfriend also now beleives but cannot handle my anger even though i try not to aim it at her. we have fully separted now. we finally broke it of last nite. probably for the best because i know seeing me like this breaks her heart which then breaks mine and makes me even angrier.
    i have experienced, voice to skull, beam weapons, remote brain monitoring, implanted thoughts, sub-vocal speech reading, draem implanting and manipulation and also simulated physical responses to emotional triggers.
    Banora Point NSW
    0468 953 380

    • please anyone in the southern gold coast area with similar experiences please contact me as i would like to hear from you and possibly meet. my mob no 0468 953 380 Clint

      • time to expose these dogs ,, write letters to current affair etc

    • also the V2K happens everywhere. even in places that have no mobile coverage on any networks.
      Most of the discoveries i have found where found because i over heard the conversations of the perps on the other end of the V2K. One nite i heard them discussing something i was thinking about then i realised that my brains electrical signals are being observed and used to create visual and audio simulations or models for the perps to see. some very impressive tech. in fact reality shattering for most including me. these people really dont like me very much and a support network with peers would be fantastic. i find it very hard to trust people anymore. Even though my immediate family are believers i dont think they fully grasp what this experience has done to my inner being.

    • Hi clint.thanks for sharing your story with me.Mine is a little different thou essentially the same.I receive heaps of noise harassment from a variety of sources,plus electronic harassment ,most of which ive acquired an immunity to thro years of meditation and raising my consciousness.I also receive directed energy weapons from aircraft,something I never would have believed if I didn’t experience it for myself.I don’t experience much v2k.When I complained to the police,they tried set me up as a mental patient.However Im able to remain quite balanced within my harassment so it didn’t work.Im happy to keep in touch so we can support eachother and share info.Cheers.Frederick.

  15. […] […]

  16. Hi again. i showed this radio interview to my family and they now believe me
    as best as i could expect anyways. hope this info is helpfull for other ti’s.
    im guessing most of you would have already heard it .

    • Organized Stalking / Gang Stalking in Chennai, India, starts as Cyberstalking.
      The video link above is not working, in fact none of the videos in this blog are working, don’t know if it is a technological glitch or something else.
      Dr John Hall’s (a physician TI in San Antonio, Texas) Book ” The New Breed ; Satellite Terrorism in America’ is a good way to explain Gang Stalking to your family.
      Please visit my YouTube Channel ‘OrganizedStalking ChennaiCity’ to see Dr John Hall’s interviews (16 interviews) in the PLAYLISTS Sections.
      I have given the link below

      Organized Stalking ChennaiCity

  17. Hi good people.
    These people who waste their lives doing this are just sad sad lonely losers and they don’t fit it the real world so this is there way of feeling important and fitting in. Knowing that I’m better than they are ,and they have to spread lies to get people in their groups makes me feel in power, know your stronger than them ,they have to get losers in groups to target an individual so who’s the stronger one YOU.Be happy and live your lives,they only win if you let them stop you being happy. your the one with the power and are important. See-it as every time you go out to do your shopping etc they have to stop what there doing to follow you so think of it that way. So that being said they have to waste their sorry sad lonely lives to put there time and energy to follow so that makes you have the power. You can buy mini cams to clip on your key chain to record what they do. Take their photo and of licence plates and show others what they do. Make up flyers and cards and print articles from the net about this sick crime and let people know what they do. Hand them out to people put in people’s mail boxes slip them under people’s doors so they can’t re-collect them, that is not a crime. Let as many people no this way. Make sure you put attention to all residents and a warning this is happening in Australia and in our neighbourhood. Then attach gang stalking australia articles about this and print as many as you can and start delivering. it’s not a crime to do this just don’t name persons envoled in this unless you have evidence or you may get in trouble.
    Stay strong and be happy, don’t let them get to you, that pisses them off. (Let them be a slave to you) that’s all they are , you must be important that they have to follow us around , that’s the way I look at it. Let them be your slave they have to stop what their doing and lives their lives around us normal people, so who has the power? You do not them. Make them be your slaves to follow you and waste their sad pathetic lonely lives on following you.
    And adopt the idea who cares what people think of you, specially if it’s basesd on lies. (I’m not in this world to impress you and yor not in this world to impress me) here is some advice besides flyers or leaflets, get some shirts made up with anti stalking australia on them with a website on it for people to see and research. Now they won’t like that. Be more open mined on how you can fight back.

    • Hi it’s Rob September 2015
      I couldn’t agree more with your post . Well said and each TI should read and really take into consideration of your blog and act in the very ways you have outlined . Your a very smart good minded human unlike the. Dumb. Stupid sellfish scum who are our ” slaves” so to to TI’s enjoy life in full and when you go out and I make every effort as much as I can leave home daily atleast 2/3 times a day and when I do I say to them scum let’s go off we go u jelliouse fucks let’s go for a drive it’s a nice day let’s go shopping and you pathetic fucks drop all you are doing and see how a reall person lives life watch me buy everything you can only dream off and I know when u all follow u hate me liveing mylife and you poor souls of fucked up people if can call you that have really pathetic low evil problems that only other fucked up sick minded others can know about so you all live a pathetic jelliouse scummy life wok probly all involve sick things like insest own blood rooting ugly fucks
      TIs be happy let them see it imagine instead of seeing us hurt for there pleasure they see us happy for the pain . Be happy let there pain kill themselves or one another. To the scum just for a minute if u can imagine that If I too start to fuck with your children just like you have fucked with me and mine!

      • This is Gold. I’ve been starting to think this way recently. I enjoy playing games with them and wasting their time. lol

      • Oh. and yes. They employ a lot of dumb junkies and scum like that too. They truly are real losers in life.

  18. If you believe in God as I do, although I don’t go to church as personally I don’t agree with organised religion,watch these littles maggots scream and cry when they end up in hell, see how funny they think they are then, see how tough they are then. Have faith in God, I know some people must think how does he let this happen, my answer is the world is like a game of chess and this is how he observes who does what with what their giving and sorts out the evil from good and eventually checkmate. There will be karma.
    Hugs and peace to the good people in the world.
    Stay strong.

  19. In God we Trust.
    “.. and the people armed in cause of liberty cannot be defeated by any force that human can send against us… beside we will not fight our battle alone.. there is a just God.. who will raise our friends…to fight our battle for the just cause”
    Thank you Edward Snowden.

    • Thankyou. And to any stalkers out there who have way to much time on their hands and read these, just know your a bunch of low lives and losers I laugh at you because your just weak and very stupid no wonder you got picked to take part because of just that weak and stupid, weak as in it takes a bunch cowards to try and intimidate one individual at a time wow who’s the loser including stalking women and children very sick weak what a bunch of powerless losers, if you think you have power why do you need many other losers to participate against an individual ???. Sorry just being honest, something people like you don’t understand. Your day will come in a big fat law suit or in some other way. As this is coming out a lot now and more and more people are hearing and knowing of this crap and don’t be surprised when something or karma bites you in the a##.

  20. In 2012 my 3 c

  21. This is an example of how decrepid and morally bankrupt the gangstalkers of Adelaide are.I went to a funeral on 3 july for a very well respected ,retired medical practitioner in my city who,inter alia,delivered over 2000 babies in his career.As soon as I parked my car,A man starts up a chainsaw in his front yard whilst another starts hosing off his car with loud pressurised water.Nothing unusual in my experience.Now in the funeral,as the service commences,a group of men are working on an electronic/mechanical scaffold across the road.They start their reverse siren,which is so loud that I find it difficult to follow the eulogy at times.This sound continues ,on and off,all thro the service.The siren beeps up to 20 times on a couple of occasions.When I look across the road,Im unable to see any significant movement of their machine.Besides this,Vehicles hoon past quite loudly and a truck rattles its trailer so loudly that a few people turn to look towards the noise,which sounded as if the truck were about to crash.As I leave the service,the siren is going again and continues till I get in my car.A small aircraft hovers overhead ,very low ,and passes making a loud sound,as if it wewe pushing soundwaves downwards.A few seconds later and I feel a pain deep in my forehead.Nothing unusual in my experience:simply a covert attack with an electronic weapon[I believe] Well…….what can I say? Just another normal day in my gangstalked life in this peacefull city of churches and coverups.

  22. the more time this goes on for me the more i realise that when this tech goes public the litigation lawyers are going to become wealthy people.
    i think the best we can do as victims is to not react out and document our experieinces.
    i know all to well not reacting is a hard task but if we can remind ourselves that the reaction is what they want and try to stay strong within ourselves one day if we survive long enough these criminals will be prossecuted for their crimes.
    they are criminals and their acts of torture, mental and physical will one day be expossed and seen as the true crime which will be our salvation.
    im positive one day within the coming years this tech will go mainstream, with so many victims and whistelblowers now it must only be a matter of time before the criminal charges will be flowing in the perps directions.
    these people have no respect for the law or common desentcy and their actions will lead to their downfall.
    we must make our family and friends aware of these crimes and the torture we are suffering from.
    there are heaps of reliable stories and interviews with people of repute on youtube, i advise trying to get your people to view these with you. most people are to scared to accept a lot of what is out there but baby steps will make them more aware of these true crimes against humanity.
    and with their acceptance of our experiences you support network will be rebuilt along with our sanity.
    i say dont look to the skies for answers see the level of tech used against us as the ultimate tool for the downfall of the criminal perps. these tools are weapons and it is inhuman people who wield them against us.

  23. very good information.

  24. Hello everyone. It’s been awhile since my last post as I’m a single mum with two kids and very busy. Still in Canberra and still been followed by these low lives. Just know they are weak social rejects and they think there so gangster in there cars so tuff when there in car, but not not to tuff to say something to my face. Wow! What are waste of a life being somebody’s butt whole. I do however know who started my stalking all because I didn’t want to socialise with these sick individuals. Andrew who now in Canberra jail for being a drug dealer and his son Danny klobucar for murdering a old man over drugs so I’m told and is on the internet just google. And these are the very people who go around making out their good people of the communities, wolves in sheeps clothing! and they tell lies to people that your some horrible person wow the nerve. Personally I have never done anything wrong or against somebody or against the law, my only crime is a parking fine or a speeding ticket. I’ve always try to help people in need and this is what happens. These people are just pathetic scum and very cunning. Just put flyers out there and tell people, the more people are aware someone will have to be bought forward to be held responceable and bought to justice.
    Stay true to yourselfs and live your life don’t left them get to you, I’m so used of it that it makes me laugh. I know who I am and my family and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

    • Hello Anonymous Canberian TI.Nice to hear from you and to know your doing we ll.I also get the gangster types in their loud and aggressive vehicles.Some look at me or make hand signals,thou they never say a word.They constantly drive past me with their lights on during the day.I live in Adelaide and when I visited Melb I experienced the same.Strange yet true.I often wonder what other people think when my stalkers blatantly do their stalking.I feel like many people know whats going on ,and I wonder what they must think when the Govt talks about stopping home grown terrorism and give our intelligence agencys more power over our privacy,yet they allow good citizens to be terrorized by criminally minded people.Basically lies and corruption right in the faces of a ,perhaps,not so gullible population.Anyway ,I trust your young ones are doing well and their certainly fortunate to have an obviously loving mother to care for them.Go well and blog again soon.Cheers.Frederick from Adelaide.


  26. hello to everyone who are getting gang stalked be strong and don’t let these low lives win . I have now been attacked for over 8 years but have learnt to deal it , just be strong because the table will turn . Tweed Heads

  27. I have been stalked for 15yrs. I have no one that believes me and everyone (so called friends) are perps. It would be nice to have a real friend. It’s been so long. They always get turned against me. I was poisoned today and thought today might be my last as I was so out of it. It sux that I can’t even have a cup of coffee that hasn’t been *ucked with. I would love to join a support group to share experiences as well as keep each other strong. I agree that these no lifers would be lost without me to harass. If pPl are trying to bring u down, it’s because your above them. I look forward to catching up with you all.hopfully in person. Peace love and light everyone

    • Hi Kim.Im Frederick from Adelaide.I invite you to contact me at my email address…………..It would be my honour to embrace you as a friend and support eachother thro the difficult times.I look forewards to hearing from you.In peace and love.Frederick.

    • Hello Kim,
      Just found this website and read your story. We have sent a comment through, at the end of this blog 30/4/2015, and hope we can establish a link with yourself. Girl, you are NOT alone. Its encouraging to see that our family are not the only ones subjected to this utter misery. And we believe that what comes round goes round. We have recently seen this. The perps use their vehicles as weapons and we noticed in one week alone, three of them were involved in a stack! So at least they are off the road for now. But we need to remain strong and know we have done no wrong. Although we go to bed with a clear conscious we are equally troubled what it is doing to our children….. But anyway, please contact us on Look forward to hearing from you!

    • im in Adelaide too , ive been stalked for 8 years now ,,, time to expose them on tv through current affair etc,,, fuck off cancerous dogs and eat pigs shit

  28. I was bullied and harassed in Australia for total of like 6 years by ASIO. The stalking began when i wrote anti-war comments and i believed that Australia shouldn’t be involved in Iraq war.I was married and had a child. The stalking picked up when i lost my last job because of continuous harassment at work and i faced work place bullying which was totally senseless but mostly it involved someone saying to security there “he is a bad guy”.After i lost that job i used to work in another job but every second day someone will puncture my car tyres,break mirrors and damage my car so much that it ultimately became scrap.I was amazed why would anyone damage my car? Car was very much needed for my job so i lost that job in meantime i had a child to feed but these spooks didn’t care at all. I started driving a cab in Sydney for a living. I soon realized a very systematic approach of these spooks and i discussed with other cab driver who clearly knew this happens. Let me introduce a system of work place bullying in Australia where spooks run a psychological mind torture games on Aussie cabbies especially if you come from Muslim background:

    The system consists of hundred of people who travel with cabbies asking questions about personal life. For me it was always the topic “war on Iraq”
    and every time i repeated “where are wmds” these spooks went angry and mad. Every 3 rd passenger i picked up was interested in one topic “war on terror”.When i asked other cabbies they said they met once in every 2 week,s for me it was 1-3 every day.I always kept focus on its a co incidence. They slowly realized i wont change my anti-war views.In meantime , they were busy breaking into my house and damaging stuff. They spread rumors about me.They bought my friends against me. My wife thought i am crazy and kidnapped my son and went into another country. The spooks then every discussed war on terror with asking “are you married?” ” you have a child” “your child has been kidnapped” while laughing. Since i had no other option, i continued job and everyday saw this torture. I tried to reach the AGE newspapers, the reporters told me “they are helpless”.Then stalking got real worst and angry ,they almost punched me in my cab. they continuously harassed me asking about my son and if i regret “where are wmds?”Then they start punching my car tyres and blowing up circuits.They would send gays and transsexuals to offer free sex. At end days, one of them laughed and said “Can kill you the way we like because we are above the law we are the God” Then i got a job at KFC again my co workers were interested in WMDs and if i have son? and how my partner kidnapped it? Mind you when my son was kidnapped Aussie police told me “since i am not Aussie citizen, i am not entitled to equal protection of law”.I went to police and police said “you are insane or is it that you have terrorist activity in mind?” These spooks own the police,medical everything,I was followed everywhere and iphone turned on remotely.They hated when i walked outside home without phone. They used to turn on my laptop from turn off state.It was clearly water boarding but who will hold the guilty accountable?Just because someone opposes a war means he should be treated like a criminal? If i was a terrorists why i didn’t hurt the country i lived for 6 years which clearly some psycho freaks are controlling these programs and have no interest in doing the right thing.

    I ultimately left Australia but moments i was leaving a police officers walked me at airport laughing and saying “wmds”.I never came back to Australia.Australia is a kidnapper of my son, destruction of my life and i know now press will never dare help me because torturers runs the country.Hilter used to prosecute Jews how is this different to what Hilter did to Jews? Was i a Jew in Hilter country when i was in Australia?

    • Im so sorry that my country treated you so appaulingly.Unfortunately it does the same to me and I have no home country to return to.Thank you for sharing your story.

      • The question asked everyday at job(especially when i drove cab) as part of work bullying program always follow the same pattern and sequence.If any of you face that, try to avoid answering the moment you do these psycho freaks pressure you “i am just asking” and repeating they are curious. How ASIO is punishing minorities and ordinary Aussies is literally insane and psycho but i know no one in press can dare talk about this torture.Their famous war on terror interviews at workplaces always use following question.The first question is
        “you look arab?”
        then the drill start
        what do you think of war on terror?
        was it right?
        iraq was liberated?
        afghanistan did 9/11?
        why you say 9/11 is inside job?
        do you like osama bin ladin?
        are you related to bin ladin?
        do you hate australia?
        do you love australia?
        islam teaches voilence?
        what do you think of snowden?
        did snowden do leaks to help russia?
        is snowden russian spy?
        do you think 80% of comments online are made by government trolls?
        are you married?
        did you partner kidnap your son?
        do you love your son?
        did aussie courts try to help you?
        when i told them the working of duty court lawyer was delayed to help her kidnap child, they always laughed.
        they then said when is your day in court?
        then commented money is the God in Australia.
        it must be hard missing you son while laughing.
        did you do your son dna test?
        do you think aussie press cares about right things?
        do you like gays?
        i am a gay myself, i will pay you $300 if you give me a BJ.
        do you think gays do not deserve same rights?
        why australia opposes gay marriages?
        should the PM allow gay marriages?
        why PM does not allow gay marriages?
        I get paid $45 an hour for sitting and asking question, and how much you make?
        then making threats to kill you.

        when you reach home
        someone has already broken into your house and damaged the property.
        your windows has mirrors broken.
        your identity documents are missing
        your laptop which you left turned off is turned off with a changed wall paper.
        they hated when i turned off iphone and would remotely turn it on so they have location service.

        This is Australia.
        In the name of national security government ruin and destroy people lives.
        Press care? nope
        judges care? you wont make it to court.
        police care? nope they are part of this.
        who is doing this ? your government.

  29. Let me remind everyone even if they Australia there are very few countries where they don’t have reach. All of Europe,USA are in their control.South America is relatively safe such as Ecuador,Argentina,Brazil.India has gang stalking operations too now.You can get Ecuador residency for 25,000$ as investor visa.If someone is really fed up and wants to leave,please look at that option.You can’t fight psychos who derive fun in torturing you.Better get out or they will drive you to your suicide.Stay away from all electronic gadgets at all times.The press,police,courts everyone is involved so don’t waste time with them.Also, they make use of spiritual attacks which many here as energy weapons. So do look into that.These people are evil and they don’t mind taking help of satan to torture you.Their objective is make you sounds insane and psycho but in reality they them self are psychos.

    Let us not forget many people left USA and went to other countries seeking asylum based on gang stalking by government. Yes, many of those are citizens of those countries.You can always use that option. If many of us do that, our government will be embarrassed and might have to stop.Take the next flight to another country and apply for asylum based on “gang stalking”.

    • Hey man, I need to contact you.


  30. Hi I just read the first paragraph and I would love to talk to you. I’m on the Gold Coast and have had a gang stalking me after the unit I moved into was bugged with cameras that were meant to be for females. I have had near heart attacks, taste of blood and comments on check your mums bum out, I’ll kill you if u go to police. Please email me, I am on your side Perry, gold coast

    • hi perry.Im Frederick from Adelaide.Saw your post on GS in Aust site.Happy for you to contact me if you want to communicate.

    • My contact.

    • hi Perry. ive also had some experiences with this and I live on the tweed. my email is if you would like to contact me.

      • Hi I didn’t realise how common this is its been happening to me for a very long time I have had to move alot because of it but it eventually catches up again I feel like killing myself sometimes just so it will stop but I wldnt do that that is just how bad this gang stalking makes me feel sometimes.

    • Perry how did you go with this? Ive been getting gangstalked by QPS its horrifying

  31. Hi, please check counterintelligence measure or police corruption for when there is no evidence. Community mobing organised by your …….

    • Check also counterintelligence method and how to discredit targets.

  32. Gang stalking debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. What we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient energy lifeform that lives in us and everything else. Some refer to this energy being as God.

    Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked.

    We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us which is causing the strange sensations going on in our bodies. We are being upgraded.

    Directed energy weapons are not being used against us rather it’s an energy being that is trying to reveal itself in us and is trying to communicate with us.

    We are all connected in a divine matrix via quantum/mental entanglement.

    I’ve been asked to teach the planet. I have an abundance of info and documentation, photos etc that are being prepared for release soon.

    Here is a rough idea of what is actually going on at

    Thomas Hunt

    • bulldust. god has nothing to do with it . its the Hells Angels and Queensland Police that are stalking me and taking away my property and my liberties.

  33. To all Targeted Individuals in Australia,

    If you are still being stalked and terrorised, we would like to establish communication with you. Its all great to get the truth out about this evil and insidious phenomena on social media, but we need to also get it out on television. We can only achieve this in numbers like our gutless perps, only we are not the cowards, like them. We can only achieve this through strength in numbers and put an end to this senseless act of terrorism on innocent Australians.

    You are not alone as we too are suffering through this 24/7. We want to reclaim our lives back and we need to fight back.

    Contact us on:

    • Yes I agree before it gets worse and my brain gets More tired and fucked with

  34. Hey there, I also have been a TI for 7 years in Victoria after a run in with a corrupt cop who said he was going to make my life hard. I believe that they want us to believe that electronic devices, TV’s and radios have an influence on the volume level when we hear it. I think this is there way of controlling us to stay away from computers and technology, I also believe that they increase the volume when they try to control our behaviour. I have tested this and caught them out several times, there’s too many inconsistence’s in the volume level doing the same activities. Most of the time it’s an automatic response playing back depending on your activity. After a while you will notice when you start to annualize what you hear certain thoughts will get the same responses, usually recordings, not some one manually listening and responding with responses. It’s impossible for so many people hearing voices for 7 years day and night for it not to be automated. If someone is listening it would be only for a few hours a day and reprograming or dialog change happens about once a week. I found that if they turn the volume up your doing something there trying to control, if it’s an activity in your house, no matter how much it hurts I do it twice as much. Most important they want you to be locked up, end up with a mental disorder or become reliant on alcohol or drugs or even commit suicide. Also there is a pattern as a lot of TI’s believe it’s there neighbour’s or the voices are near there place, most of the case this is not true, conflict is there goal.
    My advise is if it’s possible find somewhere to live with family or sell your assets move to a town where you can afford to buy a house cheap, sign on the dole and get a free ride from the government with free health care and spend your time doing hobbies. I live dept free and having the government pay for what’s happening to me. I sleep in every morning and work out how to get most things free. I make my life as easy as I can doing the things I love and don’t miss out on anything. Most important don’t break the law, don’t retaliate, spending money on finding out who they are or devices seems like a waist of money.

    • Its good to see a TI with such a positive attitude and strong determination.Your Brother TI across the border salutes you.Keep up the good work and get maximum enjoyment out of life.As they say,follow your bliss.Cheers.Frederick.

    • how are you going with this? We are also targeted by corrupt Police.

  35. If there was more than one agency or gang stalker targeting TI’s, with people like us talking to each other and them knowing our thoughts, why hasn’t anyone been targeted by another individuals attacker. I have never heard of anyone being targeted by 2 or more attackers. Is it possible or is it one big secret organization? Love to hear peoples thoughts.

    • We have Queensland Police Service and Hells Angels and the Rebels at bare minimum working to put us in prison and in the crazy farm with of course my ex husband. I made a comment as to how it was confounding in 1996 when I was in my early 20s the son of the number one police officer was dealing all the best drugs… my ex got wind of this then they decided to dismantle my life this all despite ‘the war on drugs’ what a load of crap. Ive tried calling Policelink and crimestoppers and theyve taken property and vehicles away. they have made 3 false statements against my partner to put him in jail and no doubt enable them to purchase more property. It makes me feel violently ill we have had 10’s to 100s stalking us initially.

  36. I am looking to network promote change and poor bastards of the street who have been doped and cant get educated because they are suppress.
    Also I see a common process of these people following Nichole machavelie art of war, and people who are passionately materialistic, hate animal abuse and cruelty. I have been forced out of my share house the students were putting GHB in my food.

  37. What I meen above is that the perps are thieves and they persecute people who are non Machiavellian modernists who hate animal cruilty.

    The generation that this has started happening in were unaware of the programs which is why it has currently escalated because more childeran were tuaght platos cave and postmodernism

  38. im from melbourne and am getting gangstalked in massive numbers ever since i tried to take them on after knowing from what cars they drive and there rented houses they share with a light on all night to indicate to others its one of theres also they get mad when i go past there Hq’s were they fit there cars with serveilance devices and headlights to go on from one light not working to all sudden infront of mr make them work.they try run me off the road so i done same i got nothing to lose and as individuals they are the fucking biggest pussies guttless fucks who are scared, i got seperated and lies about drug use and being violent at home was given to family court with me not seeing my children no more as they tampered with mu urine second time i got dad to do urine in jar for me and still failed so i never seen my kids since and my lawyers took $33,000 for doing nothing corrupt with the police spreadeing rumors im some dealer to neighbors so my every move my whole street are in on me and constantly when i drive a police car is around me but wont pull me over even wen im driveing mad as hell trying to run these maggots of the road, ambulance are always putting there sirens on infront of me then turn off same fire brigade,sleep deprevation by my neighbors is constant also thrown me in mental hospital twice cos i had footage of them changeing there number plates in a supermarket car park but police said that is not breakeing the law im on ice and need a break phsychotic ellusions and stuck needles in me for pshychotic people which i stopped going
    ive lost my boys as i cant see them got seperated lost everything i cant even work as im too tired from no sleep so im gonna hurt these mother fuckers or atleast some of them gonna pay the price when im done with the scum before they kill me. i cant win this battle but i will torture and or kill or seriously hurt or slowly torture some of these scum as they have to me
    please i got there places of depots and houses and private investigators place of residence and if i get help i will happily play some serious fucking games with these mother fuckers sorry about the language im fed up ready to hurt the scum
    i got a new girlfriend but like she knows too much about me i get paranoid shes in on it so i cant even have a proper relationship
    on 18 th september 2015 i write this and my email is please get back if your keen on getting these scum back and when we really hurt these scum maybe just maybe we will be heard

    • Hi Rob.If you are a genuine TI then I totally understand your predicament and I VERY STRONGLY ADVISE you PLEASE DO NOT RETALIATE.Do not get violent with them or seek revenge for this will only make the situation worse.Collect your evidence and store it in a safe place .Make it clear and logical.Given to the right people at the right time it will be very valuable.In the meantime,if you can,connect with groups of people that you share common interests with.Meet Up groups constantly promote their gatherings on the internet.Social groups can create a feeling of belonging which,is very helpful to TIs.It helps restore balance in an otherwise stressfull life.Meditation and Yoga can help you tap into an inner strength which can also be very helpful.Please give these things serious consideration for they may help you deal with your circumstances a lot better than you may think.In Peace.Frederick.

      • how am i suppose to go to meet up groups when ive lost all trust in everyone unfortunately as isnt fair but when ever single person in your life has turned or are sly give ups i cant tell whos on my side other than im on my own and have been and only recent my parents believe what they too see now and friends who were lied to now turned there backs by informeing me and seen it wasnt fair to put one through misery constant pain so now with evidence already sitting with more than 7 others 3 lawyers and 1 doctor 3 friens or family all in check not made out like crazy like they did to me. i couldnt even get my evidence out because they had everyone talked to who i knew or went too but through others who come to me who worked as gangstalkers against me got it safely to lawyers waiting on further instructions if not by me by 3 others who can do so to. dont get violent you say but to harm me in ways i wouldnt wish upon my worse enemy on top there biggest mistake harm and fuck with my innocent children they fucked with the wrong fucking thing i felt like giveing up dieing and almost did a few times as well as put through things an army soldier couldnt handle then play life threateing ways so one has accident or ends his life for what for what fucking thing can any person do to deserve the unlawfull corrupt evil greedy sellfish self centred guttless un human acts and think they are better than i how can one even live to do what they are , do they think as a whole they can like weak fucking individuals hurt and hurt so one dies that all there targets will give uo or they will win every time what kind of arrogance must one have to underestimate the enemy is the one mistake needed but the biggest one of all as i got nothing more to lose infact i am more resiliant more strong more smart more heart more of a reason to fuck atleast the ones who dare cross my path and confront me again but weak scum are to scared to show there face and say who they are
        i will be happy to in the end die but doing so bring to the attention to all the public see themselves finally the other sidesv story for ua all who have suffered still suffer or lost everthying or died already to us all if i can help others and put an end or atleast a grip as to who they use to hurt us when its they who are the reall criminals hurting innocent lives and police and goverment i to for help but only to find out its those who is reason i dont see my boys no more
        how can you ever win by evidence alone i feel right in my heart that the only way thjis to ever get attention unfortunately is when a big massive news event involves the death the pain the blood shed by those who have instigeted this only then will some start to ask why would o ne do such acts other than haveing a reason or motive or just plane acteing in survival mode to do such a thing then my evidence can get looked at with reall eyes and earsnot the blind a deaf ones who ive already tried
        believe me ive sat days nights planned and planned studied fucking everythjing i can about this scum and thanks to them who helped me stay up not sleep from there noise and thanks to my OCD my bi polar and anxiety and constant threats from scum im now much stronger for it so why not now use trhe strenth my enemy gave me to use against themselves so you scum who know were i live who follow me every minute as ive made clear to your guttless faces common come and cross my path or try do anyhthing of the sort you write about or say when in numbers come and fucking prove me wrong its only one fucking single lonely crazy paranoid delusional bloke isnt it
        ive never had so much hate or anger built up in my life as i have last 8 months and probly most because the one thing that i onced lived for my boys are not there for me to live for again

      • Your boys are still your boys and if you remain true to yourself and stand strong in your self belief that you have done nothing wrong and have been wrongfully targeted,then your boys will eventually see the truth.Have you noticed that the world is changing and people are starting to demand greater integrity from authoraties all over the world.?Eventually the targeting of innocent people is destined to come out into the open.Believe me there are still many good people in the world.The stalkers simply make it appear that everyone is against you .Be aware that when they make you feel angry and negative,ordinary people may believe that you are angry at them and react to you.I know it is a very difficult situation,however you are not alone.If you react violently,then the media will simply say you had mental issues and lashed out and you will have achieved nothing.Thus I encourage you to keep the vision of having your boys return to you .Let that be your inspiration rather than revenge.Focus on collecting clear evidence that you can supply to the media or your boys/family when yhey are ready to listen.Look after your health by eating healthy and doing some exercise.In Peace,Frederick.

      • Hi it’s Rob from Vic , like to know what state you are from?
        I understand what you are saying and much of what u saying to me are almost the exact same thoughts or advice of someone I hold close to me and just very weird to hear your thoughts on web blog etc
        It’s so very same in reall and now you too

      • Hey hey,I’m in Townsville,North Queensland.dont know about the no revenge theory .grab one or two of these fuckers and get video testimonies of who is controlling this scum.before removing fingers etc.

    • Im going through something very similar here on the gold Coast. the police are working against me. Ive submitted for assistance from Crime stoppers and Policelink and theyve only worked against me. Theyve gangstalked in the 10’s to 100’s everywhere I go people are looking at me strangely. my manis being setup by the HAs and QPS and will be looking at years in jail if they accept this bullshit insurance boink. They have 3 people testifying against him – its all garbage so tomorrow its sounding like hes going to be locked up and then ill be alone oh just with the rest of the gangstalking pieces of trash. There were 3 units just behind mine watching me 24/7 seems to have died off with the holidays but no doubt they will all be looking for me. I think I’m earmarked as a prostitute because I said something about not knowing what my exes problem is aside from him being into trannies and thats all I could work out from that angle. He was working with the comment I made about the son of lets say a high up police officer in qld bringing in all the best drugs in the 90s. theyv e made it so ill never be able to rent another unit or residence again. my family are horrible. they could help but they never fucking listen.

  39. these low lifes need to be held accountable for their actions.they are very weak individuals.they need to be brought to justice,then we will see how tough and smug they are.lets expose these parasites!!!!

    • well if all from each city make a date all the same and a meeting time and point then as a group rather than alone when we see and annalise what we each go through we can come to better conclusions and inteligance against this scum

    • if the tech comes out into public knowledge and starts to be used by mainstream medical and law enforcement these criminals will pay for their crimes, at least thats what i pray for. from the V2K i get hit with they dont even know what they are each doing and ive actually heard dissagrements they are having togeather almost to the point of arguments. i wonder how much of what i hear is actually scripted.

  40. Frederick’s advise is spot on, you have to hold it together, they want you to retaliate, if you do they win. I think I was targeted because I was a black belt and trained in self defence most of my life, they thought I was going to be an easy target. Play it the other way, get to the doctors, go with the flow, tell the doctors your hearing voices, get the medication. Use the medication for sleep only when you need it, the’re great for knocking you out. When you get use to the harassment, get off them. By doing this you get straight on to Centrelink and secure an income and your health card, most prescription’s and test will be almost free. Work hard to become dept free, live with family if you can so you reduce your rent and over heads. In my case I moved to the country and bought a property cheap. Then sleep in every day, use your hobbies to make money plus Centrelink and spend your life doing what you love. Make the government pay for what is happening to you. Most TI’s end up broke because they can’t work. Once you become targeted you have to accommodate your lifestyle to live with the harassment. It’s not likely to end so some changes have to be made. Spend time analysing what you hear and when you hear it, you will find that there is a pattern. Your same thoughts will trigger the same responses, also take notice where or what room your in and you will start to see a pattern. Most of the time I hear myself played back but at different frequencies, even sounding like a females voice. I found this out by taking notice of the time and date in my mind and had it played back, so I worked out how much delay was on the recordings. I also used key words, word’s that I would never use and had them played back too. I soon realised the pattern, it was all recorded and played back. This was a game changer as I don’t take notice of what I hear any more. Believe me, over time it does get easier. Don’t fight it, when people find out you have a problem, even if they think your crazy, it doesn’t mater, they are willing to help you. Use this to your advantage. This advise worked for me, the world will be educated one day.

    • Hi it’s Rob , sorry last post got cut off and sent as reply . Try again . Thanks for advice from both . Much appreciated and good to know others going through same who actually really understand. Why but do I have to try keep changeling to accommodate when I’ve lost a lot and even now can’t work or I went for a ride on my Harley which all my life wanted but could not afford with family life mortgage etc fair enough but now because of seperation and propert I bought when single through seperation my ex had made sure not only I don’t see my boys but brings past up about drug use when she knew of it well before we marry or had kids . I still didn’t fight financial spilt as I wanted my boys to have roof over heads . She got me on street liveing in unregestred car and not give a fuck at all and now I try move on but to take my boys away us one thing to stop then knowing dad at all after bringin them up one till 7 other to 4 year old and now shut out of life I can’t live with . I got urine samples tampered with so I keep hearing from people u will see ya boys etc etc No No I won’t because after 33,000 on lawyers who done jack shit on top corruption how us that in best interest for them I like to know and the goverment done this the family court and police and other agencies . So I today nearly got hit and then run of road by the sane scum . I’m not gonna change my life to accommodate to get what still poisoning or my head is fucked with. Mate I don’t know even with girl friend with at times it’s the best feeling and gives my brain a break but then switches to thinking she’s playing withy head too with some shit said to me and I think u know to much like when someone you really like because she is so good to be around and Phsychologically she’s great about ones brain and thinking but in other hand I can’t now trust no one and that’s sad and taken away for what I’m not sure . Another thing people will
      Never understand or believe but at times and is at worse now the amount of cars people involved every day 24/7 from second I leave home how can anyone afford to pay all this that’s gojng on for close to year that I know off. Who is behind this and what reasons are my biggest questions . Why was and am targeted ? To have so much interest from massive numbers isn’t cheap infact doesn’t make sense so who and why is this threat. They gonna try kill
      Me regardless and if I can’t live my life or see my boys or can’t ride bike or drive car then why try to adapt to a life of mysery. I rather like till now live life and let them follow me enjoy when I go shopping or do my fun stuff because when I tell them I petty there life to follow someone what a life they live hay
      They don’t like it or seer happy so I gonna keep being happy sing my songs with music in car up loud to not hear the scum and in between keep building my case and keep my records which I get more daily of there families there work places the companies who help the names of corrupt people etc etc and one day I will either find enough support and fight this in courts or through public knowledge or if that doesn’t work I’m sorry if it doesn’t stop mate I don’t want to but I not dieing with cancer or say I am crazy and take meds to only still die at some point I rather die trying to help others and myself and my boys find out truth and dad was fighting for the better outcome of all people in situation then die a coward and kids think dad was what the berths me as No I can’t
      I do know this financial ways I can get or borrow to pay people like they have been paid only I know the ones I will get are much nastier and have power strength in ways they will go down and a lot in one night then maybe yes I go jail and lose that way but maybe when this is the biggest thing happend in history of Australia people will come out and things might turn or I be dead but change is to start. So I’m at point very close to start the event they bring upon them selves. When I get a small number and under reall hurtful stress torture like I get daily then they will yank and name names people and what they do then people will outcry for answers or retaliate to goverment for this dispucable low acts of torture
      They fuvking with my head I can’t ever have a partner again or live in a house with who I like instead back with my parents who now a stressing and I do t want them to but they see it and want it to stop and ask how to do that but I got no answers that will
      Make them not stress but same can’t keep this up not fair on them
      I will keep liveing I not scared one bit they are they must be they know they don’t intimidate me at all so why big numbers mass serveilance
      Why ?
      Who is behind it?
      Who ?
      What exactly is reason ?
      I have weird dreams
      I can’t sleep at home yet when with girlfriend fall sleep in seconds then sleep in and sleep heavy reall heavily
      Thanks TI’s and stay strong smile live life we are much better people than they together ever could
      I feel sorry for there children and family I petty there scum life

      • Its good to hear you communicate your experience.You sound more positive which is great,and it appears that your girlfriend is a great bonus.Cheers Rob.Frederick.

  41. Mostly the cars and neighbour’s that you think that are involved are often not. They’re numbers aren’t usually that great. They convince you with what you hear that’s the case. Generally there’s only about 4 frequencies that you probably hear. Try to tell yourself what you hear is not true and the people around you are not involved. Only convince yourself that they are if you have conversation and they know something they shouldn’t, or conflict is involved. If you think like this, you will be less paranoid, they want you to be paranoid and appear as mentally ill.
    I have heard it flying at 33,000 ft on a plane, under ground in caves, and on the boat sailing across to Tasmania. Remind yourself it’s satellite and no one is there. The people doing to me pretend to be around my place every day, they turn the volume up every time I get home. It just makes me laugh now how much time and money they spend on me and it’s never going to work as I have worked out everything they do. The only thing I don’t know is where there located.

    • Hi it’s Rob,
      Thanks and I’m hereing u the bit about the 33,000 sorry I meant I spent $33,000 on law firm to fight in family court but got nothin Tamperd urine test 2 times so what hope I got when my medical records are seen stolen changed. What hope when I go to police with fear and evidence but 2 times get put in to mental hospital
      What hope like tonight all I hear is these fuvking planes choppers and back of my head is killing me and ears I’m much pain I had to leave home only to be confronted by well over 50-60 cars most are community from close by helping them then in my path police blocking road so I had to turn off anyway and I get cut off road high beams at me a 4wd has this bright green last toward me my fuvking tounge stinging me all night my face is burning like hell my roof of house keeps popping sounds and crackle sounds my feet swell kill me my balls yesterday my left ball was fucking killing me today my right my muscles hurt I’m fighting not to sleep but hissing noise I want to leave home again but Honest I not gonna kill myself and my boys have no dad at all but also can’t go on like today went head on with cars in fear and one like gun home made and wanted to jump out cos I could have killed his daughter he said
      Well fuck u for fuvking bringing her I’m such an environment fuvking play with my life like it’s a game all of them
      What the hell have I done and what kind of authority do we have as a nation who let’s this torture go on so long and I’m bed I gonna get cancer anyway so I
      Might as well for survival do as much distruction and have promise them that if this goes on any longer the monster they created will let loose on them and the evil fucks will die way more of them
      Before I do and have 17-20 others I convinced to help
      This isn’t a game which I only get torured what kind of sick fuvking people Are we dealing with .who with a heart let’s one go through what I am
      I can not comprehend the amount of money or people behind thus 24/7
      Why ?
      Who ?
      What else can One do
      I am honestly in survival mode asi can’t go get any help from the police so what do I do other than like I have gathered as much weapons I can and loyal friends some paid who will back me and no were near the sick weapons they are frying me with
      I’m in pain and can’t go hospital they won’t believe me or I’m scared they gonna poison or like last put me in MRI machine god knows what the fuck they did last time
      I gotta go my back and now feet crammpimg up and in stomach pain as I write i get worse and cold rushed in my body with emotional feelings I gonna die yet this morning was laughing like a dick head for no resson couldn’t stop my parents could not believe and daily mum cries I’m fear
      For me but slid that I will die some point now she seen for her self
      Take care to all TI s it’s not a fair level playing field it’s actually sick and torture and all thiese official let this go on I only hope some realise if this same torture was happening to there loved ones how they will feel

  42. Even if you don’t need the mental illness drugs witch I believe you because of my experience too get to your doctor and get some. Don’t tell the doctor what’s happening to you just tell them your hearing voices. They are great for crashing you out, sleep off a couple of days, get your doctor to give you a med certificate for a month and get on Centrelink, they will not get you to look for work while this is going on. I slept for 12 hours a day when I was forced onto them earlier. Absolutely ignore everything that’s going on around you and forget about the Police, they will not help. It is very difficult to put up with at the start, rest and sleep should be your priority, do other things when you are able. Slowly get off the drugs when you can cope better with what’s happening to you. Your Parents are the most important people now, if it wasn’t for my mum early when it first started to happen I would have been locked up by now. If anyone asks if you are going to harm someone, always so no, if you say yes they can lock you up.
    Also when I mentioned 33,000, I was taking about being in a plane at the altitude of 33.000 ft and I was still being microwaved by satellite. Just been through an intense time of microwaving hurting my ears and head so bad, I had a headache and was on pain killers for 3 days. They turn it up so loud at home because I’m here on my own and there can’t be any conflict as I have no neighbours. They try to give me a hard time while I’m here so I journey away from my property hoping that they can try there paranoid games on me. Funny thing is when they turn it up loud pretending to be here theirs no where to hide and as I said no neighbours.

    My theory is that the frequency we hear is our EM brain signal and it is sent by satellite but it’s bounced off buildings and objects and the frequency surrounds us. You can walk through it, if you walk from one end of your property to the other the sound increases and decreases. They can direct that sound to a middle location in your house and because it filters through the house you can’t escape from it. When your at the key location it will be the loudest. This is usually when you are stationary. They hurt your ears and head usually when there key location is hitting you directly. Also I think they just have the volume up when electronic devises are on, they move the signal in front of that devise you are listening too. No one has been able to pick up the frequency because they move it soon as you try to pick it up.
    When no one is home, try putting the radio on in bedroom, tv on in the lounge and pick another room and play a cd. Move in between the rooms, see if this upsets there tracking. I have had periods where I have felt the relief and pressure from my head. They don’t have to be very loud just a normal volume.

    I don’t think they spend hours listening and responding it’s all computer generated, responses are all recordings, my recordings change every 3 days as they must run out of hard drive space, I hear the same stuff for 3 days, then it’s wiped and replaced by something current. I think they listen in for about a couple of hours a day to see if they have had any progress and to make any changes to the program. I still believe it’s more than likely to be the same group of people in each state doing it. No TI I have heard of has been attacked by 2 satellite attackers at the same time. This is odd because we all talk to each other and they know our thoughts.

    I think if us TI’s new a computer programmer, we could combine the program Apps of Google Earth for location with mobile phone gps location for tracking Apps with a sound App that modulates at 0.8 to 0.10 ghz we could go cable internet to get satellite coverage and strike back with similar destruction. I’m hoping a TI that has the computer knowledge can use my idea so we can come up with a weapon to strike back only if we know for shore that the person is involved.

    Please don’t do anything silly, get retaliation out of your head and try too rest. Seeing Doctors is far better than being involved with Police.

    • Hi there Rob from Victoria,
      Thanks heaps for your advice again and I know sometimes what’s said by myself can sound a bit extreme and full of anger. Truth is I’m not a violent person nor an angry bloke in general. There are days were I am fine for 3/4/5 days and carry on my life and actually petty there’s to follow someone to shops , girlfriends , cafés, resteraunts and the poor petty scum watch u eat or buy clothes and see what they worth and I think well if that’s what life u chose fuck your petty sick fucking lives and follow me all u like it’s when intimidation gets to extreme and you get big trucks 4wd high beams at you try run you off road or when your Telstra bil is comeing like $450 because of these scum third party shit and Telstra won’t help or they damage your car when u park somewhere well at times I suppose it gets to a point and when it hit that level u can go off and several are lucky they not dead and me in jail.
      But I’m over that and lucky I got a girlfriend who understands and at first they put shit in my head or I hear voices of her saying things as soon as I leave room or 1 day things can’t be better then out of knowere I get bad thoughts and voices of her like she’s with them and that can be hard but got over that recent. Also love to know TIs out there who knows why exactly they targeted and by whom and how long also how many people or cars they think are involved .What also is used on them and tactics the pathetic scum use so we can info share for the better life of us and be happier so they hate it more so .also let’s put it out there and mail info about gangstalkers to as many people neighbours etc that shit told about TIs are not true or if even are close does the constant pathetic little scum life deserve the punishment of pushing people to commit suicide or fuck with someone’s Heath torture etc what filth does that .
      Spread the word should be all our goals and to get out and about enjoying life more they will hate as they are pathetic fucked up twisted mother fuckers who are the scum of this earth and don’t deserve to breath the air we do and mind u they are all fucking ugly fucks and most a dirty scum smelly fucks so again gangstalkers there’s some facts about you and your sick shit head brain and feel sorry if you are allowed to breed like animals I feel sorry for your children fuck I would not want to imagine what poor children go through haveing scum fucked up sellfish parents like a gangstalker u gutless fucks.
      Gangstalkers who monitor this well that was to you letting you know how pathetic fuckers are xxxx 🙂 🙂 fuck ya all

  43. This nonsense is all over even in Cape Town South Africa. Worked for some digital agency liro stanic marketing (not a real name) and they employ victims on bogus projects, fire them, then kill them through electronic weapons.

    Male money from insurance fraud

  44. When i first noticed this i thought it might be a good thing and someone trying to help me, I even tried following their signs and got burned many times. All they do is trying to break, intimidate, humiliate you etc etc.

    If you live differently from others you will be gangstalked untill you do what community wants you to do, then it gets easier and most of people dont even notice that their life is being manipulated. Some notice when its to late. Eg family, bank loans. Either way there is no way out. Im pretty sure they are checking this page and LOLing.

    Sadly I don’t think there is way out. I’ve tried to relocate countries and it just follows me everywhere. I have not tried moving to Cuba though. Tupac would approve I think, might worse a shot, but they know your plans even before you carry them out that’s what puzzles me…

    Mind control Illuminatis Religion Conspiracy theories religion
    I’ve completely lost the plot has anyone figured it out whats it all about?

    Any suggestions or experiences feel free to share on danils13 at live dot com

  45. Maybe about 8 years ago the Police decided to put together a team of individuals to hook people’s Em signals to a computer in order to control individuals they have a problem with. Maybe they don’t know yet what the long term effects are so some people are just good candidates for there trials. Who knows but it seems most people here in Australia have been experiencing this for about 8 years or less. As you get treatment for the conditions that arise, they can monitor you as your body is effected.

    Mostly what I hear is response recordings from each different room or job I do played back every time my thoughts recall that room or event. I believe that we all have a certain amount of disc space and the recordings are up dated every week, with current events. As most TI’s have spoken to each other, I haven’t heard of one TI having 2 attackers which makes me believe that it’s only one party in Australia.

    I believe if it’s not the Police, it’s people that know the Police or people that are involved in some sort of Security that get there hands on this software. Even most Police going out to call outs wouldn’t know about electronic harassment that’s why everyone is believed to be mentally ill. These people know they are going to get away with it. With mental illness on the rise, I’m not sure where they are going to put us all.

    I also believe the reason that it can’t be tracked is because it picks up the brain signature waves by satellite and they are recorded and played back to you and that’s why no one else hears it. Usually the responses are your own thoughts with the frequency changed so it sounds like the opposite sex in small bursts, or if it’s continuous it’s your own brain waves play back. Or even both together. This is why it sounds like you hear yourself. Sometimes your EM signal is bounced off buildings to make them sound like their there. This is why people think there thoughts are been heard.

    I believe that it’s not on the TV, Radio, or on anything electronic as most people believe, I think that the computer adjusts the sound to accommodate the electronic devise that you turn on. This is done to control your behaviour. If it was on digital TV it would be still there when you record it and rewind it back. There has been too many differences in volume as I have had the TV and Radio on for it to be coming from them. Mostly the sound is made to sound like it’s coming from that devise.

    My attacker has no problem with setting the frequency to a range that hurts my right side of the brain for the last 3 months. As I try to tolerate the pain, they keep just turning it further and further. It’s almost like there getting a buzz or kick out of doing it now. My attacker tries to convince me every day that they are where I live but it’s not so.

    I’ve kept a log of what I’ve been through and will even contact a coroner and try to explain things before I’m found dead, so that they can do a proper examination. I pretty sure I know who my attackers are so I hoping to have them locked up one day.

    I’m hoping that if there’s anyone out there that is trying to find the signal that my information might lead to some breakthrough as you probably have found that RF detectors don’t find anything. I’m also hoping that we can make sense with what’s going on so we all can get a better understanding to what is really happening.

    I have been a TI for almost 8 years now and also believe they would have the ability to use any frequency at any time and change it so you can’t detect anything as well as described above. Also they would have every type of sound projection system to do there job 24 hours a day. In most cases I’m not a fan of believing that they follow you everywhere, this is there paranoia technique. If they can hear you by satellite it is possible that they have the ability to see you too.

    I don’t let them control my behaviour, when the pain is bad I just try to sleep it off, just lying there helps sometimes. Then when I feel better I get my jobs and hobbies done. I will say the Australian Government is now paying for my lifestyle for the rest of my life. If I have to live in a country and put up with this harassment and the Australian Government won’t do any thing about it, they can pay for my life style from now on. I live dept free and only spend what I get from the government. Mostly I stay home and love working on cars.

  46. Based in Sydney here, now have been enlisted in this awesome program for over a month. They follow me around everywhere, mention some shit they think they know about me, tap my phone and got some douchebag to come stay with me in my flat beforehand to hack into my computer.

    Get the feeling they were following me around for months before actually making it into a full blown operation. There were days where they were everywhere on the trains, the buses. They use smartphones to track where you are, I spoke to a perp girl at a bus stop, told her which bus I was taking and she had an app ready that had a list of bus numbers on it, she tapped the one I was getting onto-thats where I saw it from the bitch.

    They use a lot of hand signals, try to copy your body language, comedy central its all funny shit. They are spending millions on this, they could have just paid me to lay low but not smart enough to do that.

    Keep this thread going and keep talking and raising awareness on gangstalking.

    Get in touch:

    • The app the ladie went into at the bus stop . Interesting to see go onto phone app and hit most used apps near you or off the similar and see if there are 5 apps that pop up ie: silver top app, Melbourne air travel or rather, melb transport etc vas write and post the 5 most used apps near yourself

    • they didnt need a stranger to hack into my computer they just got on my network from upstairs and went for gold. and my phone but its police so I cant call who I want when I want. I dont know about frequencies but I know sure as shit my laptop and phone get very hot.

  47. what else did the chick show you on the app, only the bus stops?

  48. Most people believe there being followed, mostly it’s not true, they make you think that. Most of the people you think are the ones that are involved are not, you have been tricked. They will even record your neighbours thoughts and play it to you so you think it’s your neighbours. If they can record you, they can record your neighbours too, this is how they make you think there are involved, don’t be tricked. It’s so you get involved in conflict and look paranoid. With V2K they turn it up when your electronic devices are on and you are at home, there is no one there, don’t be fooled. Get your head around this and it becomes easier. If they turn the volume up in your skull, if there V2K is going to loud, just turn all tv’s, radio’s etc on in different rooms, they don’t like the back ground noise, this is why they make you think it’s your electronic devises. They try to make you think that when listening to radio and tv in 2 rooms they have to switch from 1 frequency to another, they don’t it’s V2k.They also love it when your in the toilet too, as there usually is a vented window in the room, they will turn it up to make you think there just outside your toilet.
    Yep, I’ve fell for most of there tricks, but I’ve just about worked out there hole program.
    Can’t see criminals doing it long term, spending money on the long term TI’s, so my theory is that it is the Police transmitting from each State or it’s done in a country like Singapore, India somewhere cheap to transmit and that way they don’t get caught. Every Police department here in Australia when asked who do I report Electronic Harassment too because I’m not mentally ill will either not reply or will recommend the local Police station. They know damn well that the local Police probably have no knowledge of such things and you will be sent to the physco ward.
    Hoping I’m helping people get a grip on what’s really happening, as I remember when it first started to happen to me this information wasn’t out there. I feel the need to pass on my experiences to educate others.
    Eight years now and going strong.

  49. Ive been monitored for over two years in perth australia , 24/7 , 365… Yes it is torture but ive grown to be conditioned by it not like im following their comments or commands i mean coping with it… Can anybody else from perth whos suffering the same thing contact me as there is no support here i got sent to a mental ward from seeking help from police, i need help … Its destroying everything that is me…

    • Same here… Im in Perth too and its bloody awful :((

    • Hello. I posted my experience below. I want to talk to others about this as well.I’m in Perth. I also need someone to drive me to Northam Hospital on the night b4 ANZAC day 2018 thats in February because I’m sure there’ll be someone there we can save from them then. If you wanna talk u can contact me at

  50. I have been a targeted individual for over 2 years now. It started in Sydney then continued in Gold Coast where I moved a year ago today. I have been harassed, gang stalked, had electromagnetic weapons used against me, I hear voices that I know are not my own. I have lost my family and friends in the process and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep going. If any TI can get in touch with me that would be great. My mobile is 0401390139 and my email address is I would love to hear from you.

    • Hi Ali, I sent you an email.

  51. Has any TI noticed that with the sleep deprivation that you still manage to get enough sleep to survive. As I’ve read it would only take 11 days of no sleep to kill someone. I think that if they wanted to seriously kill us, we would be dead already. I’ve noticed every time I become fatigued or injured that things become more tolerable.
    After 8 years, best advise is try to live dept free and don’t believe what you hear, they are recordings of you thoughts played back every day.
    They want you to self destruct. Keep your thoughts positive and ask yourself how you can improve your life every day. Start doing the things you love and treat every day as if it was the last and you will live a great life.

    • The Power of positive thoughts,even under the most trying of situations,is character building at worst and phenomenal at best.I really appreciate your comments.Frederick.

  52. Hey guys, I have just though of a way we can profit from what these guys do to us. My guessing is that the more people that get put on these mental illness drugs the share prices will rise, so my prediction is that in the future Eli Lilly and company shares will rise as they produce olanzapine, thinking about getting me some share’s. Last 12 months they returned 9.55%, the more people they microwave and no one listens to us the share prices will rise. Thanks for the reply Frederick I plan on beating these bastards by letting time tick by as my ally . Trick is not to act on any thing you hear and cross reference what you hear with your other senses and assume your hearing lies until you get conformation from one or more of your other senses, such as sight, smell etc. I try to see peoples lips moving and see people talking before responding. They turn there stuff off for a short time when people think it helps buy talking out aloud but that’s what they want you to do, so you seem mentally ill. Most of the voices you hear back are your thoughts played back with delay to make it seem someone is listening all the time and with the frequencies altered to sound like females or other people. I found my telling the time a lot during the day, you get to see how much delay is on the replay before it’s played back. Going to give you guys as much info as possible, 8 years experience, don’t give into them guys.

    • Know thyself and when they enter ur orbit make sure u let them do what they do like when they read you paragraphs make sure you don’t reply back in sentences. Reply back with fewer words and make sure your in control. THe brain has no firewall so all you got to do is build your own watchtower inside your subconscious. THis peasants as I call them feed off your past and present memories so when theyre tap dancing make sure you go to toe and let them know whats up. Ive learnt to deal with this peasant low life peace of evil intented ass holes through music and they try to get to me using music aswell as anything I enjoy doing. I blind folded the third eye peace out kill em with passion (thought wise). Im not trying to get taken out like Myron or any other targeted individual..English being the third lingo its been pretty hard but it pays well. know ur motive and thoughts and when they try and transform into ur motive and thoughts make sure you cross ur T’s and dot The I’s.. ma salllamma

    • Fuck yeah. That makes sense. But what about pictures or your thoughts images being played back to you on the wall? Anyone get that shit?

  53. hi everyone im a TI his name is uey tran aka asian dave from flemington he lives at pemberton st and shortland ave he is a big player in the extortion scam by luring people in with the drug ice…

    i will tell you how there doing it they do it with a simple scanner you can buy from an electrics store once hacked you can send voices via vibrations to ones head by tuning into your brainwave frequency…. this is done in a number of ways they can steal your medical history or they can use an eqausion V=IR to get your brains frequency.

    once they lock onto your brains frequency they will then extort your family for money to keep you alive


    • Interesting. Samnang Thao (nickname: B) should be a mate of his then, because I’m guessing he’s the reason I’m in this predicament (no, I don’t take drugs, drink, even smoke, etc) and he knows all the flemington and old springvale dealers/big fish since the ripe age of 13 years, now 32. He has been in and out of jail and knows a lot of horrible people. I don’t believe going to authority will help because he is a puppet for THEM. I have been investigated/gangstalked eversince I’ve known him and that was since back around 2007-08. These arseholes are sending friends and their families payphone messages “from me” saying disgusting things and twisting the truth. I’ve almost been rammed offroad. Too much has happened…

      • i think its interesting that you mention flemmington because I’m on the gold coast and it seems in part connected as well as by the Police force but also by people that are into racing here or their families are into racing… Visona and McLachlan racing.

  54. Just remember that it’s your thoughts played back no matter what frequency they use. Don’t believe that there your next door or around you, usually they just turn the volume up when your home or have tv on. Don’t fall for there tricks. Eight years ago there was hardly any thing on the internet about V2K, but the word is getting around. Don’t be silenced spread the word, but be selective who you tell. Raising Awareness of Targeted Individual’s on Facebook is great for some info. Keep calm, spread the word.

  55. Check your bluetooth in your area for “scaler rider g9x” this is all there using.

    • when I search bluetooth in my area i get a ? and TKR

  56. Hey guys I’m 17 been a victim my whole life pretty sure but found out only a year and a bit ago. They’ve fucked up my life I was nearly locked up for 6 mths cause of them and they seem to pretend to be under cover coppers as cover. Anyone in NSW HUNTER region, please reply to this. The only reason I’m alive is Jesus Christ our father. He has saved me countless times both mentally and physically, and tbh ever since I became a follower of Christ (3-4 mths ago) the stalking has reduced, or turned into covert harassment. (I’m no bible basher, I love atheists as much as anyone else) ANYWAY, Some advice I can offer is to eat shitloads of non GMO fruit and veg, day and night, and stay positive and confident as much as possible. As soon as I started eating live microbes/enzymes/acids etc (fresh plant matter or fruit) my health and tolerance to radiation has sky rocketed, also less confusion and helplessness feelings. Please anyone from HUNTER area or nearby reply to this and we can talk similarities /strategy etc. I’m fed up with them as we all are and ready to FIGHT BACK!! FUCK YOU ZIONISTIC PIGS !! THIS IS SPIRITUAL WAREFARE I KNOW FOR A FACT THEY ARE KABALA WORSHIPPERS, they’re symbols, they’re esoteric messages etc. My family is full of masons lol and here I am as a Christian, no wonder I’m a Ti. I’m well trained in esoterica and freemasonry. I’m content with my situation and my job now is to support and help other victims, I will protect you and heal you with herbs/fruit as I have plenty to give back to my brothers and sisters. May our father bless this forum with secrecy and security,

  57. oh and, FEAR NO EVIL. We’re Aussies remember, they are old fat rich men.

  58. They wont leave me alone… scared for my little girls. Who can help me? Please someone help me? How do these people exist? So very evil….

  59. time to expose these freaks through any form of advertising you can , write letters , post it at your local supermarket, , time to gang up on them ,, they will soon get cancer and rot slowly and painfully

  60. Why not start naming names then… Brent Westerweller approx 34 y/o. Used to may may still reside at 44 Brae st West Rockhampton QLD and family from Rockhampton QLD. Bashed the hell out of women for frugs and the same sence of ego. Never worked a day of his life but money falls from the sky. Quote “if you cant roll aginst em… roll with em'”

  61. Its eat or get eaten for the lowies involved. Lets face it, they, the cops, the ambos the lowies should be the patients and inmates. Its people like them who think the world owes them something. Its an ego thing. They feed their ego from us plus they get paid, get drugs, get a green light for their crimes. Hey, lets ask a question… how many of us are gay?? I bet none… but lots of gays that want to use drugs in the police and ambos!!! And they are always preaching about their rights? But who do they think they are just more lowlife unsustainable scum just like the rest involved. Oh, and in Australia, how easy is it to get inside the heads of certain imports that think they will own the country of tomorrow. Its mental health vs human behaviour and thats what it is. Everyone on here who doesnt get taken seriously, stop talking to those who dont listen, they have already been psycho analysed before you were targeted. Live more sociably, there is more good than bad out there. Just start telling people. And make sure you use the word gangstalking! And yes… it IS illegal.

  62. I have been singled out and I know who they are but as you know if you come out with the facts you are labeled insane

  63. If a support group is organised,I would definitely attend

  64. Create a Software Defined Radio like i did, let them self-incriminate themselves… use their tech against them!! I’m taking my finding’s the the Supreme court.

    • I have been studying them every chance i get 5 years i have lived and breathed working out there tactics. Now i’m at the point were i understand there systems at least 80%

      After it all i changed my field of study and got qualified as.
      1. Cyber/Computer Forensic Investigator.
      2. Cyber/Computer Forensics and Counterterrorism,
      3. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator.
      4. IT Security Specialist.

      All in the hope to end it all uncover there Databases and destroy it all them included enough innocent people have lost there live’s or everything that makes you who you are. In the beginning there was no help i’ve never had support with this or any answers not self found. Its good to read people are speaking out at least start noting and posting there number plates that forced a flood of burnout and dumped cars around town lol.

    • Yes! and don’t they hate it lmao

  65. I dedicate my life to tracking and assassinating these scum. I already have pushed 3 of there cars into on coming traffic with no were for them to go. I’m not playing anymore they threatened to shoot my mother and then me a week latter for protecting her. My life has been destroyed as it was i had little to cling to after my woman took my son and left me for my boss. All my hobbies and lives works programming was deleted. all but 1 friend remains in my life now even thats touch and go i can feel it. I don’t know how but i can feel there presents when there around. My story is much the same as all the rest except i had a bad childhood and teenage years before them.

    • Mate. I want to find them and hurt them too. How lucky you are to have been able to fuck some of them up. Fuck I wanna kill those scum so bad.

  66. if your a victim of directed energy weapons be sure to take potassium iodide for radiation poisoning

    • oh you mean my very hot phone and computer?

  67. Most likely Police HQ transmitting microwaves when your out in the car and B team hitting your house with sound when your home and c team at destination waiting for you to self destruct and break the law or appear paranoid or mentally ill. Trust me the Police are involved, that why they don’t help and the health care system helps them put you on mental illness pills. Biggest scam of the 21 century. That’s as simple as it is, don’t break the law, sign on Centrelink and live free the rest of your life and learn to put up with it because thee not going to give up. Best to become an introvert too, best advise I can give after being a TI after almost 10 years.

  68. A psychiatrist gave me a formula to desolve “it” inside your your body and for two days now it’s working it help neuron to stop receiving synthetic telepathy in your brain. Ill leave my email address for someone who is interested in the solution. But you must have a strong endurance and be able to absorb the drink. Must warn you it is very unpleasant but it’s very effective I will also provide the details of the psychiatrist who specialises victims of electronic harassment.

  69. Hi there Targets,
    just thought I’d fill you in on what the real situation is regarding your targeting. The people behind your targeting are the intelligence agencies and the military and ALL of those that are under their authority. The entire medical establishment is under their wing, not to mention Universities, Organised crime, the police etc etc, it goes on and on. This is world wide and massive. The NSA is behind this, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. This is big business and is part of the war machine. Watch out for Youtube, I would say that about 90% of the Targets are actors, their job is to not only fuck around with you via the backdoors in your computer, gmail, youtube account etc but to also draw you out into the public eye. At the very top of all of this is the Luciferians, and this is what they believe in :

    1. Betrayal (the more evil the better)

    2.Transhumanism ( removing the soul and filling it with the abyss, controlling the empty vessel through technology)

    3. Devourment ( cannibalism, the umbrella organisations, mega super markets, nationwide dentistry etc.)

    4. Godhood (They believe that they can be gods and let me tell you they may only be human but they have somehow been able to master godhood status).

    The Luciferians have used the Fabian Strategy to achieve their global domination, you may also want to check out Lucis Trust, The U.N meditation room, NATO, Tavistock Institute, it just goes on and on.

    You have been lucky enough (lucky lucky you) to be chosen for their (very profitable) Trans-humanism projects. What this means essentially is that every one gets a slice of the pie, everyone but you. Trans-humanism = Sub-humanism, staring to make sense now?

    All of this would not be possible without their mobile phone towers and ultrasonic frequencies (ultrasound works so well in salt water. Your body is composed of the same).
    They have all the CBD’s and business’s under their thumb and so the people are notified wherever you go. Cost effective and ruthless. Of course their are people who have no idea this is going on but spend your time trying to spot them and you will exhaust yourself.

    The aim: to turn the entire world into a Satanic Cult with Targeted individuals as the sacrificial victims. It matters not if people are aware of this not. What matters is that people follow the dictums of Lucifer. That way everyone is damned. This is essentially a war on humanity, at it’s core it despises mankind and seeks to turn everything that is decent and pure to sleaze and shit. This is what Satanism/ Luciferianism is.

    Unfortunately, it looks like their is no way out, unless of course a solar flare were to wipe out the entire electromagnetic grid. I know this is bad news but I believe you wouldn’t be in this position now if you were like them: an evil son of a bitch! This is war, really it is and just remember, they have NO right. It doesn’t matter what titles they give themselves, it doesn’t matter how many people obey them, they have NO RIGHT. There is a Universal Law and their is a Man Made Law, only one of these can be corrupted.

    While your at it, you may want to check out the case of Brendon O’Connell, this man has been exiled from Australia for the past 8 years for bringing to light the possible infiltration of all levels of our intelligence sector by Israel and their TECHNOLOGY. Operation Talpiot included. I am always hesitant of anything that is available on youtube but this man does seem to be genuine. Check it out and if you are concerned, write a letter to Julie Bishop. Yo are not powerless and remember these politicians work for you. The police are PUBLIC SERVANTS. You have to get up and fight and don’t bother with the living dead, they are just their slaves.

    • thankyou for reminding me that I am not powerless. The Gold Coast Police and scumbagsville have taken alot from me but I guess that you are correct that they havent stolen my ability to write about it.

  70. I’ve been going through this for 3 fucking years…people who i now know where some of them live here in canberra the australian capital…ivw been hearing yelling and abuse 24 hours a day for 3 years…and they harass you on the streets…I’ve been throwing beer bottles at these peices of shits houses;) makes me feel better….especially when you can hear them winging about it in your head….these pricks broke into my House stole my spare car key and all sorts of shit…one thing these pieces of shit forgot is they were being watched the hole time;) to my knowledge these dogs are now on the back foot although I come across the of person slamming there brakes on every now and then…yes people this shit is real I go through it every day…right this moment they are winging and screaming in my head via a radio transmission receiver…I have been made aware it is the Canberra police force behind the hole thing…the dogs use there own kids to run across the road and make u shit yourself or worse… Happen to me countless times here in southern Canberra, act, Australia…. Anyone want to ask a question…

    • Hi there Benjamin.
      I’m a target too and also live in north Canberra. Don’t be fooled into thinking all police are in on it as there not, you have just probably come across just a lazy dumb officer, there are some good police officers out there…. and if you have a record of anything you probably won’t be taking seriously.
      My last post was a year or two ago about my experience. I’m a single mum and are not scared of these losers at all I just live my life take care of my two kids, I’m a kind peaceful person… but these dicks seem to bring the out the worst in all of us. That being said I keep collecting there pictures number plates there actions of what they do so when I get pushed to far and get in a fight or do something in retaliation I will have evidence of why I did and then it will become a court issue then they won’t want that and what they have been doing to be exposed to everyone and the community. I slam my brakes on when they sit behind me so close and flashing there lights. They know I’m not afraid.
      If anyone wants to talk or support just reply.
      I’ve had my last home broken into when I would leave, well I should say they already had a key cut etc,. Still in north Canberra but have moved now and have better security and alarms and cameras etc and a couple of people watching out for us , but won’t say who.
      Anyway stay strong be brave, let these puppets waste there lives, I’m not I just do what I do.

      Peace & love to all.

  71. I`ve been thru this since i was in high school in the early eighties, I worked out they had some form of communication and manipulation of those that had weak minds. I believe you are a target because you are a threat to them on some level, I know from my own experiences that when you have no fear of them they turn and run like cowards. A very close friend (and still is) said to me once when you get that look on your face people just shit themselves and are not game to take you on. The secrets in the eyes. Get control of your fears because,that is your worst enemy. Levi your comment i would agree with except them having a god head, and you might want to read what he has to say twice (two comments above). Those that do this are soulless they are the pre adam I quote from the bible (just to give you an example) there are two adam`s one carries the divine spark while the other being more beautiful than the gods (notice plural) is soulless. Another name for pre adam is organic portal.

    The adam with the divine spark has 7 active chakra systems, your soul is derived from source you are here to experience a physical reality. You experience emotions but you also have the ability to step above your emotions and desires that`s because basic materialistic emotion and desire are lower ego based emotions in the solar plexus chakra (yellow). You experience higher energies such as empathy, love, compassion ect ect these are not ego emotions they are of the higher self and are not reliant on self gratification to find fulfilment.The act of giving comes naturally to the souled adam with no expectation of return. The funny thing is a certain element in your world sees this as a weakness to be exploited. Anger is a tool that can be used when needed it does not define us but it does give us the ability to protect ourselves.

    The pre adam has only three active chakra systems and the top missing four are really mirrors so they appear real but they just mimmick those that have the seven chakras. This group derives it`s soul from the same place animals do a kind of group soul associated with the earth soul and although some do manage to find a true goodness in them it is always incomplete in its nature and very rarely some even manage to evolve there soul into a fully fledged soul. This group knows only hate, greed, selfishness, self righteousness ect ect but they live in fear of you discovering who they really are. There weakness is there fear, they literally drown in it. This group was a only meant to be here in small numbers but thanks to the fact of there predatory natures they have come out as one of the dominant faction in terms of power and control on this planet. They corrupt every one around them with a weak mind.

    Here`s some really good advise just because it wears a human skin does not make it human and is it human or a monster in human skin.

    The soulless adam has his roots in whats called zionism but its root goes all the way back to the khazarians, this group has been hidden from you and rarely talked about for good reason. here`s some info about them.
    -They are known as the thirteenth tribe.
    -They created your money system and modern day banking system.
    -They are demon worshippers of Babylon.
    -They are all occultists and practice the dark arts.
    -They pretend to be christians while worshipping the god of Janus (Janus is the roman god of two faces) they have infiltrated all religions.
    -They mangled and altered all modern religions to distort people and send them down the wrong path.
    -One of the most well known members of this group is the rothschild family.

    The soulless adam`s seem to be able to find each other even in strange environments, they cling together in groups/gangs because they are incapable of true individual expression. They have no original ideals or concepts and one of the best ways to spot them is different people same tactics. Know this, those at the top of this dark pyramid treat there minions worse than us and when there no longer needed they are disposed of or tossed aside like garbage.

    The gnostics understood this group very well and even had a whole lot of strategies to deal with them. Take some good advice learn what the gnostics understood about them, and i say that as person who has been thru this most of his life every where i go the gangstalking starts.

    Here is some good advice- A souled adam does not need a crowd or gang to exist and flourish find your spiritual centre (please note- when exploring spirituality make sure your bullshit metre is up to its maximum)be careful what you believe to be true-seekith and you will findith. Remember always what you have been thru and never forget the pain and suffering it has caused you- do not become like them.Learn to say no often or not theses people exploit the rest of us because we are generally nice. And most of all trust your intuition.

    I Stated earlier that you are a threat to them i will explain that idea more. What are they so scared of!!! YOU BEING YOU or that which you where born, a divine human being with infinite energy and imagination. Right now most people are asleep on this planet unaware of there true capabillities, too often they are caught up in ritualistic behaviour, become the opposite of this do things randomly as possible become unpredictable. Note-they are very reliant on there technology its one of there weaknesses. True spirit needs no technology. Understand the idea of spiritual contracts and how to break them. Realise you are not bound by karma, karma is there weapon of control, your human you make mistakes forgive yourself and apologise for any hurt caused thru action and words. You must give them permission to do anything to you that means actual mind verbal permission.

    Always know you are never alone there is always someone out there who is going thru or been thru what you are experiencing, be strong on the in/out side and learn how to show that strength because when you challenge them they will always bow down to you, they will test your resolve of course but a lesson given is a lesson given, wether they learn from it or not is not your issue.
    Please note i apologise for spelling and grammar errors.

    • To all people who are being played by these stalking groups, stay strong get more involved in your community as that’s what they are trying to stop you from doing… so you feel isolated and confused and alone. Hell No get up and get out live be happy and get out there meet people get involved, otherwise your helping them out and making it easier for them to target you if you keep your self isolated. There is a lot of miss information out there to frighten targets so you don’t trust people etc… and that’s what they want you to believe.
      I’m not a violent person at all, but I’m ready if any of them want to step up, I’m definitely prepared and ready to retaliate.
      But don’t believe all the confusing crap that’s out there it’s all just exactly that… they use all these community people to drive around to distract you while the real stalker hides among them so you can’t pick out who the real stalker is. Most of them don’t know who they are really following just told to do so so the real perp can hide between them, don’t get me wrong a few of them do know what there playing part of obviously… but most don’t.

      Have to and do some washing
      And make breakfast for my kids.

      Peace and love.
      Sorry for any mistakes I’m multitasking here.

      • I believe it IS one huge secret organisation with people from all occupations involved, including some police, politicians, businesses etc. They also use many people, some of them knowlingly, some of them bribed or threatened to help them to target an individual. How do they pick us, well, it can be anything but I tend to think we are victims because we pissed one or more of them off somehow. Whether it was a publicly voiced view they didn’t like, or even just a personal thing one of them decided to get revenge for, they stick together because they are onto a good thing. In their minds what they do is both a living and entertainment. We are dealing with people who have become so jaded or are so scared of becoming one of us, that the pain they cause is their whole reason for being. I believe that as well as technology they use, which is far superior to anything we may be able to get hold of, due to their vast resources, (think some one percenters bank rolling some of this, as well as the resources of the police and politicians involved) they also have what I call ‘tame’ telepaths, that is how they know what you are thinking. Yes they use technological implants , usually somehow intra ear canal, that’s how you think the voices are in your head. But the particularly nasty telepaths, people who have a gift and use it to cause suffering, are in my opinion some of the nastiest people on the planet. The aim of these gangstalkers, the whole organisation is to drive you and me insane, hopefully we will suicide and I do wonder how many suicides and people hearing voices are the result of these people’s actions against them. I think they target good people, people who are against everything they work for. They work for power and money, that’s it. I also think they target anyone who they don’t end up recruiting, that is to say, anyone with any hint of talent in the psychic or telepathic areas. Are you particularly intuitive? A bit psychic? Telepathic? They will try to destroy you if they don’t recruit you. Also in my case, I was targeted particularly strongly after I realised what they were doing which was literally taking my ideas and using them. When I started saying “think for yourselves” it pissed them off.I also helped to expose some criminal enterprises, a couple of them have said things like they want to see me bleed, in chains, die etc etc, it’s getting old.
        I try to live my life regardless of them and some days it is easy and others it is hard. Generally just do what you want, it doesn’t matter if they know everything you are thinking, they spend their lives watching you live, think of it that way. They are controlled by their handlers and they probably think better you than them, so they are not as brave as you, they are cowards, hence the reason they hide from you. Even the few who do let you see them are pathetic, they are being used for someone else’s evil purpose. You are a good person, which is why you are targeted, we will grow old with them watching, but at least we will have tried to live, they just watched. Hang in there.Also don’t overthink it, it’s a simple but effective criminal organisation with many members worldwide, not particularly religious just particularly insidious.

  72. does anyone else notice custody issues are surrounding this?

    • Otherwise known as the devils court. before changed to Family court. Info keeps being erased from the internet.

  73. Now we are are at 10 years, and i’m more than likely the oldest TI in Australia, there hitting me with intense sonic weapons and the pain is so bad. As they do that they just keep playing me back still. Still just my voice altered and played back, they still only have 3 hour record time for there computer to pull up key word files. Works with word association. I’ve learned to put my shopping list together by mentioning the name of the shop then what I need, with in 3 hours i think of the name and my shopping list spits out. They seriously think hurting makes me believe the shit they play back to me. There is so much garbage put out there in relation to this stuff, these guys will make you believe anything with there mind control techniques. If you start thinking it’s lasers around your house, they will make you believe it. Most of it is done by a computer system recording you, then takes the files changes the frequencies and makes you believe there’s someone there. If you were going to stalk someone the cheapest way to do it would be in a office with audio files be tending to be on location and listening 24/7. Most of the time there’s no one there or even listening. Occasionally they send people to your location to drop a few words or do something to provoke you to keep you thinking someone is there all the time. Go about you life normal, open your eye’s and try to see what is real and don’t just imagine everyone is involved or they have tricked your mind. When they start hitting you with sonic’s it’s a bit harder to do things because of the pain, but it’s just the same, my hobbies are about to change and I’ll be concentrating on what I can do, there’s always alternatives. No one has proved yet how they put the sound every where that they do and no one has been caught yet. Stop guessing who it is, because they how they play with your mind, don’t look for them, because when they want they can hear you fine, just tell them your not looking and to piss off your getting no where. If it’s your voice your hearing back with the frequency changed, start telling the time as often as you can and eventually you will trip the system up and it will play the record time back. Use key words that you don’t use to corrupt there files, this way you tag them and when you hear it back, you know when it was recorded.

    Love to see how many TI’s in Australia, like to start a list if every one could just use a first name and suburb that reads this so we can get a count to see how many people have been victimised. If your worried about giving a name even initials would be good, the only way we can get anything done is if we all communicate and spread the word in the right places.

    My name is David and I’m in Victoria I am 51 years old.

    • Grant. Victoria. 49

      • Hi Grant, a couple of years ago i got a qwave defender from the states. its not as good as they claim but if you put the mobile unit directly on the part of your head where u feel the pain, it can rejuice it. the larger table top unit is effective if you feel pressure like walking around in a tank of water. they dont work on the voices at all from my experience. they helped me enough to stop me from losing the plot and reacting to what they were doing.

  74. this looks like the tech being used.

  75. Invoice

    the German incorporated co-operators and scholarships of computional remote neural monitoring
    c/o QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
    300 Herston Rd,
    Brisbane City QLD 4006

    Ingrid Doertelmaier,
    RNM Target of German incorporated
    co-operators and German scholarships
    of computional remote neural monitoring,

    Remotely damaged teeths that had to be removed………………………………$ 700

    Remotely damaged tooth filling repairs……………………………………………….$ 300

    Electronic Magnetic Pulse / D.E.W.’d car that had to be left stranded……. $ 2000

    Electronic Magnetic Pulse’d batteries with cell damage (4)……………………$ 680

    Electronic Magnetic Pulse’d CEU unit of 2nd car………………………………….$ 380

    Electronic Magnetic Pulse’d fuel injection unit of 2nd car……………………….$ 249

    Destroyed Lap Top via remotely transmitted trojan virus………………………..$ 1500

    Destroyed CPU unit via remotely transmitted trojan virus……………………….$ 2000

    Destroyed mobile phones via E.M.P…………………………………………………….$ 1600

    Electric Magnetic Pulse / D.E.W’d scooter rewiring and CEU repair…………$ 1200

    Destroyed TV set via E.M.P………………………………………………………………..$ 450

    $ 11,059.-

  76. If you see white light laser like I do look up Sasers. Don’t believe all the stuff they try to make you believe. They will have you believe it’s anyone, your mind fills in the blanks for them. Then they will have you convinced.

  77. Hi everyone living in dark fighting for the light

    28 years of my stalker, gang stalker even my friend got murder and heaps of witness and gang stranger bashing’s etc etc,,

    Tryin to get this policed for charges

    My doctor and over a hand full are fully aware and support

    Just stay alive and find out who arranges it

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