Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 11, 2009

What are manholes for?

I haven’t blogged much lately because of the severity of the attacks. Just a little while ago this was their feedback. “Now stop clinging to life you slut and let go”.   I was laying on a mattress on the floor the other day after what is termed a false heart attack, meaning an induced one, and they said “Get your dog off there and just pass over”.  I managed to get on video some of their threats, which I put on youtube, one saying “kill her”, and the other, “Cheep cheep,manhole cover killed a whore”.  Being neither a whore or a slut, they are just into murder full stop for the thrills of it. And for being exposed.

There has been a bit of noise in my ceiling since I’ve been here, and have heard footsteps up there also, through the night on a few occasions, my dog heard it also. I tried to get up there to look and as you can see there is a bag of blankets, and there is also a box on the top of the man hole cover, not showing in this particular photo. There is only one way they could have been put there, and its not from this side of the house, but would have to be from the adjoining half. Maybe we’ve got huge flies up there that can transport them or aliens? No, just trash.



  1. That sounds freaky.

  2. Spot on. Weak gutless putrid evil bastards. I had my rotty fed roundup and maybe ant rid every day for 7 mnths the gentle giant was declared dangerous 6 mnths ago and apparentley qld police took him to be assessed as a police dog. Well they have been relentlessly fking with me and my 2 kids 5 and 10. I have some interesting info perhaps. One night about a yr ago, an average of 3 cars per minute drove past my house from 10pm to 4am. I live in small village wit zero traffic at night. About 20 of the cars were continuously driving past for 6 odd hrs and I’m guessing 100 plus other cars. Old and new. Many many people it seems are gang stalking me. For having a mind of my own I guess.

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