Posted by: whatsyrproblem | June 6, 2009


I’m sitting in my home trying to breathe, and this is the feedback just now.  I don’t suffer from asthma, I do have bronchitis, but its not that, as is affecting my dog also, but every time there is a clunk in the walls here which has been recorded before many times on video, or movement from the adjoining place, it gets incredibly hard to breathe in here. Also when I walk past my phone the face of it flickers,  just like if I say something when I am near it it does the same thing,  this has also been recorded and is on youtube. It is winter, and I am not claustrophobic also, and am being forced to sit with the windows open, freezing, while I try and breathe. Going back about 3 months ago they said to me “Do you want to breathe again”.  Since when do I have to ask some arse-wipe or junked up idiot if I want to breathe again?  I paid my taxes all my life, and not for some pathetic strand over SCUM to try their filth on me in later years.

Over the last week or so the fuckwit I put up with in Western Australia, Perth to be precise, has started up with the phone again. Three rings and stopping on my phone, when I rang and put a complaint in to Telstra it is called now, the number that was ringing all the time disappeared after that and is replaced with a private number, in other words the number doesn’t show.  If you tried to ring this number back over a period of 30 hours all you got was an engaged signal, phone off the hook.  I put up with years and years of this day in day out. I DO NOT intend to put up with it again.  I would bet its he same pathetic cyberstallking bloody freak thats getting into my closed blogs etc.

Another one….”Piss off and die some where else you bitch”.  Now why would I piss off and die for any low life piece of shit. 

These two searches showed up under search views on my blog, now I ask wordpress or google or whoever why in the hell should “dog fuc dog” lead anyone to my blog.   Here are the actual searches

Search views dog fuc dog 1

Where can i buy human body paint 1 …    Niether of these two searches should have one damn thing to do with my blog.  So keep your bloody shit of my blog, your filth.

They ask you a question and answer it themselves…”Whats the time Bitch.. Time you left”.   Get stuffed is my answer.  Whats wrong, you might get caught out? All my power points and my light switches have been clicking, one after another. Does he think they’re sending me some more??


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