Posted by: whatsyrproblem | May 28, 2009

One confused bitch.

Not long ago I came that close to passing out in my room, when the room stopped swimming I got “Oh goody goody we killed a whore”.  Earlier in the evening when I went to my car got “Where’s your red light”,  I don’t have a red light, but going back a couple of months ago I went out the back and took some photos one night and when I put them on my computer there was a red light shining from the tree next door into my place.  The last few days the top of my head has been burning and hurting badly, have also been tasting blood most days.  I got some papers and things out to send away, regarding the harassment etc, and also looked at places for rent over west on the coomputer, around Collie, Margaret River etc, where the rents are cheaper, and since then it has been really on. Any time anything is reported or tried to be reported it escalates unbelievably.  As I’m typing this out get “Sorry darls your a slut”.


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